Whoopi Goldberg, who named herself after her farts, says Trump voters are uninformed and lazy

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the meaning of the expression “do your homework” is “to study a subject or situation carefully so that you know a lot about it and can deal with it successfully”. Not doing your homework, in turn, means you have not studied a subject or situation carefully, and so know nothing or little about it. Not doing your homework also implies laziness.

Not doing your homework — being uninformed, ignorant and lazy — is exactly how Whoopi Goldberg characterizes Donald Trump and those who’d voted for him.

Bye bye Whoopi!

Whoopi Goldberg, 60 (or more likely 67, according to a 1984 New York Times article), is a high school drop out who changed her name from her nondescript birth name, Caryn Elaine Johnson, to Whoopi because of her flatulence. As she once explained: “If you get a little gassy, you’ve got to let it go. So people used to say to me, ‘You’re like a whoopee cushion.’ And that’s where the name came from.” (Wikipedia)

In what passes as conversation on the Nov. 17 episode of the execrable daytime gabfest The View, Ms. Farty Whoopi disdainfully called Trump and his supporters people “who didn’t do their homework”.

As recounted by Kristine Marsh for LifeNews, the conversation began with co-host Sunny Hostin blasting Donald Trump for not having any political experience, comparing the job of presidency to surgery: “Think about it. Who would go to a doctor that doesn’t have a medical degree and say, ‘You can operate on me’.”

Libertarian co-host Jedediah Bila pointed out that surgery is not the same as running for political office, to which Hostin replied that surgery is actually less important than running for political office.

Frustrated with Hostin, Bila appealed to Whoopi with a brown nose (no pun intended), saying that Whoopi should run for office (despite not having any political experience) because she has “common sense,” which is why many people listen to her.

Whoopi accepted the compliment and touted herself and Hillary Clinton for being informed — “I’ve actually looked stuff up” –unlike Trump and those who’d voted for him. Whoopi then contrasted Trump, “who doesn’t seem to do the homework, who doesn’t seem to have any idea how things actually run,” with Hillary, “who knew what she was doing.”

When Bila expressed skepticism, Whoopi disdainfully replied, “Well then you haven’t done your homework.”

Referring to Hillary’s use of an unsecured email server to conduct her secretary of state business, Bila pointed out that if Hillary knew what she was doing, she would have known that some of the emails were labeled confidential.

To which Whoopi condescendingly said: “Let me explain something to you — you can bring those e-mails up as much as you want. She wasn’t hacked, everybody else was.”

Here’s the full transcript of the November 17 The View:

HOSTIN: Think about it. Who would go to a doctor that doesn’t have a medical degree and say, you can operate on me.

BILA: No, I’m sorry, this is different. I’m sorry, politics is different.

HOSTIN:  Who would do that.

BILA: [shaking head] No.

HOSTIN: So why is someone without any political experience being advised by someone that has no political experience.

BILA: What’s missing in politics is common sense. I would rather have a small business owner who has hired and fired workers, who has seen the impact of minimum wage laws

HOSTIN: [shocked face] Being the president?

BILA: I would rather have that person as an adv — there are people out there that believe if you open the telephone book and pick out a random name, that person will have a lot more common sense than the average person in D.C.and sometimes I agree with that.

HOSTIN: The next time you need surgery, come to me.

BILA: Surgery is different. Surgery is different.

HOSTIN: I’ll do a good job. I’m married to a doctor and so I have a lot of experience.

BILA: It’s policy, it’s very different.

WHOOPI: He’s got —

BEHAR: That’s funny.

BILA: It’s not surgery.

WHOOPI: In a way, maybe it is.

HOSTIN: It’s possibly less important.

BILA, addressing Whoopi: There are people when you speak that clamor for you to run for president, and there’s a reason for that. [ Applause ] Because you talk common sense.

WHOOPI: Here’s the difference. When I speak, at least you know that I’ve actually looked stuff up. So I understand, you know. So people think I might be more aware. They also know that I’ve had a wide variety of lives and so they think maybe I know some stuff. But when you have someone who doesn’t seem to do the homework, who doesn’t seem to have any idea how things actually run

BILA: Talking about Trump, not Kushner, right?

WHOOPI: Well, I’m talking about both of them because I don’t know — I can only tell you what I’ve seen. You know, when you bring up Hillary, I think to myself, you know what, she may not have been the best candidate for people, but I know she knew what she was doing.

BILA: I don’t. I don’t.

WHOOPI: Well then you haven’t done your homework.

BILA: Oh I’ve done my homework.

WHOOPI: No, no, you haven’t done your homework.

BILA: If she [Hillary] knew what she was doing though she would have known that those documents that were labeled confidential — she was briefed on that.

WHOOPI:  Let me explain something to you — you can bring those e-mails up as much as you want. She [Hillary] wasn’t hacked, everybody else was. That’s all I’m saying.

BILA: We don’t know that.

Hillary’s email wasn’t hacked?

That is so ridiculous, it’s almost funny, because in the last days of the presidential campaign, none other than Hillary Clinton herself accused Russia of hacking her emails, as well as those of the DNC and her campaign chair John Podesta, which were published by WikiLeaks, to intended damaging effect. (See “Who really hacked the WikiLeaks emails? – Russia, Romania or the CIA?”)

Ms. Farts is also woefully wrong about Trump voters “not doing their homework,” as shown by two Pew surveys in 2012 which found that Republicans actually are better educated and know more about politics and history than Democrats. See “Republicans are better informed, more open-minded and tolerant than Democrats“.

By the way, Whoopi, in April of this year you threatened you would leave the U.S. if Trump was elected President. Why are you still here?

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26 responses to “Whoopi Goldberg, who named herself after her farts, says Trump voters are uninformed and lazy

  1. Au contraire Ms. Flatulence, we DID do our homework and that’s why we all went out en masse and voted against the nasty witch who tried to steal the white house. Maybe Goldberg should do HER homework and find out who Hil liary Clinton really is.
    But of course the truth doesn’t matter to holly weirdos like her- they are in fantasy land their whole lives…which explains why their lives are a mess.

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  2. ugly black goat, as we say here in Europe

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  4. This woman along with the rest of the liberal Marxist nutcases on the view, should MOVE OUT OF THE COUNTRY, like they’ve said they’d do if The Donald is elected. Well Whoopi, I’m ready to see you go, you add nothing but your overweight pounds to our nation and your blowhard b.s. mouth. Ugh. What a waste of air!

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  5. So, what ‘stuff’ did Whoopie look up? I guess she diligently scoured the truth from CNN and the usual MSM suspects.

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  6. Whoopi needs to “let go” one last time and propel herself off the planet. Wishing her a nice, juicy crock of Boston baked beans.

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  7. Too bad they didn’t give her the nickname Gasbag…. it would be a more appropriate name to the queen of 💩 because her comments/ mouth belong in the 🚽

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  9. Nancy and muchmadnes high five. Somebody get a needle and poke her ass so she can deflate and take off. She is an obnoxious, trashy, low life character, far from being a woman.

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    • “Somebody get a needle and poke her ass so she can deflate and take off. She is an obnoxious, trashy, low life character, far from being a woman.”
      I like your much more articulate response ! This made me so mad all I could think of was that I wanted to vomit !

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      • Yeah, and she’s ugly too. Inside and out, coming and going.
        She is so ugly, I think she must work at it. She hates America so much she wants to inflict her ugly self on all of us in the worst ways she can think of, thinking ugly, talking ugly, being ugly, looking ugly. I’ll bet she even dreams ugly when she is passably “happy”. Condensed ugly, ugly cubed.
        Did I miss anything? If I’m gonna be ugly to her, I don’t want to miss a lick.

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  10. This lowlife gasbag has not immigrated to
    South Africa yet.
    She might be more comfortable with her fellow idiots

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  11. There’s a reason it’s called “The Spew.”

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  12. Whoopi is the last person on earth any reasonable, half intelligent person would listen to for in depth commentary upon any subject. Her ignorance is appalling as much as her total lack of logic and reasoning is dumbfounding. Ignore her, don’t give her a forum for any topic and she will go away!

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  13. Whoopi Goldberg is the melanin enhanced, obese version of Malcolm Gladwell: hateful, ugly, and stupid

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  14. It’s a rare day in Heaven when I mark EVERY comment as ‘like’ because we all have strong individual likes & dislikes, as befits a conservatively-stanced soul. But this critter needs to get a life on another planet, IMO, and stay out of my neighbourhood: I have grandchildren who don’t need to be aware of her.

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  15. Whoopi can lie about her age, but she cannot lie about her looks! At any rate, Whoopi cannot lie about the power dynamics going on behind the scenes at “The View.” I don’t mean to be grotesque here. One would think the name of the show would refer to the great view one would have at the mountaintop. I would argue that the view being referred to is one of the perspective of a kneeling servant at the feet of some Queen, sitting on her throne, if you catch my drift.
    In PLAIN ENGLISH, this is a show about HATING MEN. They have picked up where Oprah Winfrey (whom I believe IS demonically possessed) left off. There’s something really disingenuous about the whole thing. It’s one thing to hate men and teach those willing women who watch the show how to think (as awful as that is). But it is another for these WITCHES on “The View” to share the same emotional reactions that they do.
    As a man, who exercises caution at being a thinking man, I want intell. I don’t mind a good story, or even a human touch. But this is the problem with ANY show (not on You Tube, anyway) run by women is that the female angle is not going to be presented honestly: Ideology and politicizing will always be there. And Whoopi and especially Joy Behar prove themselves to be kindergarteners in a world of post-graduate commentators. Does Pat Buchanan actually give a damn about what his listeners feel about anything? NO! THAT’S NOT WHAT HE’S THERE FOR! But Whoopi & Co. keep rubbing this sentimentalized and politicized wound RAW.
    They are NEUROTIC.
    It is unhealthy. It is unholy. It is unhinged. As the Italians and Sicilians are wont to say, “Batsa!” Enough!

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  16. Whoopi Goldberg couldn’t find her way out of a telephone booth!

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  17. And I’m suppose to listen to someone who named herself after a FART????? I will bet President Trump would put Woopie to shame in thew diploma department! He would also blow her away in the sense department, common, business and Political! She hasn’t been in a movie in nearly 11 years so if it hadn’t been for the View, a pathetic show at best, most people would not even remember her!

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  18. Just leave already, WG. (now I can’t even say her ‘name’)

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  19. I think the PROBLEM is that Hollyweirdos reinforce one another’s weirdness so as to support their own: it’s the same as no one can fix ‘stupid’ as they are unable to ‘get it’ in any way that would allow self-correction.

    Oh well, as William Blake reminds us, ‘The Tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction,’ and that is surely what we can look forward to, so to speak.

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  20. Funny she labels us as lazy when for years I have thought her to be lazy as well as slovenly. For someone in the public eye daily, she spends no time dressing properly or tending to a proper hair style.
    Look in the mirror Whoppie..

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  21. Named herself after her farts? Sounds like being full of a lot of hot (stinky) air, doesn’t it?


  22. Has she kept her promise to leave the USA yet?


  23. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this excellent post. When Whoopi maintained that she has looked “It” up and knows what is going on, I wish someone would have confronted her by asking what has she looked up, what specifically was her purpose in doing so asking her to provide her references and asking her what is her point? Her broad generalizations provide the knowledge that she has no idea what she is talking about, that she is simply talking like an expert so that everyone listening to her would clap for her. How moronic.


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