Propaganda from CNN: “These kids are writing letters to Trump asking him to be kind”

What else would you expect from the Clinton News Network?


From CNN: In a time when most kids these days only write letters to Santa and begrudging thank you notes, these kids are showing how much this election impacted even the youngest future constituents.

After Election Day, Seattle mom Molly Spence Sahebjami helped her five-year-old son write a letter to President-elect Donald Trump asking him to be kind.  Sahebjami told CNN there are a lot of parents she knows who “don’t know what to say” to their kids after such a divisive election. The solution: let kids say things for themselves.

Let the kids "say it for themselves"...

Let kids “say it for themselves”…

So Sahebjami started the Facebook group “Dear President Trump: Letters from Kids About Kindness.” It now more than 10,000 members.

The rules are simple: Be under the age of 18, be a productive communicator and explain why it’s important to be kind.

If you don't want anything happening to your African-American friends, keep them out of Chiraq

Pro-tip: If you don’t want anything to happen to your African-American friends, keep them out of Chiraq.

“There were things that Donald Trump had said during the campaign that, beyond politics and policies, were just unkind about certain groups of people. And kids knew that,” Sahebjami said.

Many of the letters do prove her point, mentioning many of the groups that President-elect Trump may have insulted during the campaign.  One letter, shared by a parent on Twitter, asks that Trump “be President of all Americans,” including his gay, lesbian, African-American and Hispanic friends.


The group purposefully doesn’t ask children to write letters to “President-elect Trump” because Sahebjami hopes the project will continue into Trump’s presidency. Kids are also welcome to write letters to Trump’s wife, Melania.

“Kindness is not a partisan issue,” Sahebjami said. And if these letters can teach America anything after this dumpster fire of an election year, it’s that it’s cool to be kind.

Remember kids…it’s cool to be kind!










13 responses to “Propaganda from CNN: “These kids are writing letters to Trump asking him to be kind”

  1. It seems every message against Trump is spewed with filthy language. I have to assume it relates to their filthy thoughts, actions, deviant lifestyles and that too is the language of their like minded peers.

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  2. Using kids to spew their own bigotry. IMO it’s a form of child abuse.

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  4. The schools are raising a whole generation of wimps and criminals.
    We are going to have to turn this Public Education System around and even inside out.
    Plus we need to send every 18 year old to Boot Camp and 2 years of some kind of Public Service as a requirement for Citizenship to “Get their mind right”.
    The military should be voluntary and have their pick of the highest test scores. The rest do something, work in hospitals, teachers aids, Public Works, or pick up trash and mow the highways. Something. Live in barracks or dormitories appropriate to their jobs. Eat and pull duty in “mess halls”.
    Then if they go to college they will be motivated to LEARN SOMETHING USEFUL!

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  5. I think every high school grad be in the military. It should be mandatory for every kid, period. Those that go to college, they go 4 years later when they graduate. NO EXCEPTIONS! Those that bitch about this country and flag should have their citizenship revoked and deported to the middle east,. NO EXCEPTIONS! They who think it’s so bad in America get sent to S. Korea, China, Venezuela.

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    • I agree, but with one exception. The kids going to college should get the Boot Camp and perhaps 6 months of military service, IF they are signed up in ROTC to become officers, and serious about their education all ready..
      If not, they do their 2 years. It will be a great motivator to do well in a field that will provide a marketable skill. No more ‘Gender Studies, Women’s’ Studies, Race Relations, and Art History crap. Take that as an elective for a Degree in Education or Business Administration.
      Also many college freshmen see college as “Play Puppy Heaven” or “Intoxication & Fornication” and just waste their time and Daddy’s money. 2 years of having to be responsible or spend their week-ends painting rocks will do them good.
      NO EXCEPTIONS for physically and mentally competent people. Get the Homies and the Country Club Kids, do ’em all good. Learn to clean their barracks for inspections together or spend their week-ends doing shit-details together. But they will learn to get along and get the job done! No whining, no excuses, no bullshit.
      Also, they don’t all go in the Military after Boot Camp, but do something depending on their ability and motivation. The Military gets better pay. The slackers and dummies picking up trash get a structured environment, “3 hots & a cot” and “Walking Around Money”. In between get pay and privileges commensurate with their job and their performance. You know, like the Real World. But they all do their assigned jobs if they want their week-ends free.


  6. The kids today are coming out of public schools only educated in propaganda. The teachers come from a generation of being mindless idiots by parents who never taught them to think outside the box. They are nothing but trained animals.


  7. I’ll bet less than one in ten of these “kids” is actually a real kid. They should make everyone who sends a “kid letter” undergo a comprehensive background check before accepting the letter. I agree,having your kid pass on YOUR political BS is child abuse,and writing your kid’s letter is fraud.

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    • I took to task a parent who was guiding her daughter on a political issue where the daughter had no real idea of what she was writing. The child only knew that the person she was writing about was cute. That says is all to me.

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  8. poor kids. you can be sure that the words you see are not their own, but those of some misguided cretan. Child abuse at best.

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  9. If anyone believes this propaganda, I have bridge to sell you. No child in this world would ever come up with this without prodding from their mommie dearest.


  10. I just found out today from my 14 year old granddaughter that each morning her public school has CNN news for students. Needless to say,I am really upset about CNN’s propaganda machine being imposed on young minds.
    Does anyone else have knowledge of this taking place in their public school?


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