Is WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange dead? – the connection with Pamela Anderson

WikiLeaks and its co-founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange are the unsung heroes of the 2016 Revolt of the Deplorables — the overthrow of Hillary Clinton and the election of Donald Trump to the presidency.

If it were not for WikiLeaks‘ publishing of the hacked emails of Hillary, the DNC, and her campaign chair John Podesta, we would never know about their machinations, deceit, corruption, media collusion, lawlessness, and satanism. See, for example:

On the evening of Oct. 16, 2016, the Alternative Media was alit with rumors that Julian Assange had died.

What triggered the rumor was WikiLeaks‘ activation of its “dead man switch” — decryption keys (like passwords) for its files. WikiLeaks quickly put the rumors to rest with a tweet that they had activated the “dead man switch” contingency plan after Assange’s Internet service was intentionally cut off by a state actor. The internet is one of the few, if not the only, available ways for Assange to maintain contact with the outside world because he has been locked up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for more than four years, after he sought political asylum in 2012.

Two days later in a tweet, WikiLeaks identified the Obama administration — specifically Secretary of State John Kerry — as the “state actor” behind the severing of Assange’s Internet connection. (For more, see “The Evil Empire strikes back: WikiLeaks’ Internet connection severed; RT’s bank accounts frozen”)

Although since then Assange’s voice was heard in a telephone call, freelance journalist Jim Stone maintains Assange has been assassinated. The notion of assassination is not far-fetched given Democratic Party operative Bob Beckel’s call to assassinate Assange as far back as 5 years ago in December 2011, as well as then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton once asking, “Can’t we just drone this guy?”.

Stone writes:

“Wikileaks confirmed gone, I believe this is 100 percent real

15 of the top people at Wikileaks were nailed at the same time Julian Assange had his ‘internet cut’. I watched the live cam all night and they took Assange away in a black armored van. If he was still at the embassy, he’d have appeared at the window and has not. Now it appears one of the top wikileaks staff has spoken out, and I believe this is 100 percent accurate because it matches my own observations PERFECTLY

Stone refers his readers to a curious exchange on November 17 on the internet forum 8chan, in which someone with the alias wikileaks!/VUsDxRzwY who claims to be a WikiLeaks employee wrote:

“I’m one of the 15 WikiLeaks personnel that were raided at the same time Julian’s intemet was cut at the Ecuadorian embassy. I was issued a national security letter and a gag order, and all my computer equipment was seized. We had several contingency communication plans in place, and I have been unable to contact Julian or any WikiLeaks personnel except for one through our alternative communication channels. Julian is missing as are most of the WikiLeaks personnel that I had regular communications with. WikiLeaks personnel are NOT in control of the official Tvvitter account. The WikiLeaks IAMA on Reddit was NOT conducted by WikiLeaks personnel….

There has been an incredible charade to keep up the appearance that Julian is fine. Several trusted people are obviously under duress as I cannot imagine any reason why they would promote the charade.

I want to stress that we are no longer in control of WikiLeaks. I advise whistleblowers to NOT SUBMIT LEAKS since we are not in control of our infrastructure. The people in control of our infrastructure WILL use it to IDENTIFY and PROSECUTE whistleblowers.”

That 8chan page has since been deleted, but not before someone captured a screenshot (click to enlarge):


The next day, Nov. 18, WikiLeaks tweeted that the WikiLeaks staffer on 8chan is a fraud:

“Black-PR campaign posts going around recently trying to suppress submissions to WikiLeaks. False, but who benefits?”

To which twitterer Johan asks:

“Why haven’t we seen the video proof of life that you promised for Assange? Is WikiLeaks compromised?”

Another twitterer named Yor writes:

“Their [WikiLeaks’] Twitter, reddits, failed AMA [ask me anything]. The concern is real and we get radio silence.”

The Dark Canuck writes on Godlike Productions, Nov. 18:

“It is too bizarre. The other day a cat appeared at the window of the embassy wearing a collar and tie. To me this is pure mockery.

We haven’t seen Julian so much as peak his head around the curtain in over a month. The first face we see at the window is this cheshire cat.”

Another poster Emmc2 writes on Godlike Productions:

“It’s all too weird:
1) Wikileaks tweets photo of armed police outside the embassy.
2) Internet gets cut
3) Massive DDoS attack [referring to the DDoS cyber attack on the U.S. east coast and across Europe on Oct. 21, 2016]
4) Strange, out of character, misspelled tweets from Wikileaks.
5) Missing letters in tweets spell out “help him”.
6) No proof of life for Assange
7) Wikileaks tweets an odd questionnaire asking what we would like as proof of life.
8) Pamela Anderson visits Assange (wtf)
9) Podesta email leaks continue.
10) Assange ‘appears’ by phone for some conference. Not a valid proof of life.
11) Pamela Anderson visits Assange a second time!

Wikileaks suffered a massive DDoS attack and there has been NO credible proof of life ever since…. The US Govt had a history of using celebrities for espionage. Pamela Anderson is a decoy. They knew that she would generate news stories and photos with her visits and therefore perpetuate The LIE that Assange is still in the embassy and well. Why didn’t Pamela tweet any selfies with Assange?? That’s certainly within reason to expect. Why would a liberal go out of her way to visit the man who was actively working on taking down the most prominent liberal candidate in history [Hillary Clinton]? It makes no sense whatsoever.

Then the anonymous Wikileaks employee posts those messages. Everything that person said makes perfect sense. Especially with what we’ve uncovered regarding ‘Pizza Gate’ [a reference to Comet Ping Pong, a pedophile pizza restaurant in D.C. linked to John Podesta’s brother, Tony]. This is huge. A real life Bourne Identity/Homeland unfolded in real time before our very eyes. And it’s still going on. Be smart. Be careful. Don’t stop. Let the light in.”

All of which brings us to Pamela Anderson, 49, the aging actress whose air-brushed naked image adorned the cover and centerfold of pornographic Playboy magazine 15 times, and who recently co-authored an op/ed with a “celebrity” rabbi decrying pornography and porn addiction. Notwithstanding her op/ed, Anderson continues to be photographed scantily clad, with her silicone-inflated breasts bulging over her low-cut tops.

Indeed, Anderson did visit Assange on the same day that his Internet connection was severed. As reported by Time:

pamela-anderson-visits-julian-assange-oct-17-2016As WikiLeaks continues to publish emails apparently obtained from Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, the website’s founder Julian Assange received an unlikely visitor over the weekend.

Pamela Anderson, the Canadian-American actress best known for her work on the 1990s TV series Baywatch, visited Assange at the Ecuadorean embassy in London.

The Associated Press reports that the 49-year-old actress, who says she supports Assange and has concerns for his family and well-being, came bearing gifts. Among them was a vegan lunch.

Think Pamela Anderson as honeypot is farfetched?

Remember my post “Evidence that Hillary Clinton and her associates are satanists” — on the association of Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, and the Podesta brothers with a satanic “performance artist” named Marina Abramovic?


Abramovic is known for her “spirit cookinga “sacrament” in Thelema, a religion founded by British occultist-satanist Aleister Crowley whose motto was “Do As Thou Wilt,” in which menstrual blood, breast milk, urine and sperm are mixed to create a “painting.” Mike Cernovich identifies spirit cooking as an “occult practice used during sex cult rituals, as explained in the book Spirit cooking with essential aphrodisiac recipes.”

Abramovic is also known for a so-called performance art event of the simulated dismemberment and cannibalism of two human females, at the Annual Gala of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) on Nov. 12, 2011. The females were lifesize cakes — a blonde and a brunette who were the representations of, respectively, Debbie Harry (of the rock band Blondie), and Abramovic herself.

Here are some images from the simulated cannibalism art event:

Among the “celebrity” attendees at the simulated cannibalism was none other than Pamela Anderson, as seen in a photo gallery of the MoCA occult gala on Imgur:


Other “celebrities” in attendance included Hollyweirdos Minnie Driver, Kirsten Dunst, Lisa Edelstein, Will Ferrell, Jamie King, Johnny Lee Miller, Nicole Richie, and Angelina Jolie’s brother James Haven, as well as others whom I don’t recognize.

Admittedly, all of this is bizarre. On the other hand, this election has been stranger than fiction.

In the end, there’s a very simple way for WikiLeaks to prove that Assange is alive:

Have him appear at a window of the Ecuador Embassy and wave to us.

H/t MoxXV at Reddit

See also “5 Signs Julian Assange Is Missing Or Dead” and this video, especially the weird thing that happened to Assange’s shirt collar at the 3:19 mark:

UPDATE (Jan. 11, 2017):

Yesterday, Jan. 10, 2017, Assange demonstrated he’s alive!

julian-assagne-proves-hes-aliveUPDATE (Feb. 7, 2016):

Is Pamela Anderson banging Assange?

The blonde bimbo has visited Assange four times in the past three months at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London. One political activist observes, “She seems to be wearing sexier outfits every time she visits.” (Page Six)


41 responses to “Is WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange dead? – the connection with Pamela Anderson

  1. I pray he is still alive. I do consider it a miracle that so much information was revealed by whistleblowers. God bless and protect all of them.

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  3. Demonic armies of Satan are manifesting everywhere, Christians, Jews, and all others, if opposed to evil, study what is happening, wake up, and, at least, speak out.

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  4. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    The realities of the evils that have been taking place should be obvious to everyone; if in doubt, pray to God (God alone in the name of Jesus, keep baals out of this) for wisdom, and take your stand for His protection and victory. “As for us and our houses, we will serve the Lord” should be the cry. Choose you yourself whom you will serve.

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  5. This whole election cycle has been so weird from the get-go. I just keep an open mind that anything is possible and won’t discount anything until I have proof that it hasn’t occured! I hope Julian is safe, Embassy Cat too. I do not trust the Clintons, Franken-face John Kerry, or any of these “actors” in the government who are supposedly there to “protect” us. It’s bad enough that the CIA is running pedophile rings to use as a decoy to round up other pedos, but how do we know the CIA isn’t part of the international pedo ring (s)? I’ve been reading up on the Clinton Foundation mess in Haiti, and the Haitians can’t stand the Clintons. The rate of children taken out of Haiti to go to other countries is astounding, with many of these children being called orphans, even though they still have at least one parent and relatives they can go to. I do not trust the Clintons at all. Just keep digging for the Truth! Eventually someone will talk. Nobody can keep a secret forever!

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  6. My initial reaction was, “No Way! Anonymous would go ape-shit and we would be buried in info, real & imagined!”
    But on second thought it deserves consideration.
    Podesta & friends getting into “Evil for Entertainment”, which is what these “Parlor Satanists” mostly are, makes anything possible when it comes to Stupid Bad. And that is the motto on the Clinton Family Crest, or should be.
    Deserves investigation.
    The Ecuadorians need to show Assange and put this away ASAP.

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  7. Birds of a feather.

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  8. You always write the most interesting articles.

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  9. I have heard nothing from Alex Jones or Steve Pieczenik on this matter, and it is an incredibly weird story. Let’s stay tuned.
    In another matter, just as important as the Assange’s whereabouts, is the celebrity Satanist connection. We need to know EXACTLY WHO belongs to WHICH Satanic cabal, because I am certain there will be competing networks of them. You can bet they’ve already insinuated themselves into the various circles of our government. (Certainly they compose the decision-making rings of power in the deep state).
    Very peculiar story that needs continued inspection, indeed. Thank You Dr. E. for the intell.

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    • Yes and if this is true that wikileaks is compromised what does this mean for the Steve Pieczenik situation? Surely they had to know wikileaks was compromised.

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    • The problem is Satanism is like any other religion protected under our constitution. I never understand why Christians are always opposed to the separation of church and state . I was an educator at a private school where the students could worship in anyway they wanted to they weren’t bound by common laws because it was a private institution it wasn’t supported by taxpayers money. Many Christians attended this private school and they were very happy that were shipped in the classroom worship wherever they wanted was available in other words they could pray in anyway they want. And of course non-Christians were welcome to worship as they chose Jews Unitarians whatever always welcome. Well as soon as the goth kids got a hold of this it seem that there are more Satanists and witches coven’s in this little high school in their work chapels and And parents were shocked. They never thought that “alternative religions “would come out of the fringe. And if parents were upset about Satanists or witches they certainly had a problem with the free love Rajneesh highly sexualized religion where under age students were having orgies and it was all protected in the name of religion. Let’s keep the church and state separate it makes sense


      • I have no idea how you think the ideals of Satanism, the ideals of Islam, and the ideals of Christianity are all equal (and yes, I’m aware each has sects that can vary wildly, but it is worth noting that with Christianity, the further from the scriptures the religion wandered, the more violent the christians became, whereas with Islam, the exact opposite trend is observed. That’s why many extreme, fundamentalist sects of christianity are pacifists or quasi-pacifists, while fundamentalist Muslims (Wahabists) were responsible for 99.8% of all suicide attacks worldwide in 2015.

        We don’t need complicated theological discussions: just observe what, on average, the followers of each religion are responsible for.

        The worst anyone can say about Christians in the past 30 years is always, “what about abortion bombings,” and “what about those ‘God hates Fags’ assholes?” To which I must point out that the combined total death count of both of those objections is…. 11. 11 dead from abortion clinic bombings, 0 from those Westboro Baptist nuts (of which there are 40 people in the entire church). There were 11,774 terrorist attacks in 2015 alone. And you can see for yourself on these pages and many more what Satanism is all about.

        But go ahead, and tell yourself they’re all the same. Islam and Satanism are about destroying the world.

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  10. William Brandon Shanley

    Problem is, Dr. Eowyn, how do you account for John PIlger’s interview with Julian Assange on October 30?

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  11. There is nothing good to see in the current situation.


  12. If Assange isn’t dead now Anderson may have laid something on him that will be terminal.


  13. Cannibalism, that despicable pastime fit only for the ignorant, and those who are elitely, and totally morally vacant!…What will their cannibalism bring us, Mother Natures slap in the face, poke in the eye, and kick in the seat of the pants award for stupidity!…Yes, via cannibalism we discovered those ever so interesting protein particles called Prions, which dropped us directly into MadCow disease, “YIKES!” How can those pretenders to elite wisdom be ever so freaking D-U-M-B? They need those cakes packed firmly up their anatomy where the sun never shines!

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  14. This last year has got to be one of the weirdest I have ever been through and witnessed. I keep hoping I will wake up,and they will all be gone.

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  15. Oh my Lord! Assange knows (or knew) the nature of the people he was dealing with. And he was used by God to rescue America and the world from the consequences of a Hillary Clinton presidency. According to the Russian president, US policy under Clinton would likely have forced a nuclear exchange.

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  16. This article sent me on a search of Assange on the net, which yielded nothing helpful. At this point we are looking at a hall of mirrors. Dr. Eowyn, you did a great job piecing together the parts of this troubling story. We know that the enemy we face will not stop at murder.

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  17. Very good piece of work, FOTM.

    When I read that Pam Anderson was going to visit Assange, I said to myself “Don’t see her. She will poison you.” There was no reason for her to go. She isn’t a freedom fighter. She stands for nothing save hedonism. She’s a common slut. But the decision to send her in was made by someone who asked the question “Who would a man never say no to?” So they decide to send in a known whore, obviously appealing to Assange’s male instincts. The question Julian asked was “Might I get lucky?” So in she walks and surely she either planted bugs, or carcinogens or both. What a foolish choice Assange made there.

    As for the raids and compromised equipment, that letter seems rather bona-fide to me. I did note the “DO NOT SEND” and that did arouse a little suspicion, but in the end, it rings true regardless of my suspicion of fraud.

    Donald J. Trump, who owes his win in large part to Assange, needs to ask this week “Someone get me in contact with Julian Assange. I want a meeting.” Everyone knows Assange is a national hero.

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  18. Trump needs to check on Julian

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  19. The photo after Pamela Anderson looks like the former mayor of LA who is now running or going to run for CA Gov.

    Or he’s a dead ringer.

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  20. Russian reports that Snowden had been killed, with interview of Russian girlfriend. State actor cutting off Assanges Internet- while damning DNC e-mails of current administration’s candidate are surfacing. But Assanges is a pretty crafty dude- I would believe crafty enough to NOT be taken down by a over aged slapped- If I were Assanges and Emily Ratajkowski came to visit- now that would be worth it!! What am I saying- were talking about the truth and future of our true independence!

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  21. It appears that the heat over the satanism that’s going on with Clinton and Podesta, and those horrible ‘pizza parties’ I keep learning about now, might have been getting way too hot, so guess what needed to happen?–Assange needed to be neutralized, and wikileaks needed to be also, with doubt cast over it’s releases–Assange could be dead, but if they never let anyone find that out, or find out anything else about him, we’ll be left in limbo over this, and no action on the part of the ‘good guys’ will ever be mounted against those responsible.

    If we, the ‘good guys’, aren’t better organized the way those who serve the devil seem to be, then we won’t be capable of managing any type of timely, effective comeback against the opposing forces. However, I keep on getting this little inner glimmer of hope that continues rising up inside, that says “Yes–the Lord does have His go-to teams who are fighting for us against it all, even if we can’t see them at work!”

    I sure hope that little inner glimmer of hope is real, and not just wishful thinking on my part! I also keep hoping “Anonymous” might be an honest-to-goodness example of that hidden ‘team’, even if those behind “Anonymous” seem to be unbelievers fighting against the satanists on their own, minus help from the Lord they don’t seem to believe in–wow, that can’t be good! I think I’ll just keep on praying, and never ceasing, that’s for certain, until ‘the relief team’ arrives, or until I meet the Lord ‘face-to-face’, whichever comes first. 🙂

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  22. “he has been locked up in the Ecuadorian Embassy”
    NO ^


  23. We should pray continually for Julian and call our Congressmen to demand an inquiry into Julian’s disappearance. We could also do weekly rallies for his release at all county courthouses demanding justice for him, Sundays at 2:00 I think would be good. keep watching as Alex Jones promised this week to investigate this and keep us informed. We have to keep after this. Perhaps President Trump can have it looked into somehow. Pat

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  24. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this fascinating post and all of the documentary evidence you have provided by searching thoroughly in order to provide the truth and let the light in. I hope we see Julian at the window photographed so that we can know he is still alive, given all of the difficult and horrible circumstances. We must pray for his protection and the protection of all individuals who have tried to bring the truth to the forefront.

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  26. There is a long list of people who have gone away under mysterious circumstances, things being blocked from the internet, items being wiped from the internet, which revolve around the revelations that Assange BEGAN to publish, but for some reason, was prevented from completing.

    I still have yet to see proof of life for Assange, from the time his Net was cut off and he disappeared from public view RIGHT after the release of the Podesta “Pizza” leaks.

    I don’t trust the Assange audio interview from Hannity, since I seem to recall a nearly-identical interview in the days just before Assange’s line was cut.

    The closer you look into those e-mails (never disputed as being anything other than genuine) the more bizarre the e-mails appear.

    I invite the Readership to see: “What did Breitbart Know?”

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  27. I found it suspicious that after the fake cg collar video, the next video that “Assange” appeared in, he was wearing that weird fuckin scarf thing, that covered up his NECK AND COLLAR region…


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