White anti-Trump Rutgers U. lecturer taken to mental hospital for tweeting shoot white people

Kevin Allred is an adjunct lecturer with a M.A. degree at Rutgers University, which means he’s a temporary hired on “soft” money to teach one or two courses, not a “ladder faculty”.


On his website, Allred calls himself a “feminist author” and says he lives in Brooklyn, NY with his boyfriend and two elderly dachshunds.”

Allred teaches the branch of corrupt academia called gender studies. He garnered some publicity for creating a course called “Feminist Perspectives: Politicizing Beyoncé.” As described by Allred, the course analyzes race, gender, class and sexual politics based on the  pop singer’s role in pop culture. In a tweet, the fawning Allred calls Beyoncé “a legend”.

What you won’t get from Allred’s course is that Beyoncé and her husband, rap mogul Jay-Z who had a song to  “Lucifer” in his 2003 The Black Album, are satanists.

Beyoncé flashes the Illuminati "one eye" handsign

Beyonce flashes the Illuminati “one eye” handsign

On the morning after the historic election that voted Donald Trump as President, at 10:31 am on November 9, 2016, Allred, who says one of his “core values” is “critical kindness,” tweeted this death threat at Trump voters:

“if I see any Trump bumper stickers on the road today, my brakes will go out and i’ll run you off the road.

Here’s a screenshot of his tweet:


Allred continued his rants on November 13, beginning with this:

“look. every single person that voted for Donald Trump is a racist. or saw racism as easily overlooked. same thing really.”

Followed by these:

“no person that voted for Donald Trump can claim they care about women. NO ONE. white people, really need to sit with all that & feel it.”

“but additionally, every single person that voted for Donald Trump said kindness, empathy, fairness, equality, equity are not important.”


To Allred’s accusation that every Trump voter is a racist, tweeter Kirk PhD, a retired corporate psychologist rebutted that actually “more blacks n minority” voted for Trump than Romney.

The next day, Nov. 14, Allred tweeted a GIF of someone burning the American flag, with the message that the GIF expresses his “Mood since Tuesday [Election] night.”

He followed that tweet with this threat:

“will the 2nd amendment be as cool when i buy a gun and start shooting at random white people or no…?”

That threatening tweet no longer exists because, as Allred explained in a Nov. 19 tweet: “Twitter made me delete a generic sarcastic question abt shooting at white ppl”.

A student complained about Allred’s violent tweets and in the classroom, and Rutgers University finally took action.

Rutgers’ campus police asked the New York Police Department to conduct “a wellness check” on Allred in his Brooklyn home. The NYPD took him to Bellevue Hospital’s psych ward for evaluation. As described by Allred in a series of tweets on Nov. 15:

 “NYPD just came to my house bc Rutgers Police told them i’m a threat based on political statements i’ve made on campus and on twitter.”

“they’ve forced me to now undergo a psychiatric evaluation at the hospital. they brought me by ambulance tho i’m not under arrest technically”

“and this is for exercising my fucking first amendment rights. i’m being labeled a threat and put in a psych hospital”

“ok. they let me leave. this is a shitshow and is proof positive that Trump’s crackdown on free speech has absolutely begun.”

“even the doctors thought it was ridiculous to take me to a psychiatric hospital and force me into evaluation. it was fucking intimidation.”

On Nov. 17, unrepentant, Allred tweets:


Kevin Allred has no place in academe.

Rutgers University is a state university in New Jersey, which means it’s supported by taxpayers. Please spend a few minutes to contact Rutgers University’s president to lodge your protest against the university hiring someone like Kevin Allred. Let’s get Allred fired:

robert-barchiPresident Robert Barchi
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
83 Somerset Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1281
Phone: 848-932-7454
Fax: 732-932-8060
Email President Barchi

H/t IBTimes

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23 responses to “White anti-Trump Rutgers U. lecturer taken to mental hospital for tweeting shoot white people

  1. Allred, I have a big Trump sticker on the rear window of my SUV so come to Pennsylvania and try to run me off the road you homosexual twit. I should warn you though, I have a concealed carry permit and my Ruger is at the ready.

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  2. Does it have a sister named Gloria?

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  3. Notice how he complains he was only “exercising my f—-g first amendment rights”, rights he obviously does not accord to other people (ie Trump supporters) who disagree with him. What a hypocrite and hater.

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  4. Pingback: White anti-Trump Rutgers U. lecturer taken to mental hospital for tweeting shoot white people — Fellowship of the Minds | kommonsentsjane

  5. What happened to “Love Trumps Hate?”

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  6. Does this loser have any relation to Gloria Allred?

    At any rate, what we have been witnessing is the institutionalization of mental illness. By rights, Rutgers must fire Allred, but Rutgers must also be held liable for any harm or injury or tort Allred commits while in its employ. And Rutgers must also apologize to America for its complicity in the political correctness it has foisted upon America.

    Allred is an infantile disgrace, and he shows his culpable ignorance not only of the law, but of basic morality. I would wager good money he has never read St. Thomas Aquinas. (Or any other intellectual material, for that matter.)

    And Twitter needs a good tongue-lashing for having banned Milo and others for less.

    Again, we have been witnessing the INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF MENTAL ILLNESS, and from my reading of Dr. Henry Makow, I know the sources from which this evil has sprung. (It is NOT Traditional Roman Catholic doctrine!) The future President Trump will have to do everything he can to change the course of our Culture, or else his Administration will mean absolutely nothing. We have a Culture of Death staring us in the face, and it must be dealt with. (And I hope his daschunds bite him and defecate in his shoes!)

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  7. Rutgers is scraping the bottom of the barrel to employ this ignorant twit.
    He is confusing first amendment right to free speech when such severe threats are involved. Actions have consequences. I hope his bring pain to him.

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  8. I just emailed President Robert Barchi of Rutgers asking he consider removing Allred from his post as adjunct lecturer.

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  9. Sent by the link (They want your address, so be careful what you write)
    Subject Kevin Allred
    You are employing a dangerous Radical Leftist Anarchist, or a mentally deranged person who is a danger to himself and others.
    He is encouraging criminal violence by younger, easily influenced people that he may have serious influence over due to his position with your university.
    You, your university, and everyone responsible for hiring this maniac may be liable for any crimes or damaged caused by him, or by his influence over others.
    I respectfully suggest you terminate him immediately. I further suggest that he be counseled that if he is foolish enough to put his ridiculous threats into action, he may run into some real men (& women) with real experience, and he may be ‘terminated with extreme prejudice’.

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    • The only problem is, universities churn out people like this by the metric ton (as evidenced by what’s going on in these same universities today). I am glad you wrote to the presz of that U on this, it’s good to let them know that people are against hiring freaks like that one, even if they don’t care.

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      • I think the Radical Leftists work hard to get in Positions of Authority, and diligent support other Leftist in getting promotions until they control hiring of “professors”, setting the agenda for each department, and often the younger radicals are in a “Popularity Contest” for the little ‘Heads-Full-of-Mush’ rather than trying to teach any useful skills.
        Their agenda and goal is to propagandize the students into agreement rather encourage them to think for themselves, be independent, or develop any marketable skills. These evil intellectual blood-suckers do NOT want anyone to rise above the Herd. GroupThink and the good of the Collective is their Ideal, but dominance and control of the Masses is the real objectives.
        Look what is happening in these college riots now. These silly students are so emotional they can be used as the cannon-fodder for the revolution! The Marxist Alinskyites don’t care. they are playing to the Media.
        When they expect any violence, it’s “Chicks up front!” Any group willing to sacrifice their young women first in a confrontation is against Nature and Natures God regardless of any theology.
        Yeah, Liberated Ladies may call me a “Chavinist, etc.” But I can see evil, and that is pure evil. To corrupt and sacrifice your young women, even these lazy, selfish, whiny, little bitches is EVIL.

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  10. Weasel Zippers caught this self-publicity from him… he got the “No Shame” part right.

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  11. This was the first election (and possibly the last) in which my son voted. He voted for Trump. Yesterday, he told me how disgusted he is–and more than a little appalled–that he doesn’t feel comfortable sharing that information with the people he works with, in light of the owner’s and his co-workers’ negative comments about “Trump supporters”. He asked me, “How is THAT fair?” though he knows full well that life isn’t fair.

    But worse than “not fair”, it’s NOT RIGHT! White people have been trained like dogs not to “stereotype” or “generalize” based on single factors, like skin color or the way a person dresses, or even behaves(!). And yet, we can judge all people who voted for Trump as being racist, mysogynist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and hateful. Never mind that some of us voted for Trump (who is none of those things) in an attempt to overthrow Hillary’s Black Reign.

    My son has also complained about the terrible, threatening, and otherwise illegal posts he sees on Instagram and other social media sites encouraging assassination attempts on Trump and his supporters, especially when juxtaposed with forbidden phrases in his video games such as, “Make me a sandwich,” and “You fight like a girl.”

    I’ve said it before (and I’ll say it again): We live in hell…and it’s getting worse.

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    • Why might this be your son’s last election in which he would vote? It seems to me he is allowing himself to be intimidated by thugs. He should stand his ground and be as proud of voting in opposition to the HELLary crowd and standing up a the man he is.

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      • Oh, no, he wouldn’t be threatened into not voting. Never…the kid isn’t chicken, for sure. He, like his mother, questions the legitimacy of government and the practice of voting itself.

        Please see “The Most Dangerous Superstition” by Larken Rose for a far better explanation than I could offer here.


  12. Funny how these nut cases (they sure do hire a lot of degenerates to teach some college courses don’t they? Wonder how much money mom and pop have to shell out for his useless classes?) don’t seem to care about the ‘first amendment’ rights until they need them themselves.
    I’m surprised they don’t charge him and put him in jail for threatening the president.

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