After Hillary’s loss, Seattleites try to feel good again by holding hands around Green Lake

Hands Around Green Lake Facebook photo

Hands Around Green Lake Facebook photo

From Seattle Times: Early Saturday afternoon, thousands of people alarmed by the election of Donald Trump sought comfort and community by joining hands in a loop of protest around Seattle’s Green Lake.

Teresa Kessenich-Chase, 35, a stay-at-home mother of three, said the presidential election result hit her hard. “I sobbed for three days. I couldn’t eat or sleep,” she said.

Determined now to become more politically active, she said she’s found solace in joining the “Pantsuit Nation” women’s movement on Facebook that celebrates Hillary Clinton.

Rallying around the Pantsuit...

Rallying around the Pantsuit…

Standing in the Green Lake circle, Kessenich-Chase held her 3-month-old in a baby carrier at her chest and a sign declaring “Racism, Misogyny and Xenophobia are non-starters with me.”

Ryan Fitzpatrick, 34, a marketing manager at a telecom company, brought his 3-year-old daughter, because he said he finds it “horrifying” that Trump will be the first president the girl will come to know. “All presidents before him have had some level of service to this country,” he said. “He’s done nothing in any form except for himself.”

As the midday event unfolded amid rain and dark skies, people chatted with those who happened to be next in the line and made intermittent attempts to send a wave flowing along the loop of joined hand.The circle was punctuated by protest signs and a few U.S. flags. Spots on the periphery were designated as drop-off points where protesters left goods for the homeless.

Modeled on a similar protest around Lake Merritt in Oakland, Calif., last Sunday, a Facebook event page asked participants to spend the first 15 minutes in quiet contemplation and then to let loose with “joyful sounds.” Some clapped and cheered. A small group sang “Amazing Grace.”

Psychotherapist Anna Rhodes, who played the late Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” on a handheld speaker, said the event should encourage people “to channel anger and pain into compassionate action.”

Many participants expressed a need to remain active as the Trump presidency plays out. Asked what most concerned him about that prospect, John Larreau, 32, a higher-education administrator, said, “Where do I start? So much about him terrifies me.”

Holly Hidenrick, 43, an IT project manager there with her 12-year-old daughter Blue, said Trump’s attitude toward women has spurred her to become more active in the Seattle chapter of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” movement to work for equal pay.

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22 responses to “After Hillary’s loss, Seattleites try to feel good again by holding hands around Green Lake

  1. Good grief! So many loonies gathered together in one space. I can only hope that people with actual thinking skills outstrip these folks in births per capita–otherwise we are sunk! What stay at home mother has the luxury of sobbing for three days? That in itself shows she is certifiably insane. What kind of example does this show her unfortunate children?

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  3. We’re not sunk, but we’re sinking.

    The Liberals are ramping up the attack and handing bandwidth to any idiot who can write a sentence (or sentence fragment) who can think of something negative to attribute to Trump or those of us who voted for him.

    It’s the bandwidth.
    Give me some bandwidth and I’d offer ‘our’ POV.
    Writing on these blogs is preaching to the choir.


    • “Writing on these blogs is preaching to the choir.”

      If that’s the case, so are your comments. So what’s your point?
      BTW, there’s nothing stopping you from rebutting the Left on Twitter or Facebook.

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      • If I knew how to set up twitter and facebook accounts that were not traceable, I’d get on there.
        I, of course read several of these blogs and they are informative and fun, but for the most part people here are all in general agreement.


        • I repeat my question to you:

          “If that’s the case, so are your comments. So what’s your point?”

          Since you characterize FOTM as “preaching to the choir” and therefore, by implication, rather useless, so are your comments on FOTM.

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        • I also refuse to be sucked into twitter or facebook. Not so much from fear, but because I believe the Gestapo And KGB would have loved (just as much as the local burglars. Think of the money they could save on block-wardens and paying off informants. Even those cheap bottles of beet vodka had to cost something.

          Anyway, why volunteer for Lib/Prog Totalitarian intrusion by Technogeek Oligarch wannabes that want to keep tabs on you? And put money in their pockets.
          Sure, they can track me here, but they have to read TRUTH. For some of worst LibTARD whiny-babies, reading the Truth and cold drink of water might kill ’em deader than a hammer. Or change their fuzzy little minds. Worth the chance, besides, too late to be scared, they had a file on me as thick as a telephone book before they had computers. Why worry?


    • MeThePeople has a point about bandwidth, however. It’s the key to political control in this country, not merely by controlling content and spin, but by granting or denying presence in the public forum. The Republicans have never once busted the Left’s near-monopoly stranglehold on the media or so-called social media so far as I can recall despite overwhelming evidence of the latter two’s across the board anti-Americanism and globalism. The Republican establishment isn’t led by the nose or restrained by the Constitution–it’s globalist to its rotten core, which makes it a very real enemy for effectively stifling the voices of its constituency, so it’s not just the openly anti-American and Christophobic Left we’re fighting for our existence against. Betrayers like Ryan, Gingrich, et al should be tarred, feathered, and run out of office, not accepted as allies.

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  4. Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmm. OK everybody, make sure your cinder block is tied securely to your ankle, and the handcuffs are all locked with your partner. On 3 jump in.

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  5. Now if they would all just jump in…

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  6. Eight years ago the lefties asked us to give their man a chance, and we did, all without riots, crying, staying home and a host of other juvenile actions.
    We deserve the same.
    The charges against trump is unfair to say the least. I have never heard him mention race or sexual preference once. In fact, he has people from all walks working for him. He is proving himself to be smart and thoughtful in his selection of positions, way ahead of where BO was at the same time.
    Some are still crying about the rape of a 13 HOA girl, after it has been proven she lied out her rear, all to prevent him from becoming President.
    At least they can do is be honest about their charges.
    God was looking out for us two decades ago,when we had thought about moving to Seattle and decided no.
    I would be embarrassed to call of these people a friend.

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  7. LibTARDs are so “Morally Superior”, by their own description, that they are above the rules of behavior that they expect everyone else to live by.
    Also the rest of us “Lower Humanoids” are to do what what they want, when they want without question or even rational thought.
    The fact that their “leaders are lying criminals that do not keep their promises to anyone except the Campaign Donors that keep them in office is lost in a flurry of Lap-Dog Media excuses. Any failure or setback is always someone elses fault, usually because the Lib/Progs were not given enough money or dictatorial powers.
    There will never be enough money or power to satisfy them, or their brain-dead sycophants. Get used it it. It will a long time and many sucesses to convince many of them. Of anything, worthwhile.

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  8. Now with all the over-sized crocodile tears and pajama boy angst, just imagine their sentiments when/if they actually hear or see one-millionth of the truth of the hildabeast? Gives a whole new mean to “heads exploding, brain meltdown, spontaneous cerebral combustion.” Lions, and tigers,and bears, oh my! Ok, Ok. Wishful thinking is folly, but at least it’s thinking!

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  9. Now with all the over-sized crocodile tears and pajama boy angst, just imagine their sentiments when/if they actually hear or see one-millionth of the truth of the hildabeast? Gives a whole new meaning to “heads exploding, brain meltdown, spontaneous cerebral combustion.” Lions, and tigers, and bears, Oh my! Ok, Ok. Wishful thinking is folly, but at least it’s thinking! (Corrected post)


  10. My point is my words would be better spent trying to enlighten Left wing idiots than participating in Right wing echo chambers.
    The exchange of ideas on these blogs is certainly rejuvenating, but I do not think it is winning over converts. All the Lefties I know think they are geniuses and everyone else is deplorable.
    FOTM and Last Refuge are ‘right on’ (except when a troll visits); but I cannot expose myself or my family to the recriminations from the Left that would ensue were I to meet them on their turf.
    I need anonymity and am too technically challenged to achieve it.

    The Lefties do not normally participate on FOTM or Last Refuge, as far as I can tell from reading all the positive posts.

    But look at the hateful crap they even put on DJT’s facebook page, or say on stage to Pence’s face, and all the other whacky social media blogs; even the ones you might have at one time expected to be willing to support opposing points of view.

    Someone put it nicely this morning on NewswithViews

    “If you want to see politics based on emotionalism over reason and a borderline-religious devotion to an iconic figure, forget the Trump Army; look instead to the Cult of Clinton.”


    • “My point is my words would be better spent trying to enlighten Left wing idiots than participating in Right wing echo chambers.”

      You clearly either never read FOTM‘s “About” page or you just don’t care. This blog was founded nearly 7 years ago as a site for conservatives — a fellowship of (like) minds. FOTM never pretended to be a place to convert the Left, although when the occasional liberal wandered in who was at least civil, I’ve tried to engage them, hoping that reading the information here would change their minds. Not one changed. Worse still, even the ones who were civil in the beginning eventually turned nasty.

      For you, MeThePeople, to now accuse FOTM of not being a forum for the Left is therefore deeply unfair and offensive. At the same time, in one excuse after another, you state in your comments here that you will not yourself undertake the arduous task of converting the Left. In other words, you want OTHERS to do it and you blame OTHERS for not succeeding at it, then insult FOTM for being an “echo chamber”. How noble and nice of you.



  11. It’s funny, but I had steeled myself to think that Clinton would steal the election. When it didn’t happen, I was relieved of course! But, if we had been defrauded again and the Thing would have gotten installed, then I would have just dealt with it. Not by crying and acting like a big baby, which is what these fools are acting like.
    Grow up, you WIMPS!


  12. Love the gorilla video, Anonymous. I can identify with that one, ha-ha!

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  13. I think, with continued good health, I can outlast this latest generation of wimipy, pusillanimous, weak, whining millenials. Like in “Fried Green Tomatoes,” I have a JOB and I have more insurance than they will EVER have or be able to afford….(I might add….MAINLY B/C —in contrast to most of them……since I was 12 years old.I”VE ALWAYS HAD A JOB of some sort….and I kept building experientially and educationally from THERE.)

    My hope is that the generation following them—who are now my middle school students…CONTINUE to THINK that these present millenials are STUPID, WHINING IGNORAMOUSES. Make no mistake about it….even IF my present students have older siblings in the “millenial age,” they don’t know WHAT those millenials are doing, WHAT they stand for….or WHY they are presently out on the streets burning cars and waving signs…….”my” kids think they are aimless……..

    WE can only hope my student’s generation continues in this vein…which means…to my mind, that the “special snowflake millenials” are a finite and identifiable and have an expiration date.

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