Protesting the protesters…

Funny stuff!



15 responses to “Protesting the protesters…

  1. High five DCG. Funny but very true. I somehow put the blame on parents.

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  2. Hilarious. Can we see the follow up soon, when you tell the parents to get their sniveling pukes off our streets?

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  3. ROFLAO! Love the closing! “What you really need is a spanking!”
    Unfortunately it is true.

    A reality check they will get when they try to get a job that will pay their bills & their $150,000 college loans with their 6 year Masters Degree in “Gender Studies”.

    Ultimately, the parents have the blame, but the societal pressures to not teach their children ‘REALITY!’ was far too strong for most Gen X-ers to even try to resist, much less overcome.

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  5. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!! hahah, This guy is so right on (and funny). LOVE HIM!

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  6. Fabulous way to start my day! Love this guy . . . he nailed it!

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  7. Perfect, absolutely perfect. Can we bottle this and sell it?

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  8. Reblogged this on Exposing Modern Mugwumps and commented:

    Oh man, this is soooooooo true.

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  9. Yeehaw, absolutely spot on, great job!

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  11. The thing about snowflakes–they can’t take any heat at all. Things need only warm up a tiny bit and they melt.

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