Indiana city renames Columbus Day and Good Friday to be more ‘culturally sensitive’

I’ve never been to Bloomington and don’t plan to go there in the future. 

And you PC warriors can try to rename a Christian holiday all you want. Won’t change the truth, much as ‘ya try…

liberal nonsense

From Daily Mail: An Indiana city has renamed two holidays in a bid to be more culturally sensitive.

Columbus Day and Good Friday will now be known as Fall and Spring Holiday in Bloomington, the Bloomington Herald-Times reports.

Mayor John Hamilton (contact him at the link), who made the change on Friday, said the politically correct names will make the two holidays more inclusive in a memo to city employees.

PC Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton

PC Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton

‘We are terrifically proud of our diverse workforce at the city,’ Hamilton wrote. ‘That diversity makes us stronger and more representative of the public we proudly serve. These updated names for two days of well-merited time off is another way we can demonstrate our commitment to inclusivity.’

All city employees receive paid time off for Columbus Day, a federal holiday, and Good Friday, which isn’t. Good Friday is observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday by many Christians as the day Jesus was crucified. Columbus Day celebrates the arrival of Italian explorer Christopher Columbus to the Americas on October 12, 1492.

However, the celebration has come under fire by critics who say the discovery of the Americas by European colonizers led to centuries of oppression for Native Americans.

Residents of Bloomington – which has a population of 82,575 – are likely to welcome the move as the city and surrounding Monroe County is overwhelmingly liberal, due in part to the presence of Indiana University. Monroe County gave Hillary Clinton 58.6 per cent of the vote in the recent presidential election – and almost 14,000 votes more than Donald Trump.


25 responses to “Indiana city renames Columbus Day and Good Friday to be more ‘culturally sensitive’

  1. Making Good Friday, the day when our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified, “Spring Holiday” is nothing other than Bloomington’s middle-finger F-you at God. Shame on you, mayor John Hamilton, who calls himself the son of a Methodist minister. Hamilton’s wife was legal director of NARAL Pro-Choice America.

    Hamilton’s contact info:
    401 N Morton St
    Ste 210
    Bloomington IN 47404

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  2. I’m starting to get my jimmies riled over CHRISTmas. I’m just… OMG. Maybe this should be changed to December Day. Much better.


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  4. goes right along with the leftist/satanic new religion of hilleryism:
    Was global warming part 1 of the satanic movement, shillery part 2, and will the fake “return of jesus in a spaceship” be part 3 before the anti-Christ is ushered in? (but maybe it’s been averted with Trump winning, for now)

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  5. I certainly hope this Hamilton never has a musical written about him. The man is a disgrace, and Dr. Eowyn’s intell on this execrable excuse for an intellectual faggot is revealing. But of course, his wife has connections to NARAL. Oh Yes, the abortion connection. And we know that abortion is the Satanist “sacrament.”
    This alleged human being is just as much of a danger to humanity as that Professor Allred from Rutgers. (And don’t get me started on Frankenpope!)

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  6. Good grief, being born and raised a Hoosier, what a sickening shock.
    I would suspect a lot of this has to do the upcoming of resettling of refugees and the money paid out invovlved. I hope someone responsible is monitoring this pos and his sudden wealth. He brings shame upon a giving, God loving, and usually conservative state. I wonder how many of those involved from IU are actually from out of state or is this going to be the new norm for all over.

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    • Bloomington, Indiana has been leftwing for many years now, judging by one of its residents — my husband’s sister — and her friends & acquaintances. Thankfully, she died early this year. I suspect Indiana University explains Bloomington’s liberalism. The city is predominantly white (83%), with only 4.5% of the population being black and 3.5% Hispanic/Latino.

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      • It’s no accident that whites (of European descent) have been taught to hate themselves and their ancestors. It’s all part of the plan of miscegenation and eventual genocide of white Europeans. Who hates white Europeans that much I wonder?

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      • Dr. E,
        I think you have nailed the cause: ” I suspect Indiana University explains Bloomington’s liberalism.”
        Universities seem to be breeding grounds and great vaults of Mental Disease. Everywhere, even Texas and western states.
        How can the bull-slingers blabber so much about for respecting culture when they have no respect of our own? (‘Cause they are what they are!)

        It was one of the goals of Marxist-Leninism to water down and destroy any non-Communist Nation’s culture, traditions, and pride, to make them easier to subvert and conquer. The current “Dem Party” is just the CPUSA with a very thin veneer, and it is sloughing off rapidly.
        Any readers that aren’t familiar with it, should read “The Naked Communist, 45 Goals of Communism”.by W. Cleon Skousen. Published about 1958, it was roundly ridiculed by the “Liberads” as “Red-baiting nonsense”, read it and see. Almost every one has been accomplished or are part of the Democrat Party Platform.
        Beaucoup scary shit there, chilluns.

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  7. Ok, let’s get started changing names. Kwanzaa, starts right after Christmas, what should we call it? Martin Luther King, what can we name it? And Presidents Day, any suggestions? Get with it, Mayor Hamilton if it wasn’t for Columbus, where would you be now?

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    • Well,to be totally PC,why not start with the former “New Years Day”,now 1,and just number ’em throughout the year. If another Holiday is created,it takes the next number,regardless of where it lands on the Calendar. WHEEEE! WHAT FUN THIS WILL BE!!!! (sarc)
      Have an ordinary day.

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  8. Too many people celebrate Good Friday when it is an absolute lie and make Jesus into a liar. Jesus said that when He would be crucified, He’d spend three days and three nights in the heart of the earth (Sheol). If in fact Jesus was crucified on a Friday afternoon, He would have only been dead & in the heart of the earth 1 1/2 days. Since it was the end of the Sabbath (sunset on Saturday), that is when He rode from the dead), not Sunday morning. So in technical terms, according to the Scriptures, Jesus was most likely crucified on a Thursday (Thursday day/night, Friday day/night, Saturday day/end of the Sabbath). People who claim to be Bible believing Christians who reject the teachings and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church are actually following this false narrative.


    • Geologists confirm Jesus crucified on Friday, April 3, 33 AD,” June 3, 2012.

      It is noteworthy that I, a Roman Catholic, have criticized the current pope but I have never ever trashed non-Catholic Christians because I believe that Christians of all denominations are my brothers and sisters in Christ. But so-called Christians like you, stan-in-usa, never hesitate to trash the Catholic Church. Take your religious bigotry to some other blog. You are not welcome here.

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    • Would it absolutely break your heart if I celebrate Holidays when I feel like it,or when I can get time for it? Because I’ve always worked Holidays so others could celebrate with their families.

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  9. This so-called “culturally sensitive” nonsense seems to thrive in cities housing liberal universities, where our young people are brainwashed and trained to despise anything and everything American or Judeo-Christian. The solution to this problem is to quit sending your youngsters to these sewers of propaganda and non-learning. They’re creating masses of debt-laden ignoramuses wholly unprepared to survive in the real world.

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  10. Just like George Orwell warned us . . . . . . . . . .

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  11. I sent this Mayor Hamilton a little email. This is what I had to say…
    Dear Mayor Hamilton;
    I have to question the wisdom of changing the names of Holidays to make them “more inclusive”. In doing so,you’re merely showing America that you have no values that you’re willing to stick with,and you’re willing to sell out the majority of America to kiss up to a small minority who feel slighted but aren’t willing to start their OWN Holidays.
    You are a pathetic shadow of a public leader,and you do your entire Community a serious disservice by caving to a few whiners’ wishes. You deserve exactly the Community you’ll be stuck with if you continue to throw universally accepted traditions under the bus. You and your Community have my pity.
    James Stepp
    Out in the middle of God’s Country,Nevada

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  12. Truckjunkie, high five, for petes sake, I don’t have to waist my time writing to that asinine.

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  13. As much as 25 years ago, when I first started teaching….I noticed…along with most of my teaching colleagues.. that there was an appalling absence of “cultural literacy” among our students. They could not identify our historic leaders, heroes, innovators…inventors….social leaders……did not know word one of the Constitution, the Declaration….couldn’t name even a previous president,,,,,did not know what major event had happened in the last week in any city/location within miles of their homes….SOME COULD NOT EVEN recite/name of street or their own addresses —-these were middle school and high school kids…SOME OF WHOM HAD A DRIVER’S LICENSE…HOW SAFE DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL?????

    Mayor Hamilton…you have just added decades of ignorance generationally to this cultural illiteracy problem. Did you not KNOW that it is so much easier to stop the LOSS of freedoms or things such as this cultural illiteracy BEFORE they start……..than to try and RECLAIM them after they have been banned/obliterated/sent to a dust pile of history?

    And, PS….just to remind you & others…those NOBLE NATIVE AMERICANS whom you, Mayor Hamilton, are lionizing against the backdrop of Europeans who literally stumbled innocently upon this land…..ran legions of Buffalo off of cliffs to their deaths by the thousands….so they could harvest the meat and hides of only hundreds…and they gave us sexually transmitted diseases…and tobacco….the first of which helped bring on the extinction of the American Bison…and the two latter which still haunt us detrimentally today. Are we “even” yet? SO sick and tired of people who do not see all sides of history…or, at minimum, study history in context.

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  14. You got it, Longknife 21–thank you!


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