Sunday Fun Quiz: What furry animal are you?

I like personality quizzes.

We’ve run quite a few on FOTM, the best of which is the 41-Question Personality Test.

Here’s a fun one:

What furry animal are you?

There are 15 quick questions, and it takes only a couple of minutes to take. .

Come back and tell us what furry animal you are!

I’m a Siberian Husky!:


You are a fiercely loyal individual who abides by a strong sense of morality. Not only are you incredibly protective of your loved ones, but you also go out of your way to make sure that everyone is okay. Being outdoors is totally your thing because you love nature and breathing in the crisp, fresh air.



18 responses to “Sunday Fun Quiz: What furry animal are you?

  1. Snap, Siberian Husky. It’ll be interesting to see if we end up with an Iditarod team.

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  2. Also Siberian husky 🙂

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  3. NaturalBoredCtizen

    Siberian Husky! No matter which of these I take I always end up the same as Eowyn. And it appears that many who visit here do too.

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  4. I’m a rabbit. “You are a very energetic person who likes to keep moving from one project to another. In fact, sometimes you have trouble focusing on just one thing, but you always get the task done. Plus, you are a total joy to be around.”

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  6. Siberian Husky here – is anyone noticing a pattern with this group?

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  7. Siberian Husky-This is WEIRD T!his test is rigged,isn’t it? Well,at LEAST we’re all in good company!

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  8. I was a LION. I have no idea what most of pictures or questions meant.

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  9. another siberian husky to add to the mix 🙂

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  10. Love it! I am a polar bear.

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  11. Norwegian Forest Cat
    You are incredibly smart and have a way with words. Most people find comfort in your company, although you can be a bit prickly from time to time. In fact, you also offer helpful advice because you’re full of infinite wisdom. Although you live a simple life, there’s nothing ordinary about you.

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  12. I ended up with “Siberian Husky”–maybe we can put together that Iditarod team after all. 🙂

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  13. apparently it’s NOT a fixed game,since we have quite a few people of differing species. It’s cute and fun,but I still wouldn’t recommend basing a life-changing decision on the results.


  14. Squirrel – “You are definitely on the quieter side, but that’s only because it takes time for you to get comfortable around others. Once people get to know you, they discover just how much fun and weirdly hilarious you are.”

    Cute squirrel picture… fun little quiz, thanks Dr. E!

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  15. Siberian Husky here. I also did not know who many of those pictures were of. I don’t watch much TV,so..Yes, I am fiercely loyal and protective, just ask my Mother that had a number of strokes and my Rottweilers.


  16. Rabbit here, apparently I’m a joy to be together with 😀


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