More Libtard Butthurt: Hollyweird actress blames another Hollyweird actress for Hillary’s loss

The butthurt libtard, Debra Messing, is 48 years old. She acts like she’s 16. Messing is insane to believe that Susan Sarandon could have had a major impact on the election outcome. I do believe Ms. Messing has a serious case of TARD.

Debra Messing

Debra Messing

Via NY Post: More than a week after the election, Debra Messing is still mad Susan Sarandon spoke out against Hillary Clinton.

The beef began in March when staunch Bernie Sanders supporter Sarandon, 70, appeared on MSNBC and said, “Well, you know, some people feel Donald Trump will bring the revolution immediately. If he gets in, then things will really explode.” Some interpreted it as a Trump endorsement.

Sarandon denied supporting the now-president-elect the morning after the interview aired, tweeting, “LOL that I would ever vote Trump.”

That wasn’t enough for Messing, 48, who retweeted a fan who wrote, “@DebraMessing = national treasure. @SusanSarandon = national embarrassment.” She deleted the retweet, but added, “She had said Bernie is a revolution. Saying Trump would hasten the revolution implies a vote toward Trump. I believe she meant a ‘revolution’ was needed and if not thru Bernie, than at least thru Trump.”

“.@DebraMessing now RT-ing personal attacks. Cool. Right, the diff is I’m not RT attacks on u to 350K+ followers,” Sarandon responded at the time.

Messing kept it going, writing, “2- the idea that Susan Sarandon wud say that NOT supporting Hillary in a HRC/Trump race is a legitimate choice for Democrats, is insane.”

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon

Sarandon responded, “.@DebraMessing For those passionate, principled independents & first-time voters who would not be voting (1/2)  .@DebraMessing if it weren’t for Sanders & whose interests HC doesn’t represent, it is a dilemma. (2/2)”

When a fan tweeted at Messing on Thursday about her feud with Sarandon, the “Will & Grace” star replied, “She encouraged ppl to vote for Trump over HRC on a news interview. Said she was more ‘dangerous.’ She needs to be held accountable.

Sarandon took the high road, replying to a fan who claimed that neither Messing nor Clinton cared about the Dakota Access Pipeline. “I know Debra cares about a lot and hope she will care about #NoDAPL as well since Standing Rock needs her voice now more than ever,” she tweeted.


17 responses to “More Libtard Butthurt: Hollyweird actress blames another Hollyweird actress for Hillary’s loss

  1. Don’t you just love it when the Hollyweirds eat each other!
    Both now think they are political intellectuals and authorities. Both are Leftist idiots, and irrelevant other than their access to a fawning Media that is Leftist and becoming irrelevant to thinking people.
    Like 2 cats that cruel boys have tied the tails together and thrown over a barbed-wire fence, I hope they fight until there is nothing left but the tails.
    Yeah, that sounds mean and cruel, but…..
    As long as they are busy fighting among themselves, they aren’t making up lies about Trump, and poisoning the minds of the young, ignorant, and unwary.

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  2. The Hollyweirdos have lost all grasp of reality. Blinded by delusions of grandeur. They make me sick, all of them.

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    • Agreed. LOL! Messing seems blinded by delusions of basic intelligence. Sarandon is a knee-jerk Radical Leftist for the sake of getting her name in the news.

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    • If we could just STOP the Movie/Entertainment Industry for a couple of years,and make all those “Hollyweird Intellectuals” actually LIVE in the real world-lock,stock and barrel,it’d be interesting to see what the Movie business would be creating after THAT little blast of reality.

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  3. Is this one of those “fake news” stories Obama warned us about? LOL. It kills me: they verbally slug it out in public, you report it by writing an article about it, the article factually shows them up for the weird libtards they are, and the story is now probably labeled “fake” since it didn’t have the outcome and turn into the media-fueled propaganda piece they had hoped for. Amazing, laughable and strange all at the same time. The emperor truly has no clothes.

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  5. Unfortunately, both of these women are less than meaningful in my life . . . in other words –Who gives a hoot! They are both rather over the hill. Perhaps these rants have been instigated in order to get their names back in the public eye? It certainly isn’t there because of any worthwhile endeavor they have achieved.

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  6. Debra Messing?

    Never heard of her.

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  7. Debra Messing has the complexion and emotional stability of a 13 year old.

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  8. Ditto messing. – have heard of Sarandon. Couldn’t tell you what she’s done. Who cares? What makes what they say so important? What makes anything anybody says important, for that matter? The MSM can’t be trusted. Alt. media has to be filtered as well. Hollywierdos. They’re actors for crise sake. Mostly leftist because they’ve never really ‘worked’. Never had to ‘think’. They get paid stupid amounts of money and somehow believe that not only are they worth it, you’re not. Superior pay doesn’t equal superior intelligence. I’d like to buy them for what they’re worth and sell them for what they think they’re worth. I try not to spend my money on their crap. $3000.00 purses, $500.00 hairdo’s, $400.00 nails. $100,000.00 cars. Good Grief. It’s a free country and more power to them if they can get away with it. And shame on them for not living a thankful, generous, patriotic life.

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  9. Hey, entertainment!

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  10. Don’t you love it when they start eating their own.

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  11. Sarandon is a great actress, and she is living proof of the old maxim that a broken clock is right twice a day.
    But there is an interesting lesson here, and it has to do with motives. Messing (and Who has been messing with her brain?) impunges Sarandon’s motives. This is why the conservative side lost the Culture War (aside from the fact that they were controlled opposition): Conservatives are loathe to impunge or study the enemy’s motives. Messing goes about to do just that, but she’s just as wrong, even more wrong that Sarandon: Sarandon said she would never vote for Trump. But she should not have responded to Messing AT ALL; She should have impunged Messing’s motives from the start.

    There is a backlash going on. The Nefarious Left, morally reprobate and evil at every turn, has built an Empire of Supine Ignorance on its impungement of the Christian weltanschaung and the Christian’s motives. We in the Bulls Eye must do the same to them, and overcome our qualms about doing so. This does not mean we “go down to their level.” What it means is that if we wish to win the Culture War we are in, we have to become just as vicious as they are: Our Lord Himself Has Commanded us to sell our stuff and go out and buy a sword. Identifying the motives of the Left is a good start, it costs us nothing, it puts us on the OFFENSIVE (which we stubbornly refuse to do, which I believe is contrary to what Christ Himself Commands), and it temporarily stuns the Left. The Left needs to know that we mean business; Other than Donald Trump, it knows that we don’t mean business. The Left is EVIL: We’re not supposed to lay bare their MOTIVES??? Look at it this way: Elmer Fudd always lost the argument, but at least he carried a shotgun! We on the Right are no Elmer Fudd!

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    • “Conservatives are loathe to impunge [sic] or study the enemy’s motives.”

      FOTM has not and does not hesitate in identifying the enemy’s motives; neither does Henry Makow, although I’m not sure we can call him “conservative”.

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      • What I was referring to was the population “in general” or “at large.” As someone who was reared given a Traditional Catholic education, I can say that we were taught NOT to examine or uncover the other person’s motives, which, I believe, was clearly wrong. This was stressed time and time again, and I still believe it was an error. (We were taught to judge the other person’s words or actions only.) I am not talking about “psychoanalysis” (and we know that), but to identify someone’s reasons or motives for his actions or words. This is CLEARLY LACKING on the right, given the ability of both George H.W. Bush and John Paul II to successfully impersonate conservatives for the entirety of their careers, when they were anything but, as two examples. (Dr. Makow may not be a traditional conservative, but he does not strike me as a mad libertine or a rabid leftist.)
        I know neither FOTM nor Dr. Makow don’t hesitate in doing so. And we must THANK GOD ALMIGHTY for the internet for the ability to exchange priceless intell we’re just not going to get from government, the media or academia, any time soon.


        • Sun Tzu taught: He who knows himself and his enemy will win a thousand battles.
          (Or something close to that. Still true today.) You must know and understand your Enemy. To get ahead of his strategy and ambush him before he is ready to attack. To prepare your defenses so his tactics on attack are ineffectual.


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