James Bond Sends ‘Toxic’ Message About Masculinity

Pajama Boy approved.

Pajama Boy

From Heat Street: On International Men’s Day, a Conservative MP said that James Bond and characters like him send a “toxic” message that “a real man is fearless and emotionless,” as well as ”aggressive, disconnected and walking alone.”

Film’s idealization of stoic heroes can have devastating real-world consequences, Caroline Dinenage said, specifically mentioning James Bond, Gordon Gekko, and Steven Seagal’s action heroes.


“I think there are risks, particularly for those who are vulnerable or isolated and these messages can be particularly toxic for men suffering from mental health issues,” said Dinenage, who is also the parliamentary undersecretary of state for women, equalities, and early years. “We live in a culture where men are expected to be strong, tough and macho, which is why men sometimes bottle up their feelings, and possibly why there is such a high suicide risk with men,” she added.

In the UK, the male suicide rate is at its highest in 15 years, becoming the leading cause of death for men under 45. Three-fourths of all suicides there are male.


28 responses to “James Bond Sends ‘Toxic’ Message About Masculinity

  1. The Totalitarians must turn the Natural Men into gutless and gelded “Metrosexuals” to win.

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    • Longknife 21 . . . I could not possibly agree with you more. I think of the sacrifices of those men who served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. If we had had weak-kneed, fainting, gelded military men — we would now be speaking either German, or Japanese. It does not do a culture any great favor to emasculate the males. This is but one of Satan’s great plans to take our societies down.

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      • Thank you, Auntie Lulu, for your kind words.
        My father, step-mother, and future father-in-law all served in the Army or Army Air Corp in WWII. My father was recalled for Korea, then got out again. He did 35 year Active and Reserve Air Force. I was in Vietnam, My brother, my wife, her sister and her brother-in-law all served in the Vietnam era.
        Out of 5 men & 5 women in our parent’s and our generations, all of the men and 3 of 5 women served in the military. And my brother’s wife was a school teacher for the Army in Germany and other places, so she ought to get a little credit.
        So, if I get a “little hard-core”, you’ll know where it came from. Saxon blood-line on by father’s side probably added to it.

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      • Satan has a cabal of helpers; without them he is powerless.

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    • True… sheeple are easier to rule.


    • They want to turn them into women, that’s why they’re monkeying with bathroom laws. They want to turn the populace against men because men can defend themselves and their families from this crap. REAL men can, that is and the NWO sees real men as a threat.


  2. Get a clue, madam. It’s women like you that drive men to distraction. Many obviously feel that death is preferable to subjecting themselves to feminist rule.

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  3. Yes, anything else in their depraved minds to pull down the male species? It’s true, feminism a cancer, the sooner it’s eradicated,the better.

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  4. The King’s wife and step-mother are role models for women and education. That adds breadth to his world view.

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  6. so, now it’s time to announce what they have been doing to males in the movies for a couple generations is what they are doing to countries today…emasculate men. govt and hollyweird have been telling men to tone down their testosterone through propaganda, placating them with video games, cell phones with lithium batteries, transgenderism, single-mother households, homosexual households, drugs in the water, PC culture and progressive/commie movement (which is really satanism), glorify illicit sex and pornography which results in disease, abortion, and children born out of wedlock , “empowered” females competing (coveting) with men because they believe themselves to be better than men instead of believing men and women are complementary to one another, legislators stripping away gun rights so citizenry cannot protect themselves and instead rely on govt for support and direction, chemicals and GMOs in vaccines, estrogenic properties in plastics (which are everywhere), promoting drug usage and homosexuality, discouraging faith in Jesus and from reading His Word, and now introducing illiterate, unskilled, lust-filled, beastialistic savages from islamic countries to live amongst these placated males and empowered females….basically celebrating evil.
    did TPTB ever wonder the reason for the increased suicide rate among men is the direct reason for the propaganda they have been encouraging among males?…their propaganda to not seek Jesus or His forgiveness has created apathy and self-loathing, weakened spirits, and empowered females who lead.
    maybe TPTB have realized this, and that’s the whole point. if anyone ever wanted a recipe for disaster for a civilization, this is it. The communist manifesto spells it out perfectly. All of it is designed to move man away from God and turn to satan.
    it should not be in a real man’s nature to step aside and let a woman or the government lead him. a real man follows Jesus and His Word first, and a real woman follows the man who follows Jesus (or if she isn’t married respects that real men follow Jesus first).
    I pray for men today, that they live their lives for God, not believing some false notions of guilt using “toxicity” and “diversity” through propaganda designed to weaken them and introduce satanism into their lives.
    I pray they repent of their sins and follow Jesus and learn to forgive others who have wronged them…too many are caught up in their own sins and feel so trapped that they have no hope. They need to be reminded:
    Jesus is our Redeemer. He paid for all of our sins with His blood and love. All we need to do is recognize Him as Lord and Savior, repent, seek forgiveness, and trust in Him. seek Him and His Word above all others.
    I pray they find comfort in doing what is right by Jesus, not what is politically correct.

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  7. Obama's Boyfriend


    Great post. If only so many people weren’t so indoctrinated and dogmatic. They wear their filters like medals. They make Islamics look tolerant.

    Keep it up.

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  8. Emasculation techniques permeate TV advertising as in, “I stepped out of my ‘man cave’ and decided to take x-y-z drug to help me quit smoking.” This drug, by the way, carries a major side effect of suicidal ideation. If he had truly stepped out of his ‘man cave,’ in which he should never have been, and actually wanted to quit smoking, he would have tossed the cigarettes in the trash and moved on, being the man he was meant to be.

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  9. It’s likely that behind every man who commits suicide,somewhere,there’s a woman like Caroline Dinenage…She personifies the belief that,for Men,there is no hope.

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  10. Commie-libs are scared of non-pussified males.

    That’s a good thing. 😀

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  11. Masculine society beats emasculated society, it’s just natural. Look at western europe for example.

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  12. James Bond, portrayed by Sean Connery, was an alpha male.
    His replacements, not so much. Pajama Boy, aka Ethan Krupp, is definitely a beta and possible omega male. What happened to the testosterone pool?

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  13. Yes. And?

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  14. Amen, Mom of IV, Amen!

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  15. The Bond character may not be the role model this site’s readers might want their sons to emulate.

    Henry Makow’s website has published several articles on author Ian Fleming’s background and sponsors, and on Fleming’s real-life model for JB, John Ainsworth-Davis.

    My guess is St. Mike would not approve.


    Perhaps there’s some distinction needed between ‘role model’ and ‘idol worship’.


  16. Rage against nature, Member Simpleton, rage. Bond is successful because he embodies characteristics which his audiences find themselves attracted. We vote with our eyeballs. We vote with our time. We vote with our money. I’m sorry that so few of the objects of his own affection would care to vote for the characteristics which he no doubt possesses, but his envy is most unseemly.


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