High school teacher allows students to perform skit of assassination of Trump

Remember, Love Trumps Hate.


From NBC DFW: Two 10th-grade students at a San Antonio high school and their teacher have been reprimanded for the performance of a skit portraying the assassination of President-elect Donald Trump.

The San Antonio Express-News reports the skit, titled “The Assassination of Donald Trump,” was performed last week at Marshall High School. One of the boys used a gunfire sound effect from a cellphone; the other boy, playing Trump, fell to the ground.

Barry Perez, spokesman for the Northside Independent School District, said the “appropriate action” had been taken against the three, and that the teacher had apologized.

Harold and Melinda Bean, parents of a student who viewed the skit, complained to district officials. They said they are dissatisfied with the district action and had hoped for harsher measures.

More from the San Antonio Express-News:

“Honestly I have run out of words to describe how angry I am and how shocked I am that they’re still in school today,” Melinda Bean said. Younger children using their hands to simulate guns on the playground have been suspended, she said, and this was far worse.

The teacher apologized Monday, Harold Bean said, but that wasn’t enough. “I don’t understand how the teacher can repeat an apology and be right there back at work on Monday morning,” he said. “Though we understand she is apologetic, it does not make the situation right.”

Perez said campus officials investigated the incident and found that the teacher didn’t condone it and stopped the skit. But Harold Bean questioned why she allowed it to start once she heard the title.

“Pardon my language but I think that it’s a bunch of B.S. if they’re going to tell you the kids were stopped,” Harold Bean said.”

Northside Independent School District Superintendent Brian Woods

Northside Independent School District Superintendent Brian Woods

Contact Marshall High School Principal Susan Cleveland here. Contact the Superintendent of Northside Independent School District, Brian Woods, here. Contact the Northside Independent School District on Twitter here.


15 responses to “High school teacher allows students to perform skit of assassination of Trump

  1. This is beyond outrageous!
    Thank you, DCG, for the contact info.


  2. Is the teacher needs psychiatric help or Americans is slowly going down…Trump won for a reason, admit it.


  3. La Republica Socialista Democratica de San Antonio.

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  4. Why don’t the Patriots gather at Goliad, put on a skit of a drum-head Court Martial of Obozo for encouraging this nonsense and the riots, and hang him in effigy.
    Then see what happens.
    Equality before the Law?

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  5. The teacher and students should apologize directly to Secret Service agents, they should enter a sociopathy management program, and the history social studies programs for our public schools must be reviewed and revised.

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  6. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Watch how our tax dollars are spent.

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  7. This is why the Education Department and supportive teachers unions need to be abolished. People, get your kids out of these public sewers of brainwashing and dumbing down.

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    • The GOP & Trump are taking recommendations for Cabinet members which includes the Dept. of Education. You can submit names here:


      I suggest we nominate Dr. E, whattaya say? 🙂

      One of Saboteur365’s commenters said he should apply, too (former economics professor for 30 years at a TX Univ. until the Hispanic Feminazi Admins booted him out). He laughed but said he’d give credits for homeschooling & discourage public schooling.

      I think we should nominate James Tracy for something, too.

      And who else?

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  8. This is downright vomit worthy. All these deranged losers that can’t accept defeat are sneakily programming others into doing what they can’t. Somewhere out there are people that can’t tell the difference and will act upon it.
    Imagine if that has been done about BO. The school would be in lockdown and everything ran through the FBI Gauntlet.

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  9. Donald Trump says ‘YOU’RE FIRED’

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  10. It’s obviously time to clean out the entire public school system in America. Start with Common Core. Bill Gates, the financier of Common Core, has his two kids in a private school that doesn’t use Common Core!

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  11. FIRE EM

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  12. Good vs. Evil – it’s everywhere you turn. And the liberal left says WE’RE the hateful, bigoted, intolerant ones that deserve to die. I have this sick feeling we’ve only just begun to fight and that getting Trump through the primary and through the election was the easy part. SMH

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  13. Sensible parents at this school should DEMAND there children be assigned to a different teachers class. Most intelligent teachers would have review the skit BEFORE allowing it to be performed in front of other student to assure nothing inappropriate was going to be performed. Poor teaching skill here!

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