Boycott hate-Trump companies: & Penzeys Spices


Shannon Coulter, a marketing professional from the San Francisco Bay Area and founder/CEO of DoubleKnown Communications, has started a boycott, #GrabYourWallet, to get retailers to dump their Ivanka and other Trump merchandise.

grabyourwallet-tweets, a Canadian online retailer, is the first to “dump Trump” in the #GrabYourWallet boycott.


#GrabYourWallet has a spreadsheet of “Companies to Boycott” — businesses that presently carry the Ivanka or other Trump labels. The boycott campaign even coaches its hate-filled followers to send this message to a business:

“Hi. I’m a customer / fan of your brand. Unfortunately I’ll no longer be able to shop there because you do business with the Trump family. If you were to no longer do so I would consider returning as a customer. Please communicate my feedback to store management. Here’s what I said to a rep who said ‘Well, we don’t carry Donald’s products’: Because Ivanka campaigned passionately for Donald and now has an official role on his presidential transition team, I feel her brand has now been politicized.”

We can turn the same spreadsheet into businesses for us to support.

Send them this email:

“Dear _______(name of company):

I’m a longtime customer of _______ (name of company). I especially like the Ivanka (Trump) label. I want you to know that I will continue to shop at ______ (name of company) so long as you continue to carry Trump merchandise. However, if you accede to the vicious #GrabYourWallet campaign, you should know that I will NEVER set foot in your store again.


_______ (Your name)”

Here are the businesses you should support and to which you can send the above sample message. Just click the company’s name and you’ll be brought to its contact webpage where you can leave your message:

  2. Amazon:
  3. (Southeastern Chain):
  4. Bloomingdale’s
  5. Bluefly:
  6. Bon-Ton
  7. Bed Bath & Beyond
  8. Burlington Coat Factory
  9. Carson’s
  10. Century 21 Dept. Store (NY, NJ, PA)
  11. Dillards
  12. DSW
  13. Hudson Bay
  14. HSN
  15. Jet:
  16. Kushner (real estate) Properties: Owner Jared Kushner led Trump’s campaign
  17. Lord & Taylor
  18. Macy’s
  19. Marshalls
  20. Neiman Marcus
  21. Nordstrom
  23. Perfumania
  24. RueLaLa
  25. Scion Hotels
  26. Saks Off Fifth
  27. Stein Mart
  28. TJ Maxx
  29. Trump Golf Courses
  30. Trump Hotels
  31. Trump Winery
  32. Winners
  33. Zappos
  34. ABC Supply: CEO raised funds for Trump
  35. CEO supports Trump
  36. Hobby Lobby: endorsed Trump
  37. LendingTree: CEO raised funds for Trump
  38. MillerCoors: CEO raised funds for Trump
  39. NASCAR: CEO endorsed Trump
  40. New Balance: expressed support for Trump
  41. National Enquirer: endorsed Trump –
  42. People Magazine: “normalizing” Trump
  43. Uline: CEO raised funds for Trump
  44. Ultimate Fighting Championship: endorsed Trump
  45. Yuengling Beer: endorsed Trump


Another business to boycott is Penzeys Spices, a company that sells spices, herbs and seasonings in 70 retail outlets in 29 states nationwide as well as mail order and online shopping.

On November 17, 2016, Penzeys Spices sent an email newsletter to its customers, calling the Republican Party and Trump voters “racist”:

“The open embrace of racism by the Republican Party in this election is now unleashing a wave of ugliness unseen in this country for decades . . .  you just voted for an openly racist candidate for the presidency of the United States of America . . . .

Bill Penzey



20 responses to “Boycott hate-Trump companies: & Penzeys Spices

  1. Can the left get anymore despicable? Last night it was attacking Pence and now this. They are certainly full of themselves and I guess freedom means nothing to them.
    How they have come to the conclusion that Trump is racist is beyond me when you consider just how many people of color works for the company and love the family. Their ignorance is blaring.
    If they are basing racist on border issues, then they have missed the whole point of keeping the country safe. They stopped several people coming across in Texas from the ME just recently. People that have admitted they are here to kill us.
    If they base their bias on sexual preference, Trump never discusses it, but does have gays as employees.
    This has to do with the fact they lost an election they thought they had stacked sufficiently and lost. The little snowflakes will never be able to deal with the real world and outside forces at this rate.
    Hollywood loved Trump when they thought he was one of them, and turned like they bunch of hypocrites they are when he decided to run against a democrat.
    I will continue to support the Trump companies and the family and will continue to boycott anything to do with these twits and their products.

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  2. “How they have come to the conclusion that Trump is racist is beyond me when you consider just how many people of color works for the company and love the family.”
    I think they chose RAAAAAAACISM mainly because it’s about the most inflammatory,nearly impossible to prove accusation that can be hurled at innocent people,with the possible exception of “Child Pornographer”,for which they would have to have physical proof. Ironic,isn’t it,that of all the people in recent history who have been investigated/arrested for these alleged crimes,the overwhelming majority have been LIBERALS.
    “They are certainly full of themselves and I guess freedom means nothing to them.”
    Maybe a little time WITHOUT freedom would wise ’em up,but I doubt it. Ya can’t fix stupid.
    “I will continue to support the Trump companies and the family and will continue to boycott anything to do with these twits and their products.”
    I’m with you on that!

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    • “Ya can’t fix stupid.”
      And it is illegal to kill it, but we can take a page from Saul Alinsky and ridicule it to death!
      Y’all doing a pretty good job of that right here!
      Sorry, I can’t help this boycott. All the places I do business despise Hillary, and even if some might be distrustful of Trump, are glad he won.

      And Trump is doing better every day, even with ones that didn’t trust him before. If the Dems don’t “mind their manners” they are going to lose big again in the 2018 mid-terms, and there are 24 Dem Senators up for re-election then. Plus all their Congresscritters.
      The Dems might still win in places like Califailure and some pits of East Hell, but that’s about it. But, what do you expect, LibTARDS are not reasonable about the Present, why should anyone expect them to think about the Future? And maybe by then we will get a handle on Vote Fraud, Photo ID, and proving citizenship to Register to Vote.
      Probably 5% of the “Popular Vote Hillary & the Dems keep crowing and hissing about are fraudulent. Maybe more.

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  3. Love it, keep us posted Dr. Eowyn!

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  4. Thanks TJ

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  5. Pretty much before I buy, shop anywhere I look at reviews for the company or check internet for boycott info. I tend to shop conservative, christain, non-judgemental businesses. I don’t spend queer dollars, atheist dollars, leftest dollars, communist dollars. Just right wing, conservative dollars with people that are happy to do business with me.

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  6. Jealousy is eating these people out. Ivanka Trump has it all, beauty, smarts and at such young age she is an EMPRESARIO, she is regal, well educated, the world is getting to know her, her future is bright. Chelsea Clinton eat your heart out.

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  7. I am disgusted with your company and your response to your so called racist and bigoted republican customers. I am a college educated customer and a Christian and a deplorable republican and I am so upset. Yes I voted for Trump and I am proud of it.nI got a call from three of my friends to alert me to read your email. Shame on you. You have alienated 50 percent of the US. I have never seen such a group of poor losers. If you cared about your business you would keep your personal opinions to yourself and not insult your paying customers. I am so angry and you know what they say about telling everyone you know when you have a bad experience..I will no longer go to your stores or buy from you again in the future. I am looking to join the boycott on Facebook. Chris Swartz

    Sent from my iPad

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  8. Let’s also not forget that Macy’s stopped carrying all Donald Trump label men’s accessory items the day after he made a comment about criminal illegal immigrants. This was in 2015. They apparently, however, have no problem with carrying merchandise by Martha Stewart (a known felon) and Sean Jean (a rapper). Additionally, while they do not directly support Planned Parenthood, if an employee makes a contribution, Macy’s will match it.

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  9. Great list & digging up the contacts. Thanks for the effort!

    My two-cents to these blind CEO’s:


    How is it that a person in your position does not grasp the fact that by not carrying Donald &/or Ivanka Trump products, you are ENRICHING your competitors who DO carry Trump products? SMH.

    You’re Fired.

    You will be sued by your stockholders.

    Your stock will crash.

    And our large group of family, friends, & colleagues will not prop up your bottom line but will assist in enriching your less-deluded pro-Trump competitors & with great pleasure at that.

    Have a nice life at your > #EmptyStoreSafeSpace


    😀 😀 😀 Outwit them. Don’t show anger. It’s what they already falsely believe re Trump people due to MSM BS.

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  10. Macy’s should be on the boycott list. They were one of the first to remove the Trump line due to political pressure. Subsequently, their stock fell precipitously and are now in the process of reevaluating their stores and closing several. Their stock did not recover, hopefully due to people like me boycotting them and shopping at Bon-Ton and other stores instead.

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  11. Penzy’s spices are way overpriced anyway. Just don’t get them confused with Pendery’s spices, fyi. 🙂
    Thanks for the heads up!

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  12. Wait a second. Don’t these morons realize that if Hill Liar got in, she’d raise their taxes and regulate them out of business? That’s how stupid they are.

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  13. I like your Buycott list. Can you point us to a boycott list? Penzeys and 1stinSEO would be starters.


  14. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. Penzeys gives an unsupported allegation regarding racism that spews out jealousy and envy, the victory of the American people over elitists and narrow-minded leftists. I’d be proud to wear the “Ivanka” label.

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  15. please start a twitter account & facebook so we can follow!


  16. these kinds of hateful posts will make me buy at Penzey’s and!


    • But it’s not “hateful” for companies like and Penzeys to dump their Trump-brand merchandise. Thank you for providing yet more evidence that you “progressives” are hypocrites, with double standards.

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