Threats to assassinate Trump from CEO, banker and newspaper columnist

I’ve written before that I believe the differences in worldview and fundamental values of conservatives and liberals are irreconcilable. The only way we can live together as one country is that both sides observe the “rules of the game” — the rules, laws and social conventions by which we conduct politics in the American constitutional republic. One of the rules of game is that the losing party in an election accepts and abides by the electoral results.

In 2008 and 2012 when Obama was elected and re-elected, I don’t recall conservatives rioting, assaulting, or threatening to kill him. Do you?

Not so with the 2016 presidential election. See “Love Trumps Hate’: Assassination threats against Trump flood Twitter“.

Here are three threats to assassinate Donald Trump: from the CEO of a cyber-security firm, a UK newspaper columnist, and a senior banker with the world’s third largest bank.

(1) Matt Harrigan, CEO of PacketSled


PacketSled is a cyber-security software company in Del Mar, California which, like the more famous McAfee, provides software for computers to, in the company’s words, “Continuously monitor for advanced threats and policy violations missed by other defenses, then analyze and remediate in record time.”

In posts to his Facebook page on November 13, 2016, PacketSled CEO Matt Harrigan threatened to assassinate Trump with a sniper rifle:

“I’m going to kill the president. Elect.”

When a Facebook commenter warned him that the FBI would get him, Harrigan replied:

“Bring it secret service.”

“getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts. Find a bedroom in the whitehouse that suits you motherfucker. I’ll find you”

“In no uncertain terms, fuck you America. Seriously. Fuck off.”

Although the threatening messages were since deleted by Harrigan, they are preserved on Reddit (click below to enlarge):


Hours after he threatened to assassinate Trump, Harrigan apologized for his assassination threat on Facebook, saying it was all a joke:

“My recent facebook comment was intended to be a joke, in the context of a larger conversation, and only privately shared as such … I apologize if anything that I said was either taken seriously, was offensive, or caused any legitimate concern.“

As reported by Samantha Chang for BizPacReview, PacketSled didn’t find Harrigan’s “joke” funny and placed him on administrative leave. In a statement, PacketSled wrote:

“PacketSled takes recent comments made by our CEO seriously. Once we were made aware of these comments, we immediately reported this information to the secret service and will cooperate fully with any inquiries … Our CEO has been placed on administrative leave.”

On Nov. 13, Harrigan tweeted a lame apology:


Two days after he issued his threat, on Nov. 15, Harrigan resigned from PacketSled.

Strangely, in an October 26 Facebook post, Harrigan bragged about his ties to the CIA:


(2) UK columnist Monisha Rajesh

On Election night, November 8, 2016, Monisha Rajesh, a columnist for the UK newspapers The Telegraph and The Guardian, made a series of angry tweets about the election results, culminating in a tweet at 11:54 pm to Mark C. O’Flaherty, a photographer and travel writer:

“It’s about time for a presidential assassination”.

To which O’Flaherty replied:

“haaaaa – that’s all we’ve talked about for the last hour”.

Both Rajesh and O’Flaherty had since deleted their respective Twitter accounts, but not before someone captured their vicious tweets for posterity:

monisha-rajesh-tweet-to-assassinate-trumpRajesh’s assassination tweet quickly spread on social media and was reported multiple times to federal law enforcement officials.

Breitbart contacted both The Telegraph and The Guardian for comment, and received these replies:

Telegraph Media Group: “Monisha Rajesh is not an employee of Telegraph Media Group and will not be commissioned on a freelance basis.

The Guardian: “Monisha Rajesh is an infrequent freelance contributor, not a staff writer, and the Guardian cannot take responsibility for comments expressed by her in a personal capacity.”

In other words, The Telegraph fired Rajesh and it’s doubtful The Guardian would ever use her as a freelance contributor again.

Navy vet Doug Lewis (@umpire43) tweeted that the FBI had arrested Rajesh, but the assertion remains unconfirmed:


(3) PNP Paribas Banker Don King

BNP Paribas is a French multinational bank and financial services company with global headquarters in Paris, and the third largest bank in the world in total assets.

Gateway Pundit reports that in a tweet on Nov. 13, Don King, a senior banker with BNP Paribas, called on ISIS to rape and decapitate our next First Lady, Melania Trump:

don-king-tweet-to-decapitate-melania-trumpIn a tweet the following day on Nov. 14, King claimed that his Twitter account had been hacked:

don-king-tweet-of-being-hackedI went to his Twitter account @Don_King_Trader, but got the message “Account suspended”.

Meanwhile, not a word from Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama denouncing these assassination threats . . . .

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30 responses to “Threats to assassinate Trump from CEO, banker and newspaper columnist

  1. There are two primary differences:
    Conservative “leaders” even at the most local level are quick to try and silence anyone that crosses the line from Protest to Threat. Liberals ‘feel’ that they have a ‘right’ to temper tantrums and even violence. Their “leaders” encourage it. Basic Marxist/Leninism.
    Liberals, especially self-described Progressives, consider themselves superior to others, and therefor above the law. Conservatives know better, and try to respect laws and govt officials, even when they are wrong, Constitutionally, morally, and historically.
    And the third reason is The Biggie: Conservatives know that “Lib/Prog Pols and their Law Enforcement will be used to the fullest extent against them for any violation of law, real or imagined.
    Liberals are encouraged to rowdy demonstrations, riots, and violence against others by their leaders and are often supported, defended, and even paid. They know that Lib/Prog groups will defend them, and probably Lib/prog courts will release them, or let them plead to an insignificant “Lesser Offense”.
    This is what the Lib/Progs call Social Justice: Conservatives – jail and trial; Commies – released and party!

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    • In other words, and in brief:

      (1) Conservatives respect the law and are adults.
      (2) Liberals don’t respect the law, think their actions have no consequences, and act like children — except they aren’t children. There is another word that describes and explains them: grandiose NARCISSISTS.

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    • Proving once and for all, the correct party won or this country was done.

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  2. How are these people immune to prosecution?!!!

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    • Answer: It’s the outlaw Obama Administration’s Secret Service, FBI, DOJ.
      January 20, 2017 can’t come soon enough….

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    • Our Constitutional Republic has 3 branches of Govt.
      1. The Legislative that makes the Laws
      2. The Executive that enforces the Laws
      3. The Judicial that interprets the Laws and makes sure they are Constitutional.
      Obama was “Elected President” the head of the Executive Branch, but he is really the pResident. He enjoys all the perks of the Office, but refuses to enforce any of the Responsibilities.
      Under him the Judicial makes whatever changes to real laws they see fit, and the Legislative raises money to get re-elected. Obama acts like a Dictator, he does as he pleases. He refuses to enforce the Laws when it doesn’t suit him, gives away money to his friends that Congress has not allocated, lies about everything, and blames others for the failure of his dumb, even criminal policies. This is called “Social Justice”, but it is the Cloward-Pivens Strategy to “break” the Govt, create Chaos, destroy our Economy Currency,& Constitution, and create a Socialist Revolution to make us a One Party Communist State.

      He got pretty close, and they haven’t given up yet. He is burning up our debt-money, traveling the world, bad-mouthing us, and encouraging our enemies even now.

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  3. If someone sends me a death threat, they would be wise to hide their identity, and they should pray I use the law of the land to deal with the issue.

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  4. The information showing Harrigan’s association with Woolsey is the most troublesome. The ex-CEO is not just a loud-mouthed nutcase after all. The Telegraph contributor is probably a moslem, who feels entitled to use ‘journalistic licence’ with Kahn as Mayor of Londonistan.

    As for the BNP bankster, I even passed on his hack story to folks that were lambasting him on twitter. As for GrubHub, I learned about the notice to employees from my son and his buddies. They each went to the extraordinary (for them) effort of emailing the founder in disgust, using various descriptions of how and where he could ‘stick it’.

    The propensity of irrational behavior is undoubtedly due to Hellary’s >$1B campaign spending on negative, Trump-centered propaganda; dutifully spewed out hourly by the MSM. Now the flames are being fanned by Soros funded rent-a-mobs. It has to stop, time for LEOs to get serious.

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    • Absolutely right! and most LEOs are ready to go, mobile, agile,& hostile, but the the Democrat “Leaders”, Governors, Mayors, and such are holding them back.
      All part of the plan. The “rioters” are just canno-fodder to be sacrificed at the proper time if they can push it to the “Revolutionary” flash point.
      The dumbass Marxist/Alinskyites just never figured out the American People.
      What do you think will happen when the Rioters get out to the Suburbs where people are armed?

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  6. these people must be watched NOW! We all have seen where someone is killed & when you look back at what the killer wrote, it was truly a warning that came true.

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  7. This whole disgusting scene just confirms the fact that liberals/Progressives really are mentally unhinged . . .and thus they are to be feared, and all should make pleas to the authorities in this country to deal with them to the full extent of the law.

    God Bless and Protect our next President and each member of his family!

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    • All true Auntie. Even they were all disturbing, the Don King one made me sick to my stomach.
      These chicken sh… know the number of mentally disturbed people out there and they were hoping they silently encouraged someone to do their dirty work. They are all worthy of arrest and should be treated like a conservative would if we had threatened BO.

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    • they don’t protest high unemployment; ruined health insurance; decade-long “war” that’s seen nothing but profit for banks and contractors and death, debt, and destruction for everyone else; corporations running our govt; children in public schools being taught islam as a “religion” of “peace”; forced vaccinations; parental rights being eroded; GMO mosquitoes (and Lord knows what propaganda they’ll create next to put on the people); chemicals forced on us at every turn; killing of babies that could’ve easily had been one of them; GMOs becoming the new “food”; diseases running rampant….etc.
      these “paid protesters” care nothing about our country, they are just leeches with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar saying “Gimmee!”.
      JFK was right when he said: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” unfortunately, like everything else, even that type of thinking has been turned upside-down.

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  8. CIA, E. Howard Hunt et al, James Woolsey, I am not laughing. Prayer needed.

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  9. “Progressives” is such a misnomer for these “Regressives”.

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    • “Progressives” was the name chosen by the Fabian Socialists rater than calling themselves Marxists, Communists, or Socialists. They were using “democracy” to “Progress” to a Marxist State rather than violent revolution. They want to give the vote to everybody they think they can influence and use.
      Dead people (Necro-voters) are easy, don’t argue, just get the registration card or absentee ballot and vote “for” them.

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  10. LOCK EM UP

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  11. As much as I find Obama to be despicable, I would never ever make a threat; our nation’s solutions must be diplomatic. These clowns should not be allowed to get away with their brazen threats. If Chris Kyle were still alive Harrigan would have to go into hiding for the remainder of his miserable life.

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  12. so, all these hateful spoiled brats have to say is “I’m joking!” and that makes it OK?
    I look forward to the public prosecution of these “special snowflakes” for their “threats” against our President-elect. They won’t be able to hit the delete button on their hate tweets fast enough…it’s called “consequences”, something these fools know nothing about (but will soon). 🙂

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  13. More candidates for leaving the country now that Trump has been elected. Strip them of their citizenship.

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  14. Nothing like a country divided. Well Trump is a child, yet like Obama, he’s the President now. The extreme on the other side of the right wing fascist crowd are these people who are threatening the president now. So, being reasonable, we should treat them as the last administration treated Obama. The Clinton’s belong to a group of people who calls themselves the “Velvet Mafia”. This group can now be taken out. The inhabit our intelligence agencies, media and law enforcement.

    If you want to rid this country of these people contact me. I know all about them and who they serve. I know because “those” crazy people were deceived into believing I was Lucifer. I kept trying to tell them I wasn’t who they thought I was. Now I have the power to show them how wrong they are.

    The Super Collider that surrounds Waxahachie TX was killed during the Bill Clinton Administration. It became a ‘Black Ops’ project. I know how it was funded and for what purpose. I know the entrances to the facility. Showing it’s existence, size and scope will destroy the Velvet Mafia. My motivation to act is high.

    Any takers?

    Sounds pretty crazy? Truth is stranger than fiction.


  15. Great first paragraph; loved this profound wording, I may borrow it sometimes 🙂 > “the differences in worldview and fundamental values of conservatives and liberals are irreconcilable.” Amen to the Irreconcilable! Truly, it’s as clear as Night vs. Day, Good vs. Evil. There’s no compromising with the Devil. It doesn’t work. Give him an inch & he’ll take a mile as he’s already done.

    I was also glad to see you wrote “the American constitutional republic” as I’m so weary of seeing people say we are are “democracy”!

    Re the first bozo, Harrigan. What an idiot for a CEO! A joke my foot. Lack of good jugdment? I’ll say. Apology not accepted, dummie; & I’m glad the company booted your butt. (And thanks to the Reddit people for being on the ball & saving copies of so many things!)

    Harrigan looks like the type of “plain” Middle American White Guy who could be suckered by promises of Freemasonry to “scratch his back” toward success, which then such associations & “training” (brainwashing) puffs them up with (false) pride. I’m thinking such associations may possibly be how he gets to buddy-around with former CIA spooks.

    Speaking of CIA:
    –I’ve heard a few recent misc. whispers round about that the radical aspect of Alt-Right, including Cernovich, et al, are probably CIA. Hope not!
    –(Heard approx. 9 months ago that Roger Stone & Donald Trump both were CIA agents. Hope not!)
    –Saw a Makow tweet yesterday that is a CIA operation to pocket the Alt-Right in one location. True? I don’t know! :-/ Sigh!

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  16. HA!HA!
    IRONY: CEO Who Threatened to Kill Donald Trump COMPLAINS About Death Threats!

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  17. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post. These death threats illustrate that these regressives are terribly intolerant and violent people.


  18. The murders of JFK and RFK involved multiple shooters and a powerful command and support group.


  19. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    The stakes at this table are higher than anything in Los Vegas or Monte Carlo.


  20. LibTARDs are complaining about the large motorcades the Secret Service are doing for Trump.
    1. They started these big operations for Obama. He loved it.
    2. If the LibTARDs quit all their assassination threats, maybe they could cut back, but they must plan based on Threat Assessment. They are doubly nervous because Trump has “escaped” from them already.
    3. With all the crap from the Lib Idiots on Social Media and Twitter, I’m surprised they aren’t using APCs and Attack Helicopter gun teams as air cover.
    These idiots make stupid threats and then complain because the Secret Service ramps up protection? That is Incredibly Stupid on top of the “normal” dumbass Lib insanity.


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