Starbucks calls cops on man for asking ‘Trump’ be written on his cup

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To increase sales by “personalizing” an order, Starbucks has a policy of the barista handwriting the customer’s name on the paper coffee cup.

But this Starbucks employee “Ryan” (see below) and his shift manager are so irate at Donald Trump that he called the cops on a customer who asked that the name “Trump” be written on his coffee cup.


The customer’s fiancée, (@lollicakesFL), tweeted a video of the Starbucks employee on November 7, a day before the election, with this message:

Here’s the video:

The Starbucks store is in Delray Beach, Florida.

Here’s the customer’s receipt as proof:


In a later tweet on Nov. 17, FLPrincessSJK wrote that the Starbucks’ “shift manager told my fiancé he couldn’t care less about his ‘minimum wage’ job and we could work it.”

See also:

UPDATE (NOV. 19, 2016):

The Boycott Starbucks movement is working.

Below is the company’s stock performance on Nasdaq from Nov. 2015 to Nov. 2016 (source: Yahoo! Finance):


Let’s continue to BOYCOTT STARBUCKS!


20 responses to “Starbucks calls cops on man for asking ‘Trump’ be written on his cup

  1. $4.72 for a cup of coffee???????????????

    Wow what a ripoff

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  2. Liberal scum run amok in South Florida, where Clinton Mania is a serious epidemic… The mention of Donald Trump can evoke brawls, screaming matches, and sheriff calls to break them up.

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  3. And what are the Cops supposed to do? Give all the LibTARDs crying towels? Arrest the customer for foolishly spending his money there? Reminding the whiny-babies of their Corporate Office Policy?
    Ought to haul them all in for “Filing a False Police Report”! Fine everyone of them involved in the call $100+ cost of the Police Response and Investigation and the Court Costs, see how they like that.

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  5. This barista needs to be re-trained and the shift supervisor should be fired. I have boycotted Starbucks ever since Schultz’ rants about the presidential race. However, the latest caper ‘Operation Trump’, will give me an opportunity to use up my ‘stars’ (free beverages).

    As regulars will know, anyone purchasing a beverage at Starbucks is asked for their name. #OpTrump says identify yourself as ‘Trump’, at which point the barista is required to write ‘Trump’ on the cup. Better yet, when your beverage is ready they will yell ‘Trump’ to alert you. Have your phone ready to video any issues. A little push-back on their histrionics is overdue.

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  6. Freakin idiots. Way to pull police resources out of commission to address your butt hurt feelings. Selfish losers.

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  7. When businesses drink the “modern, progressive company” Kool Aid…

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  8. Call me stupid, but what offense did these folks really do that was deserving of having the police called??? My understanding is that you can use any name you want to unless you are trying to perpetrate a crime. Well yes, it is a crime to pay nearly $5.00 for a cup of coffee, but that would mean the Starbucks folks would be handcuffed. Starbucks needs to fire both of these yahoos, and the general public needs to shy away from Starbucks.

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  9. Starbucks coffee is garbage anyway, over priced and I will never buy another cup. Auntie Lulu, they are not Yahoos, More like DORKS!

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  10. just try to get coffee in your coffee there.
    double latte with as shot, skim w/hazelnut – good grief.

    What this country needs is a good nickle cigar……..

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  11. I will never set foot in starbucks as long as I live.

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  12. And that just confirms the reason why I have not spent a dime in there for years. Over priced, yucky, and owned by far leftist, the biggest crime of all. Lol.
    And calling the police should have resulted in taking his skinny ass to the station for a false call.

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    I don’t understand paying $5 for coffee and calling it a “boycott”, but maybe they get off on making the barristas cry.

    I’ve never bought their coffee, and never will, always seem silly pretentious yuppie crap to begin with, and don’t like the logo.


  14. Firstly. anyone who has been to Starfucks more than once reprimand yourself for being slightly tarded and/or slack. We all know these chain/franchise scams are scams… A few at the top make shitloads of cash while the slob worker gets his shitty low hourly rate ( no penalty rates paid weekends etc.) So fuck em… support the little guy.


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