Muslim washes his anus at public drinking fountain in Italy

This is multiculturalism in Italy.

After taking a dump in an alley, this Muslim man, his butt exposed, washes his anus at a public drinking fountain, then drinks water from the same hand.


You can see in the video below that the man wasn’t just washing his butt, he was washing his anus:

Why Italians continue to put up with the invasion of the Muslim refugees migrants hordes is a mystery.

H/t Mark S. McGrew and Gateway Pundit

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32 responses to “Muslim washes his anus at public drinking fountain in Italy

  1. And the doofus in our White House invited thousands of them into our country…eeeewwww, gag me

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  2. This guy is even a “lousy” Muslim: You are supposed to wash your butt with your LEFT hand! You eat with your right hand. Traditional Arabs eat from communal dishes with their hands, don’t want you sticking your butt-washing hand in the family rice bowl!
    This guy even drinks and washes his face BETWEEN butt washing, with the same hand. Getting all spiffed up to go to the Mosque? Or to go to movies to see “Romancing the Ewe”?

    OH! OH! But….but all cultures are equal…..right?

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    • “This guy is even a “lousy” Muslim: You are supposed to wash your butt with your LEFT hand!”
      My thought exactly, Longknife!

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      • A Muslim will not eat in a restaurant that serves bacon and other pork products but if I enter a diner where I am seated next to a Muslim how would I know if I ask him to pass the pepper or salt his hands would have touched his dirty butt first?

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  4. You folks need to be more understanding. This guy is simply following the lessons he learned at home and/or at his mosque.

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  5. Another mystery solved about Obama: This is why he has flies on his face.

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  6. oh, never mind. I looked at the video again. It’s not Obama. You fooled me.

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  7. We all need to know, but too revolting to think about for long. However, Italians walked by without expressing surprise; they walked quickly, though, and I believe that they, too, were disgusted. Don’t put drinking fountains anywhere near my city. (If he can drink that water, he can drink water anywhere.)

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  8. There are so many shocks coming to the people of Europe, and this is one of the least of them.

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  9. Nooooooo. I can’t watch the video.

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  10. The answer is simple really. The Italians were given the choice of Muslim refugees or Democrats. Guess who they choose?

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  11. Strange how they won’t eat pork yet behave like pigs. :0(

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  12. Does this mean that you might eventually see video of Obama using the ball washer at the golf course?????
    (Actually, I believe I read about that very thing in an edition of “The Darwin Awards” book a few years ago…..)
    I was going to add my two cents’ worth about the left hand, but a couple of you beat me to it…..
    I’ve maintained for a long time that muzzies have no place in civilized countries……. this only helps support my attitude.
    They are disgusting subhumans……

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  13. I can’t even imagine the parasites he is spreading around.

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  14. He IS a parasite….. Muhammed E. Coli Yabba Dabba Dooo.

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  15. Have we become so “tolerant” that we are no longer ready, willing and able to pursue our own survival out of fear of being seen as “judgmental”? Sure looks like it to me.
    And this kind of behavior is not limited to Islam or its followers. But it is a good place to look at FIRST.
    Again, we are being ruled by Cultural Marxists of every sort, demanding that we surrender our right to survival. Just because they are more sophisticated in that they poison the air with chemtrails, poison our food with genetic modification and poison our vaccines with aluminum and mercury still dictates that we are being crushed by EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS. This Muslim is what they want each and every one of us to become!

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  16. And Starbucks wants to give 10,000 of them jobs! That coffee already tastes like s**t!


  17. Video no longer available… account has been terminated. I am sure they removed the video and terminated the account because it was islamophobic! Or was it because it was sh|tphobic? Soooooo tired of politically correct BS!


  18. … but this one still works: and if not, do a search on YouTube for “muslim italy fountain” and you will find it. It has been reposted many times.


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  20. To be honest, I am not sure this guy is a Muslim. He is using his right hand to wash his butt! Muslims don’t do that. They use their left hand, the unclean hand to wash their butts and never touch anyone with that hand. Although the story of the guy or cook in the take out restaurant is also disgusting… Oh well, dang it!, even Muslims don’t know left from right and up from down anymore (puns intended…)


  21. He probably ate something so good (to him) the first time, he decided he had to have seconds! And drinking water was just to wash it down!


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