Millenial expresses his “love” to Trump supporters

“What’s the point of this ridiculous video?” you may ask.
Great question! My take on it is that the speaker wants to show off his “moral superiority” to the Trump supporters, and to speak up faithfully for the aggrieved snowflakes rioting in the street. Beyond that, maybe he was auditioning for Homecoming Queen in Provincetown, Massachusetts. 

~ TD

“Trump Supporters, I Love You”

This was on Facebook as a “perfect response” to the “racist, homophobic, sexist, anti-semitic, islamaphobic” people who put Donald Trump in the White House.

I didn’t make it 70% through before I had to turn it off.

Be sure to keep this around for whenever you need to be lectured by a gay millennial who (thinks he) knows everything. (sarc)

26 responses to “Millenial expresses his “love” to Trump supporters

  1. To people in other countries who mock the use of the word “love” in America, you are right. We all abuse that word, some much more than others.

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  2. Well, since I’ve nothing nice to say, I’ll say nothing at all.

    (And…my head just exploded.)

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  3. I made it through 34 seconds. I don’t need a condescending lecture today, TYVM.

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  4. I knew the homosexual (I refuse to use the term gay for homosexuality is not a ‘gay’ lifestyle but a rather sick one) would sooner or later use foul language and this admitted fag did not disappoint me. They seem not to talk without some filth entering their speech.

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  5. Congrats to Dr. E for getting on the radar of the fake news LA TIMES list. FOTM is over the target. Great work!

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  6. Enough at 20 seconds. However, I agree with Marblenecltr on the use of ‘love’ in our discourse, so this :

    One word is too often profaned
    For me to profane it,
    One feeling too falsely disdain’d
    For thee to disdain it.
    One hope is too like despair
    For prudence to smother,
    And pity from thee more dear
    Than that from another.

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  7. After watching the video to the end, my question is:


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    • Great question! My take on it is that he showed off his moral superiority to the Trump supporters and spoke faithfully for the aggrieved snowflakes rioting in the street. Beyond that, maybe he was auditioning for Homecoming Queen in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

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      • My take on the video is that it’s a prime example of passive aggressive. While saying he loves Trump and those who’d voted for Trump, the self-described “fag” calls us racists, sexists, xenophobes, homophobes — you name it. Those labels sure don’t feel like “love”.

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        • My take is that liberalism is a mental disorder. He claims Trump is xenophobic. Trump is married to an immigrant. The fag understands nothing about our immigration laws and how Trump wants to enforce them.

          He claims Trump is racist. Yet Trump’s children are Orthodox Jews (through marriage/conversion). The fag probably doesn’t know this.

          He claims Trump is sexist. Yet Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, was the first woman to successfully run a presidential campaign. The fag probably doesn’t care about Conway’s achievement and who helped her to achieve it.

          To liberals, none of the facts matter. It’s only what they hear through the media, what they THINK Trump will do, and how it affects THEIR feelings.

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          • After 7+ years of blogging, I now fully understand and agree with the assertion that liberalism is a mental disorder. There’s no other explanation that is adequate. It’s also the kindest explanation; otherwise, we are left with “liberals are plain evil”.

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    • To prove to himself that he’s smarter and more tolerant than you. He’s a legend in his own mind…

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  9. God’s creation is to procreate, a man and a woman conceive, gay, lesbians and transgenders were incubated.

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    • Alma, although I basically agree the fact is that the overwhelming majority of transgender are not homosexuals but fetishist and most of them are heterosexuals – many married with children. How they got grabbed up by the same sex deviants is a mystery unless of course the homosexual crossdressers pushed the button.
      Seems to me the homosexuals would grab anyone and everyone into their ‘club’ to build up their political numbers.
      BTW, intersex and transsex are NOT transgender from what I have gleaned.

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  10. You don’t have watch hardly any of it to know what he’s full of.

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  11. This guy is more proof that the government should not have closed the insane asylums!

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  12. Why on earth would any of us even consider his comments worth a dang? He is doing nothing but repeating talking points without any evidence.
    He has no idea Trump has never even talked about a gay lifestyle. That he has people of both sexes, all races in his employ.
    As for being islamaphobic, when a threat has been made on all of our lives, it is not longer a phobic, but a fact. And if he thinks they won’t kill his little gay rear, he had better read up on the facts.

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  13. What an insufferable blowhard! Yuk

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  14. I ALMOST watched his video-but I already knew what I’d be hearing. I’ll pass,thank you.

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  15. I know this piece puzzles people. I just wanted to let him make an idiot of himself without any help from any of us. He succeeded.

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  16. LOL!
    There was a scene in McHale’s Navy,I believe, where the Mayor is yelling at a small French man,”You idiot-you made me look like a fool in front of the whole Town!” The Frenchman replies,”No sir-YOU made you look like a fool–I merely HELPED.”

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  17. Watch the video?!?! I didn’t get past the thumbnail. Just by the post you know what’s coming. More blather. They don’t even hear themselves. They may not be mentally ill but they’re carriers.


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