Gun-toting grandmother foils home invasion


From Fox News: Two men and a woman have been arrested after grandmother with a gun thwarted an attempted burglary at her home in Coweta County, Ga., according to deputies.

“I don’t know why they selected that house, but they picked the wrong one,” Colonel James Yarbrough from the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office said.

According to a report, Elaine Stiehl, 78, was getting ready to take a nap when she heard a noise coming from inside her home on Mount Carmel Road around 3 p.m. Friday. Stiehl loaded her gun, opened her bedroom door and saw two men standing in her hallway, the report said.

Officials said the men were in the process of stealing furs and tools from the home, but after seeing Stiehl’s gun, the men reportedly ran out of the residence and fled in a car.  “Neighbors were able to give us a description of the vehicle we pulled it over and took the subjects into custody,” Yarbrough said.

The cowardly criminals/Fox 5 Photo

The cowardly criminals/Fox 5 Photo

John Michael O’Neal, 32, was been charged with burglary and theft by receiving stolen property. Thomas Allen Linder, 44, is charged with burglary and weapons possession by a convicted felon. The getaway driver, identified as Ann Renee Dearman, 49, was charged with burglary.


7 responses to “Gun-toting grandmother foils home invasion

  1. If in my home stealing they would have needed to outrun a bullet.

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  3. Armed citizens stop or prevent crimes millions of times a year. The Mainstream Media refuses to cover these that have a positive outcome.
    I’m glad Fox does.

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  4. Too bad she didn’t shoot them, after all they were inside her property, now we have to pay for everything.


  5. Only one of several reasons the 2nd amendment must be protected.

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  7. at 32, 44, 49 I’d say these folks are probably career criminals. Good long jail sentences would serve society well. And while they’re there teach them the art of making big rocks into little rocks and other such cultural endevors. Feed ’em little and work ’em a lot.
    “What we have here is a failure to communicate” – Coolhand Luke


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