Thursday Funny!


To that we can add:

michelletrannyMichelle's weenie

dancingbanana Carrot PurpleBanana dancingbanana Carrot PurpleBanana

H/t FOTM‘s Dee



9 responses to “Thursday Funny!

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  2. At least that immigrant wants to be a Real American!

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  3. weird ain’t it…the whole 8 years have been weird as heck

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  4. On January 20, 2016, Melania Trump will serve our nation as First Lady. She is distinguished, poised, elegant, well mannered and intelligent. She brings a style to the White House as seen by the late Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan, they honored their husbands and stood by their side-they were admired world over, their style inspired many women. . Let’s welcome First Lady Melanie Trump.

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  5. Correction. January 20, 2017

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  7. The End of An Error.

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  8. The problem here is she did NOT have a job. Her husband had a job. She was just along for the ride. No First Lady was ever elected to hold a job as First Lady. BUT she sure took a lot of free vacations all over the world at the tax payers expense. I never heard of any other First Lady doing that. Also all of the other First Ladies were proud on the United States and never ran down our country!

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