Culture War: How religious groups, LGBT and military voted in 2016 election


The 2016 presidential election was also another instance of America’s ongoing culture war.

From exit polling data (Washington Post ):

(1) Religion

  • Christians:
    • 58% of Protestants or other Christians voted for Trump, vs. 39% for Hillary.
    • 81% of white evangelical or born again Christians voted for Trump, vs. 16% for Hillary.
    • 52% of Catholics voted for Trump, vs. 45% for Hillary.
  • Jewish: 71% Hillary vs 24% Trump
  • Some other religion: 62% Hillary vs. 29% Trump
  • No religion: 68% Hillary vs. 26% Trump

(2) LGBT

  • 78% of those who identify themselves as lesbian gay, bisexual or transgender voted for Hillary, vs. 14% for Trump.
  • 48% of non-LGBTs voted for Trump vs. 47% for Hillary.

(3) Military

  • 61% of voters who say they have served in the military voted for Trump, vs. 34% for Hillary.
  • 50% of voters who have never served in the military voted for Hillary, vs. 45% for Trump.

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14 responses to “Culture War: How religious groups, LGBT and military voted in 2016 election

  1. I, for one, am a bit confused…..
    All these statistics. Broken down by category.
    I’m positive that I saw Obama telling an illegal that the government had no way of knowing that she voted. That it was ‘secret’. That the government didn’t keep track of such things….
    …. and now this!
    Could Obama have been wrong?????
    Did I just feel the Earth move beneath my feet?
    Has Hell frozen over???? (Well, that’s possible. The Cubs DID win…..)


    • Re-read the 2nd sentence of my post, chulai: “From exit polling data”

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      • So I’m right…… Obama is wrong (who woulda thunk it (?)….
        There IS a way to track such things….. and once again, he is found to be full of shit. Bull shit. Chicken shit. Horse shit. Obama shit.
        By the way, there was no exit polling at the out of the way corner in Ohio where I vote. If there had been, they would have had to create a whole new page of qualifications. I would have been the first Undocumented, nativist, tri-racial, Agnostic, Buddhist, Gay, Straight, Confused by my own identity, Marxist/Socialist/Whig/Mugwump Jewish Muslim Warlock they had interviewed.
        (Which means they would have thought I was a Hillary supporter)
        And I would have lied about my vote, too, just to skew the figures!

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  3. Yes I heard the Prince of Darkness say there was OK for illegals to vote because nobody will be checking. Isn’t exit polling when they ask you how you voted as you are leaving the polling area?
    So they asked and illegals admitted they were illegals and that they had just voted for Hillary? pretty relaxed about the whole thing, eh?

    Anyway here is some fresh BS served up by a local CBS affiliate

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  4. I am a bit surprised by the Catholic bloc, given that it voted both Clinton and Obama in two times each, if memory serves me correctly. So that tells me that Catholics, in their belief or their lifestyle, are still in a state of flux.

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  5. What shocks me is that veterans were only 61 to 34 in favor of Trump… too many of them out for too long?

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  6. I can see the ‘other religion’ or ‘no religion’ and the loose loafer crowd, voting for hitlary, but the Jewish vote? What’s up with that?

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  7. The war is ongoing.


  8. IMO these polls are useless, like the ones predicting the election.
    The war is ongoing.


  9. Polls? How come I never received a call? Because I am a REPUBLICAN,


  10. Do you think people tell the truth at the exit polls? And if they do, exit polls are fixed.


  11. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this noteworthy post. This election definitely showed the participation of the Church Triumphant.


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