Woman raped in a ditch for two hours after an illegal alien crashed his car into her vehicle and ran her off the road

Build the wall.

Illegal alien criminal Siberian

Illegal alien criminal Sibrian

From Daily Mail: Authorities have arrested a man accused of dragging a woman out of her car after their vehicles crashed in northern Virginia and raping her during a two-hour attack.

Roberto Carlos Flores Sibrian, 26, was arrested last Thursday at a construction site in Sanford, North Carolina, the Stafford County Sherriff’s Office said in a statement.

Sibrian, who is reportedly an illegal immigrant, is charged with rape and aggravated sexual battery in the October 31 attack in Fredericksburg, the statement said.

On October 31, a woman was driving down Kings Highway/Route 3 when the suspect struck her car, forcing her off the road between 2.45 and 3.15am, according to NBC News.

After the crash, Sibrian allegedly pulled the young woman out of the car, dragged her to a ditch and sexually assaulted her for two hours, police said.

Following the attack, the suspect fled the scene leaving behind his shirt and the victim called 911 for help. Authorities received about 100 leads in connection to the crime, according to the sheriff’s office.

Sibrian is being detained in North Carolina on a $100,000 bond and Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer.

A sheriff’s office spokeswoman said she did not have any further details about his immigration status. However, the suspect did not have a permanent address and was living in the Fredericksburg area before the crime, authorities said.

It was not clear if he had an attorney who could comment on his behalf. The investigation is ongoing.



30 responses to “Woman raped in a ditch for two hours after an illegal alien crashed his car into her vehicle and ran her off the road

  1. I cannot understand, with the Patriot Act and NDAA as law (as unconstitutional as they are) these illegal aliens cannot be declared to be enemy combatants, and tried before military tribunals, to be given a speedy trip to the gallows.
    This is about Justice for both sides. Yes, certain criminal elements should be deported. But those who murder (and those who commit other high crimes) must not be sent back to their native countries absent a body bag, for that would unleash their evil back upon those people, also.
    I am hoping when he becomes President that Donald Trump does this, to push the envelope. It would also alarm the left to take action against these unconstitutional laws. And Yes, I would favor this, for this reason: Regardless of their constitutionality, the Left has to be alarmed into something that could, conceivably, affect them and theirs. Perhaps then they would wake up to what all of us are up against.

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    • Steven . . . The first sentence of your post makes the most common sense I have come across. These illegals who perpetrate this kind of evil acts truly are enemy combatants . . . they are acting exactly like the jihadists in Syria and that local. I’m all for stocking up on body bags.

      As an aside; Portland, Oregon just elected a new major . . . to the astonishment of many, many of us–he has declared Portland to be a “sanctuary city!” We never heard this kind of talk before his election. We never voted on any such thing. It’s already time to oust time. Can you imagine the crimes . . . murder, rape, etc. etc. etc. these criminals will perpetrate upon the residents of Portland? This is outrageous.

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    • Absolutely!! And tried under the UCMJ* with military officers sitting in judgement. No more panty-waist Lib/Prog courts with “revolving doors”! And ridiculous plea bargains! Just Flee Bargains.

      They are Criminal Invaders, obviously an enemy, and if they “take up arms” against any American, they become an Enemy Combatant. I like the way you think, bro.

      Uniform Code of Military Justice. Sorry, I forget that some people are not familiar with the abbreviation.

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  2. An illegal entrant rapist, assaulting an unaccompanied female on a public highway This narrative is being repeated too often. Why are people that condone illegal entry called progressive?

    Ladies, we’d best hope that President Elect Trump will succeed in passing a nationwide concealed carry law, and there’s no time like the present to develop some ‘street smarts’.

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    • ufferndan . . . I heartily agree, if the governing bodies, state, county, city will not protect people–then they should have every right to protect themselves. Developing “street smarts” would do the trick!

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    • Now,more than EVER,I say CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY!!! Nothing in the Second Amendment gives ANY indication it’s subject to ANY further legislation. Before anyone says,”But THEN,a lot of people who shouldn’t have guns will be able to get them!” ALL these restrictions on our gun ownership,purchasing,limiting of type,appearance of guns,magazine size,type or amount of ammunition,etc.ONLY affect LAWFUL gun owners,because all the people who SHOULDN’T have guns DON’T FOLLOW THE LAW! THIS just gives everyone a chance to protect themselves from those who shouldn’t have guns.

      When your life’s in danger and seconds count,a Cop is only minutes away.

      An armed Society is a polite Society.

      Carrying a gun is like carrying a spare tire-it’s better to have one and not need it than to need one and NOT have it.

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      • I believe President Elect Trump has proposed placing nationwide carry permits on the agenda. I’ll have to buy some new purses. Maybe black Friday.

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        • I have such a handbag which is where I keep my weapon when wearing a dress rather than a holster on my waist if wearing slacks or a skirt. I also believe in the nationwide concealed carry reciprocity. Am sick and tired of having to lock up my weapon when crossing the border to a state that does not recognize my CCP. I was vetted – a criminal is not.

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        • It galls me that the way I prefer to carry is considered ILLEGAL. I’ve done nearly everything I normally do with my 9 tucked into the back of my Levi’s,right where I can reach it easily,it doesn’t interfere with movement,doesn’t slide around,,and I don’t need to buy a holster at $40-50 bucks to carry it. And it doesn’t keep trying to pull my pants down. (I don’t have the “great ass” I had when I was younger…) I STILL fail to see,ANYWHERE in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights,where the Constitution gives authorization to the Government to tell me where or how I can carry my gun,or even IF I can own or carry a gun. I’m SURE Obama could justify it–after all,HE’S an EXPERT on the Constitution. (sarc) Or maybe Sierra Harry Reid–Nobody’s twisted the meaning and intention of the Constitution to support the Liberal game plan more than Harry.

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      • The average time for a police response in a city is nine minutes. It is much longer than that in rural areas. I figure I can draw my 9mm faster than a police vehicle can answer my call for help.

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  3. Castrate the bastard before kicking him into the ditch separating the US from Mexico.

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  4. Handle this Vietnam style. Air Drop him back into Mexico!!!! With out a parachute OR let him live with Obama!

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    • David . . . I like the “Air Drop” method of disposing of him. At least then Mexico would have to deal with disposing of his corpse.

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      • Better yet, Auntie Lulu, just drop them in the Mexican Sonora Desert, or the one on the east side of Mexico. With all that fertilizer, the next hurricane will turn it into a veritable garden!
        An excellent idea from you both, and so “Green”!

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  5. Double thumbs up for the comments. This is the very kind of people that Trump wants to rid us of, not the long term society contributors the left has lied about.

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  6. Thanks Obama – crimes like this are a direct result of your open border policies.
    You have left a brown s**t stain on America that’s going to take years to wash out !!!

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  7. If this kind of lawlessness gets much worse, we will see plenty of vigilante courts spring-up, and a-holes like this one decorating trees!

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  9. I just got this image in my mind of a cannon,something like the old 105 Howitzers,set up as an AIR cannon,to return criminal illegals to their homeland….HEY-we could make a contest out of it;sell tickets,let the ticket-holders make the adjustments and fire the cannon-whoever hits closest to the nearest Mexican graveyard wins the ticket money and bragging rights.
    NAAaaahh-this is getting TOO sick….

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  10. High five to Tonya Pernell.


  11. “Build the Wall… the WHOLE WALL! Man it with AMERICANS. Americans with guns. Man it with Americans with guns that do really bad things to really bad people.”

    Immigrants become CITIZENS….

    Illegal immigrants are not immigrants…. they’re criminals from the moment they enter OUR country. Period. Criminals go to PRISON. You hear that bill and hellary. “People are going to Prison…” quote by NYPD Chief after finding out what Weiner had on the laptop along with the 650,000 State Dept. emails Huma had stashed there.


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  12. Becoming a Criminal isn’t a good way to start yer NEW life…..

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