Hillary Clinton was in a drunken rage on Election night

There have been rumors that Hillary Clinton is an alcoholic, but it took WikiLeaks to provide us with email evidence. See my post, “Hillary Clinton is an alcoholic”.

We also have the testimonies of Secret Service agents that Hillary is prone to not just rages, but obscenity-spewing violent rages. See:

During the 2016 presidential campaign, we even saw a public display of her rage when, in a teleconference with the Laborers’ International Union of North America on Sept. 22, a visibly angry Hillary screamed into the camera, demanding to know “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead” of Trump?!

Hillary showing

All of which makes entirely credible the reports of her being in a drunken rage as she saw her presidential ambition dashed when the vote counts came in on Election Night.

Todd Kincannon, a controversial political activist and nonpracticing lawyer who has a radio show called The Honey Badger of American Politics, first broke the story on Twitter on Nov. 14. Kincannon tweeted that he was told by an unnamed “CNN reporter” that around midnight on November 8, Hillary “became physically violent” towards her campaign manager Robby Mook, 36, and campaign chair John Podesta, 67, and “had to be briefly restrained.”

kincannon-tweetResponding to his Twitter followers, Kincannon provided more details:

  • Kincannon’s CNN source was covering the Clinton campaign’s election night party at New York City’s Javits Center.
  • The CNN reporter did report it to CNN, but CNN blocked the story: “His editors will not let him. CNN has banned all ‘Hillary in the bunker’ stories. https://t.co/Iq7WlezU4i
  • Hillary “was in a ‘psychotic drunken rage'” and her doctor had to physically restrain her and “add sedatives to the mix.”

Kincannon’s second-hand account is corroborated by others:

(1) Blogger Northcrane: “Hillary on election night was straight-up Hitler-in-the-bunker shit.  It even included psychotic screaming about ‘the Russians’ . . . . CNN reporter says Hillary needed so many amphetamines Wed morning she had unexpected nosebleeds all day. Fear was she’d bleed at concession.”

(2) Twitterer Federal Spy Guy (@FederalSpyGuy) claimed that according to a Secret Service source, when Podesta told Hillary she had to address her followers that she’d lost the election, Hillary said “fuck them – you do it”.


(3) Ed Klein, former editor-in-chief of the New York Times Magazine, and author of The Truth About Hillary, Guilty as Sin: Uncovering New Evidence of Corruption and How Hillary Clinton and the Democrats Derailed the FBI Investigation, and other books, said on the Steve Malzberg Show:

0:21 mark: “About 6:30 this morning, she [Hillary] called an old friend. She was crying inconsolably, she couldn’t stop crying. And her … female friend from way back said it was hard to even understand what she [Hillary] was saying, she was crying so hard. This is Hillary we’re talking about. Eventually, her friend said, she could make out that she [Hillary] was blaming Jame Comey, the Director of the FBI, for her loss and, this I don’t understand exactly, the President of the United States for not doing enough…. When I said to the source what did she mean by that, she [Hillary’s friend] said, ‘Well . . . Hillary felt that the President could have stopped Comey a long time ago . . . . With the Clintons and especially with Hillary, it’s never her fault . . . . She stayed up all [Election] night, but with the Clintons, it’s always somebody else’s fault and it’s been this way with Hillary all her career.”

It was John Podesta who, at around 2 a.m. on November 9, eventually addressed the crowd of Hillary’s supporters useful idiots gathered at the Javits Center, telling them to “head home” because the election was “too close to call,” although by that point, it was already clear Donald Trump had won the presidency. Hillary herself made a concession call to Trump shortly after Podesta’s speech.

Later that morning on Nov. 9, Hillary made her formal concession speech. Reportedly, she required a large dose of amphetamines to make it through her speech. The dose was so large, it gave her nosebleeds all day.

Notice that her eyes, again, went googlygoo during her concession speech:


All of which just adds another reason for us to doubt Margot Gerster’s account that a day after Hillary Clinton conceded she’d lost, Gerster just happened to run into Hillary — who can’t walk without assistance and needed help going up just one step — hiking in the woods of Chappaqua, NY. (see “FAKE! – Woman’s ‘chance’ meeting of Hillary Clinton hiking after election“)


H/t FOTM‘s Longknife 21 and AmericanActionNews.


50 responses to “Hillary Clinton was in a drunken rage on Election night

  1. She seriously needs a 12 step program and a sponsor and start working the steps of A.A. God help her.

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  4. Not mocking this woman, I generally understand the condition. That was my condition for a very long time. Recovery is possible and available.Though she needs a new support system, very new.

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    • “Not mocking this woman”?

      How precious that you “understand the condition”. What about compassion for our country instead. Since you were a drunk, you of all people should know better that it would be a certain disaster if America were saddled with an alcoholic with multiple health issues as President and Commander In Chief.

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  5. President-Elect Trump MUST NOT WAIVER on his promise to appoint a special prosecutor to examine Mrs. Clinton’s case, as he stated in one of his debates with her. For him to neglect this NECESSITY OF JUSTICE would render him politically impotent, for he would be squandering whatever moral authority he has.
    I do not care about Mrs. Clinton’s emotional life, her state of mind or state of soul. I believe that Hillary Clinton is demonically possessed, in the Traditional Catholic sense of the word, and that she is of this state of her own volition, given reports of her participating in Satanic rituals on a regular basis.
    We need a THOROUGH examination and prosecution on all three of the Clintons—that’s right, Chelsea, also—and it has to happen as soon as possible in 2017. It has to be conducted before she passes into History. Justice must be done.
    And with this done, all of the Washington Establishment, as well as George Soros, will be put on notice that their time is short, and to be on their best behavior. I am, quite frankly, alarmed that President-Elect Trump has been talking—or rumored to—certain neo-con people since winning the election. He has to focus on sending the right signals, and to do so with consistency.

    In the meantime, Hillary Clinton’s Date With Destiny before Our Lord’s White Throne of Judgment is coming. It cannot be soon enough, as far as I am concerned. That’s right: I DETEST evil people!

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    • Steven . . . I certainly agree, it cannot be that only the “little people” was served up justice. The three Clinton thugs also need to stand for an inspection of their doings . . . and pay the price if need be. It matters not that she is old, ill, frail, etc., when you perpetrate the kinds of fraud that she and her cohorts are guilty of–then you got to pay the price!

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    • Re: President-Elect Trump has been talking—or rumored to—certain neo-con people since winning the election.
      The scarest one (to me as a Constitutionalist Texan) is Trump is interviewing BusTED Cruz for AG! Heard it on Rush who is estatic about it. Whoa, better think about that.
      Ted was elected as Senator as a Conservative Christian CONSTITUTIONALIST. And in six months the Media had turned his flighty head to run for President.
      Teddy was born in Canada. His father was a Naturalized Canadian Citizen. His mother had lived in Canada for over 2 years before he was born. By Canadian Law, the spouse of a Canadian citizen becomes a Canadian citizen after one year residence. His mother, Eleanor, claims not to know that, but she was listed on the Provincial Voter Rolls. Also Canada had no provision for dual-citizenship before 1978. Ted Cruz is a “natural born Citizen” of Canada, by De Vattel’s definition. His parents did not file the Consular Report of Child Born Overseas to claim his US citizenship through his mother until sometime in the ’80s when he needed a passport as a teen-ager. His mother’s US citizenship was “automatically reinstated” when they returned to the US because US Law does recognize Dual Citizen ship.
      Ted Cruz is a Lawyer and reputed to be a cracker-jack litigator that doesn’t miss “a jot or a Tittle” in the law, but he ran for President anyway. Perhaps he though that since the Dems got away with Obama not being a “natural born Citizen”, he could, too.
      When busted on that, he pulled a badly written 1790 law that was repealed and replaced in 1795 as an excuse. (no good). The Media loved it! If Cruz was the Nominee they could say the Republicans “Acquested” to Obama’s ineligibility by allowing Cruz to run, and if he won, he could be barred from office due to his Canadian citizenship. The whole kerfluffle about Obozo’s missing or non-existent Hawaiian Birth Certificate was a Red Herring. His father was not a US Citizen at his birth and never became one.
      Ted Cruz can not be trusted, the truth is not in him. I confess that I supported him for the Senate. Before I learned a few other little things.
      His wife, Heidi, “earned her executive position at Goldman Sachs partly by her service to the CFR, Council on Foreighn Relations, a NWO Globalist org. for readers that may not know. She was active in, and reputed to be the lead writer, or supervisor of the writing of the CFR White Paper on forming The American Union. (I forget the proper name, but will get it & a link later, if anyone asks). This “Union” would combine Canada, Mexico, and the USA into a “European Union” type deal with a Supra-National Govt. Our Constitution and National Sovereignty wouldn’t be worth any more than a fart-in-a-windstorm, to borrow a popular southern expression.
      BusTED got huge backing from Goldman and others on wall Street. We all know, that if they “Pay” they expect to “Play”. If he waselected his administration would have been as riddled with CFR ventriloquist dummys as GHW Bush’s.
      Steven, I hesitated to put this on your comment because I suspect you might already know this. But I wasn’t sure. It is too important to ignore. And you broght up the danger of the NWO neo-cons infiltrating Trumps Admin. I just hope you weren’t a Cruz supporter, and hate my guts for putting this on your comment.

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      • Building a North American Community
        http://www.cfr.org/canada/building-north-american-community/p8102 Click on Download Now, red button on left under pic of the “book”. Heidi Cruz was originally listed as a “Co-Chair” but that was removed. She is still listed as a contributor.

        For more info see: http://www.dcclothesline.com/2015/04/04/can-you-handle-the-truth-ted-heidi-cruz-and-the-north-american-union/

        Sorry for any Cruzer hold-outs, but “The Truth shall set you Free.”

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      • Under ZERO circumstances must Ted Cruz be allowed any position in Trump’s Administration!

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        • NOW would be a GREAT time for you guys to contact Trump and tell HIM who to select. The Democrats are notorious for doing a lot of denouncing,but not having any BETTER ideas to offer. I’m sure though that YOU have someone in particular in mind….

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          • I think Rudy Giuliani would be good as Attorney General, and Sen. Jeff Sessions would be good as Sec’y of State.

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            • I’m with ya on that. Kinda makes you wonder,what if Trump laid out a list of all the Offices he needs to fill (NOT including those that really NEED to be closed) and started taking apps from we the people? “You know someone who could do an excellent job as Attorney General? Tell him or her to send me a Resume’,we’ll look it over and have a talk….” NAAAaaahh-people lie,ya know…

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        • Amen, bro!
          Glad you agree. We patriots have been fooled too many times by the “flash-in-the-pan” “Super-patriot candidates” that seem too-good-to-be-true, often they are the same-old Professional Politician Wannabes that get sheep-dipped as “Patriots” to get the backing of Grassroots Activists and TEA Party people.
          Unfortunately the sheep-dip wears off quickly in the Swamp.

          For AG, my choice is Trey Gowdy, if they have a better leader, use him for Solicitor General, that’s the the head litigator, the “guy in the trenches” that actually takes the cases to court, whether SCOTUS or others, if it is a Big Case! (I think that position may be more important than AG, who really is an administrator and Media mouth-piece. And an adviser to the Prez.)The down-side is Gowdy is doing a very good job in Congress keeping it moving against Hillary with Ryan and the other RINOs & Dems trying to slow or stop the investigation.
          However with Trump as Prez, and Ryan’s career on the line, I think the foot-dragging is going to cease. Gowdy deserves the promotion for past performance against the RINOs, Media, and the Obamunists. I also like Judge Jeanine Pirro (and she is a lot ‘purtier’ than Gowdy), that lady has got some ‘fire in her belly’ to get rid of the corruption!
          I’m tremendously disappointed in Andrew Napolitano, I had hopes for him for years. And there are several others, but I just can’t recall at the moment. Lawyers who have worked for years fighting the Obamunists and other Lib/Progs before them. (Larry Klaymore? Klayton?)

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      • I objected to Cruz’s presidential quest precisely because he’s not constitutionally eligible. Good grief, he was a Canadian citizen when he ran for and was elected U.S. senator from Texas! He didn’t relinquish his Canadian citizenship until a newspaper exposed it A YEAR after he became senator.

        However, Cruz’s constitutional ineligibility to be POTUS is not relevant to him being AG. All of this may be irrelevant because the rumor is that Kris Kobach, Kansas’ tough-on-immigration AG, may be Trump’s choice to be U.S. Attorney General. Let Trump know that you want Kobach!

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        • Kobach would be good too! I’ve only been trying to study him since his name came up in the National News. But anyone that the LibTARDs hate that much has gotta be GOOD!
          We know about his stand on Immigration, but how about all the other issues?
          Tenth Amendment? I think that is the key to straightening out this “Federalization” of every issue. Let the States and the People decide on bathrooms, abortion, all the gay lib stuff. I don’t care what they do in Califailure, New York, or East Hell. That’s up to folks that live there. Folks can vote with their feet. At the State level, we can win most issues, or at least force a little sanity on the Lib/Progs, but at the Federal level it is too corrupt, and too entrenched. You get Pols in there like Pelosi, Reid, and Schumer, and you can’t get them out with dynamite. And the Federal Courts must be held to only “interpreting” the Constitution as it was written and intended! Roe vs. Wade was wrong on many levels, but the worse one on the long run was giving the power to the Federal Courts! Most of the really bad crap can traced to that.
          I know that many good moral Christian people will hate me for saying we shouldn’t have a Federal Law outlawing abortion, but the fact is, it is NOT going to happen! And if it did, it could get changed in the next election. Bad thing about a big Democracy. That is why our Founders gave us a Constitutional Republic!!


          • “we shouldn’t have a Federal Law outlawing abortion, but the fact is, it is NOT going to happen!”

            Poll after poll have found that a majority of Americans oppose abortion.

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            • Polls are of people. The politicians won’t do it. Especially in the Senate. They are convinced the militant women will rise up against them and kill their re-election chances. Also the real point is take the Power away from Feds in Sodom-on-the-Potomac FOREVER! Otherwise it can be changed by the next presidential election. Abortion is a “Political third-rail issue” for conservatives. Plus enforcement problems, has to be done at the state level.
              We can win reasonable limits in probably 44 of the states in one legislative session.
              The lib/progs have had their way for what, 44 years now? And even if you could get a law passed, and Trump signed it, SCOTUS would kill it, even with a Pro-Life Trump appointee.

              If we can stop the Feds from SUBSIDIZING it would be a major victory, and we can’t even do that yet!

              Tactics! With the Tenth Amendment we can win that and set up a precedent for winning on many other issues, and STOP the constant Federal Usurpation in the future.

              And from a practical standpoint, If we spend our “Political Capital” fighting abortion at the Fed level, we will lose much more. If we strengthen enforcement of the Tenth Amendment and don’t talk too much about why & what we intend to do with it, it will be much easier to win.

              Also, many want an Absolute Ban. That won’t work. We can’t wipe out 44 years of immorality in one election cycle, it must be done in stages. Different states can & will move at different speeds.

              Pro-Life wins at the State level if the demands are small and well thought out. “Incrementalism” works. Pro-Llife has lost at the Federal Level every time.

              Tactics, Grasshopper, tactics. I don’t say that to be mean or make fun, but to try and help people figure out how to WIN! And to Restore the CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!


              • Dr. Eowyn, for further explanation, I respectfully offer this:
                Sorry to cut it short before, but I had to get stuff done.
                The Abortion issue is bad, really bad. Please don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just trying to tell you how I think you can win.

                Let’s start with what I think we can almost all agree with:
                1. Abortion is a National Disgrace!
                2.It has been carried to such an extreme by the Lib/Progs in the Federal Govt that even most Pro-Choice people think the Federal Govt position is wrong.
                3. The Lib/Progs don’t care about people, or really care much about some issues, they care about POWER.
                The Federal Govt is the problem. And the smarter, more dangerous Lib/Progs would not fight too hard against a Total Ban on Abortion, because Teddy Kennedy taught them many years ago that would be the perfect excuse to demand Cradle to Grave Welfare for any and every woman that was denied an abortion. That is the Political TRAP!
                They know that they can get the Federal Abortion Law passed again, very soon with an expanded Welfare State and Govt controlled Health Care. So the Lib/Progs “lose” an issue temporarily, to gain 2 Big Ones they didn’t have before.
                Also, The only way to guarantee that The Feds couldn’t change the abortion laws whenever they wanted (they would have the precedent) is by a Constitutional Amendment. That is too time consuming, (3/4 of the States must ratify) and I don’t think you could get it, because the State legislatures would see the Political Trap and argue it to death for the 7 years to kill it and have to start all over. Also if the “Amendment” is changed to get any state to ratify, you have to start all over again.

                The enforcement problem:
                If you are a Medical Doctor, you probably know there are almost as many ways to kill a baby in the womb, as there are to kill a a person in combat. Do you want to give the Gubbermint more enforcement powers? I do NOT want to get into any specificity here because I don’t want to give anyone ideas.
                Most people are disgusted to “severely pissed” about the Lib/Prog stupid position on bathrooms and school locker-rooms, as they should be.
                So, let’s sneak a battleship into Lib/Progs home harbor disguised as a fishing boat.
                Raise hell about strengthening the Tenth Amendment!! Start by demanding a Resolution in support by both house of Congress using the Bathroom Issue as our “stalking horse”. They will probably pass that pretty easy. Because it doesn’t really mean anything, but it gets them on record. Then get some Good Congressional lawyers to write a bill for a law recognizing that the Tenth Amendment and its Original Intent:
                “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
                Powerful stuff there! Pick an issue that we really don’t like and then find a Constitutional mandate for it. Most probably not there. This is ‘The Secret Plug’ that pulled will drain a great part of the Swamp. Corruption of the individuals is a symptom, The source of the corruption is the ability to raise or spend money to influence decisions.
                Once The Tenth Amendment is recognized, and Trump gets at least one reasonable Justice confirmed on SCOTUS (and hopefully also get Congress to threaten to impeach any Justice that makes any more rulings in obvious conflict with the Constitution as written). The States pass what laws THEIR CITIZENS want, and dare the Lib/Progs to fight it. They will try the “promote the general Welfare” clause from the Preamble, but that is a provable false defense. Abortion does not help the “general’ Welfare at all, quite the contrary and a good legal team could drown them in legal briefs to show that. If the Abortion Restriction Laws were written correctly.
                Now we get to the hard part. Devout Christians, especially traditional Catholics, are gonna hate this part, but I’ve gotta throw it out there anyway. I’m not saying you a wrong, I’m just trying to figure out something that will WIN. Pass in the States and Beat SCOTUS.
                Even in the States, if you want to win you have to have allies.
                A demand on an absolute ban won’t work. A limit to allowing only for rape, incest, health of the mother, or serious problems with the fetus, and by choice only in the first trimester, probably will pass in most States. Even if you have to allow “choice” for 16 or even 20 weeks, it is a start. Take it. If you get that, you have a chance of whittling down the weeks,… or you stand on your “High Moral Ground” and lose.
                The other thing is a separate law to stop any Govt money to be paid for abortion by choice. That should be easy. It is absolutely reprehensible for good moral Christian people to be coerced literally at gun-point to pay taxes that finance what they believe is a sin and murder. Even most Pro-Choice people agree if you explain it to them. Only the militant Lib/Progs and their brainwashed minions can’t accept that. Also make it illegal for PP or other abortion provider to give campaign contributions (if possible). Do like Texas and try to make it against the law to sell fetal parts for profit. Should be easy after #% accomplished


          • “But anyone that the LibTARDs hate that much has gotta be GOOD!”

            LOL!!! Keep this on the down-low,but THAT’S the secret;We let the LIBERALS choose our people,but we don’t let THEM know they’re doing it!

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        • Sen. Cruz broke the law in doing so, and he should, in all justice and equity, be removed. Not “censured,” but removed. As in IMPEACHED.
          And he should be prosecuted.

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          • May I offer an easier solution?
            Gov. Rick Perry is at “loose ends” currently. He is very popular in Texas. BusTED has to run again in 2018. I think Gov Perry could beat him like a dirty rug.
            Gov Perry made some mistakes earlier, but they were mistakes he made because he thought they were good for Texas. But when he did, he admitted it, and tried to do what the people wanted. One was the Trans Texas Corridor, and another was the human papilloma vaccine for girls. Also he went to a Bilderberg meeting in about 2007, and when he returned he refused to talk about it, but started a consistent turn further to the Conservative side. I think he saw and heard things there he did not like.
            I don’t think the RINOs or the Lib/Prog media are going to “turn his head”. He didn’t like Trump at first because he believed Trump was just a NY dilettante, but was proven wrong. I think he would make a good Senator for Texas and the Constitution, certainly better than BusTED.
            Some people in Texas are trying to encourage him to run. If I find any “Study Committe or whatever, I’ll post it a comment Or send it to the FOTM email.

            I agree with you that he should be publicly punished, but I don’t see it happening. I was heartily ashamed that he won the primary in Texas. I tried to explain it to everyone that would listen and actually changed some minds, but not enough.


  6. I think her alleged alcoholism is but a symptom of something much deeper and darker. God have mercy on her soul.

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  7. Hold it… Are we going to spend tax payer’s dollars to rehabilitate Hillary?
    They want to burn down our cities, repeal our Constitution and assassinate the President Elect, and we’re day dreaming about this?
    Is exorcism covered by Obamacare?

    new topic: Ape in high heels? pretty funny

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  8. Hillary’s problem is she is a psychopath, and arrogant elitist that becomes uncontrolled and subject to rages, blaming anyone and everyone for her failures and frustrations, whenever she doesn’t get her way. The alcohol is a crutch for her daily disappointments and an excuse for her demented rages. See Voluntarious Daemon, Black’s Law Dictionary.

    And we almost had her for President! Can you imagine this infantile criminal psychopath with the Nuclear Launch Codes?
    Putin was probably more than a little nervous about it too.

    Thank God that threat is over, but her credibility must be totally destroyed, and she must be banned by law from ever holding any political office, That will stop her ability to raise money if she has no expected political influence.
    Hopefully the Whack-doodles, lemmings, and rats will find a different Pied Piper to follow!

    Thank you, Dr. Eowyn for your excellent editing and writing of this post. The Truth will set us Free. And even if no house falls on the Wicked Witch, or rain-shower dissolve her, perhaps we can destroy her evil Marxist/Alinskyite influence, and her Global Elitist’s Agenda.

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  9. Well, she may need some “medicinal marihuana ” to cure her ills. So far nothing’s been found to cure the Clinton’s maladies -some inheritance to pass on!

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  10. A lot of great extra detail there to back up that one main tweet that’s going around. Wow. What a blessing she LOST!

    Per UK Mail, she & Willy had a screaming match via phone as well, supposedly per a Willy adviser who supposedly was with him during the long-distance verbal beatdown:

    Bill Mitchell tweeted that HRC has been tweeting Scriptures recently. Hmmm. A cry for help or feigning interest?

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    • If Killery starts “playing Christian”, beware! Something awful is afoot.

      A leopard can’t change his spots, but will use them as effective camouflage to escape or to attack.

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      • “A leopard can’t change his spots, but will use them as effective camouflage to escape or to attack.”

        Absolutely-she’s probably broken every Commandment enough times to fill a book…

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  11. On re-reading I noticed again the reference to Hillary’s “googlygoo” eyes.
    Hey! She will do great as a ‘watermelon picker’ next summer on the Prison Farm. While she is wringing the stem on on with one eye, the other can be looking for next one!

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  12. Anyone that can remember back to the 80’s and Clinton’s long history of abuse to everyone around her that lived or worked for her, pretty much knows she can’t be fixed. Her hot and cold running makes me think she is bipolar. She thrives on abuse, remember giving her husband a black eye while in the WH. She has a mindset most of us can’t even comprehend. She truly believes herself to be entitled. She feels it was her due, to hell with being one of the worse candidates ever to run.
    When she kept harping on Trumps personality. I knew her to be the guilty one.

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  13. This is the witch who criticized Trump’s “temperament”.

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  14. I wonder if Hillary still has a security clearance .
    there was a bill introduced in July to pull her security clearance but it went nowhere.
    We should all call our elected officials and urge them to proceed in getting this bill passed .

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  15. And the YouTube Hitler’s-rant-from-Downfall parody crowd got it right on Nov 9th (warning: bad subtitle language):

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    • Unlike other parodies of this Hitler sketch from the superb 2004 movie, Downfall, this one isn’t funny because:

      1. It’s too close to the truth: Hillary did go into a spitting rage like Hitler in this clip. Actually, she was worse, if the accounts that she was physically violent with her aides, Mook and Podesta, are true.

      2. The horrible dubbed subtitles: It’s not just the use of the F-word, which actually is appropriate since Hillary is known for her obscene language. It’s the illiteracy.



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  17. I really wonder what Killary’s gonna do now. With all the deals she took money for,with all the favors she’s sold,with all the promises she now can’t fulfill,she’s painted herself into a corner I don’t think she can get out of,and with REAL investigations of both the Clinton Foundation and all the OTHER illegal/Treasonous stuff she’s done,she’s pretty well done. She’s not only through,she’s FINISHED. And “YOU can’t touch me-I’M Hillary Rodham Clinton” won’t save her this time.

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  18. Hillary and Obama have lost their power. They can’t hide behind the Media lies anymore.
    Truth is slowly leaking out. If we stand by the Constitution, we will win, but it can’t happen overnight. The Progs have been at it since the Fabian Socialists started organizing back before 1900. The Federal Courts have been corrupted since 1947 when SCOTUS ruled Texas couldn’t require teaching the Bible in Public Schools. In 20 years they were teaching Freud and Marx. After Roe vs Wade the Federal Courts Usurped the power to do anything.
    Winning America back is not going to be easy or quick. We must be patient, fight the battles as we can win them. The Progs have had their way for over a century. Certainly since 1913, when they won Popular Election of Senators, The FED, and the Income Tax. These things are going to be hard to change, but we can, but first we must STOP the Growth of the Federal USURPATION. The Tenth Amendment is the key.
    The LibTARDs are openly talking about doing away with the Electoral Colleges, even State govts!
    “Democracy” at its most basic level is MOB RULE, and that is what the Clintonistas, Obamunists, Soros Oligarchs, and the Lib/Progs want. Because with the Mob they can rule rather than govern.
    Even during the Clintonista Craziness, I wouldn’t have believed we could come to this crap we are seeing in our Universities in 20 years. Or could you imagine the Clintons running the country back in Madness of ’68?
    The LibTARDs are devolving Americans back to dependent spoiled petulant kindergartners. And using “Federalism” to do it. Working hard on the next step, “Globalism”.

    If Trump will repudiate Globalism, we must help stop it at the root by fighting Federalism in any form.

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  19. You might say Hillary & Bill had a drunken erection

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  20. Friends,
    just back from two too many days on Quagmire Island, BC and found this, full of great comments. My joy in seeing the VERY wicked Broom Hilda put down is unrestrained, BUT she has spawned the Chelsea critter which has Senatorial ambitions in NY state, so stay aware and beware!

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    • It’s now quite apparent that we’ll need to give California to Mexico,but whom could we give New York to? Kenya maybe? I know it sounds extreme,but hey-if these States don’t wanna ACT like part of America,I say let them go become settlements of a foreign Country. We can wall ’em in,make ’em show Passports to go in and out of our Country,work up trade agreements with ’em so get what they need from us and OTHER Countries,pay whatever trade embargo is negotiated and decided on. Maybe then they’d realize America isn’t such a bad place to live.

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  21. I would think it would be wise to for Trump to put this lady behind bars before she goes after him relentlessly. Clintons seem vindictive and unforgiving. I seriously doubt they will move on quietly. Our country doesn’t need someone undermining the current admin like this. We have enough problems to deal with already. At the very least keep her busy with the court system so she doesn’t have time to cause other problems. She will not go away peacefully. I am sure she is not only pissed at Trump but she is also very angry at all the voters that didn’t put her in the White House. She will figure out a way to get back at everyone. Major prayer is needed for our country right now.


  22. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post. Clearly, Our Lord intervened in this election;; otherwise, we would have been subject to this terrifying woman.


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