Defiant San Francisco vows to remain sanctuary city

Kate Steinle unavailable for comment.

Kate Steinle didn't feel the love from San Francisco's sanctuary city policies

Kate Steinle didn’t feel the love from San Francisco’s sanctuary city policies

From Sacramento Bee: A large crowd cheered Monday as San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee vowed that the city will remain a sanctuary for immigrants, gays and lesbians and religious minorities despite the election of a president who strikes fear into many of those communities.

President-elect Donald Trump has promised to cancel federal funding for sanctuary cities such as San Francisco that decline to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. He also said he plans to deport millions of criminals who are living in the country illegally.

Traitor to American laws San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee

Traitor to American laws San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee

“We will always be San Francisco,” said Lee from the Rotunda of City Hall as dozens of people roared with approval at an event that featured the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus and a host of public elected officials.

“I know that there are a lot of people who are angry and frustrated and fearful, but our city’s never been about that. We have been, and always have been, a city of refuge, a city of sanctuary, a city of love.

San Francisco receives roughly $480 million directly from the federal government and more than $900 million from the state, much of it pass-through federal money, city Controller Ben Rosenfield said. The largest share goes toward health care, but federal dollars also fund public assistance and infrastructure, he said. The city’s budget is $9.6 billion.

It’s uncertain how the city would recoup that money should Trump make good on his promise to cut off sanctuary cities.

Also reacting to Trump’s statements on deportations, Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck said his officers will stay out of immigration issues as they have for decades. “I don’t intend on doing anything different,” Beck told the Los Angeles Times on Monday.

We are not going to engage in law enforcement activities solely based on somebody’s immigration status. We are not going to work in conjunction with Homeland Security on deportation efforts. That is not our job, nor will I make it our job,” Beck said.

Trump excoriated San Francisco last year when 32-year-old Kate Steinle was shot and killed by a Mexican native illegal immigrant who said he had found a gun and it accidentally fired. (One little fact the Bee leaves out of this story: the illegal killer had a rap sheet of seven felonies and was deported five times.)

Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez had a federal detainer on him, but he was released from San Francisco’s jail after the district attorney declined to prosecute a decades-old marijuana sales charge. The sheriff at the time freed Lopez-Sanchez in keeping with city laws not to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

San Francisco’s sanctuary policy, which was tweaked and re-affirmed earlier this year, bars city employees from cooperating with federal immigration officials in deportation efforts except in rare situations. The law dates to 1989.

Traitor to American laws Sheriff Vicki Hennessy

Traitor to American laws Sheriff Vicki Hennessy

The current sheriff, Vicki Hennessy, also supports sanctuary policy as a public safety tool. Sanctuary advocates say people who live in the country illegally are more likely to report crimes to local police if they know they won’t be deported.

She said Monday that she’s concerned but taking a wait-and-see approach to a Trump presidency “I’m following Hillary Clinton’s advice in her concession speech, which was to give the new president a chance to lead, and hopefully he’ll lead with compassion and understanding, as well as making sure our cities are safe for everybody,” Hennessy said.

Kate wasn't safe in San Francisco.

Kate wasn’t safe in San Francisco.


19 responses to “Defiant San Francisco vows to remain sanctuary city

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  2. I’m hoping Trump has the will to cut off Federal funding to these cities. Like, OK you can have the Mexicans but forget disaster relief. That would be so beautiful.

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  3. I do not want my tax money being handed out by these socialist idiots.

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  4. Free rides; an American institution?


  5. It hasn’t taken long for Schwarz Soros’ Open Society to program everyone into using the term ‘illegal immigrants’. We have to fight back against this nomenclature. Immigrants are legal, pre-approved entrants into the USA. Illegals are neither migrants nor immigrants. They are invaders who have criminally entered our Republic, in full knowledge of breaking the law.

    And, because their numbers keep multiplying with insane directives like ‘catch and release’ and so-called ‘anchor’ births, we are faced with large city mayors and police chiefs who openly defy Federal laws; even to the extent of allowing rapists, murderers, drug gangs and any other form of miscreant imaginable to roam freely.

    This suicidal behavior must be stamped out, once and for all. Because under our noses, our home will be no more. For the love of God, wake up America.

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    • Criminal Invaders is a much better term.
      The Anchor Baby nonsense is a complete perversion of the 14th Amendment, Section 1 :
      “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION THEREOF, are citizens….”
      How can someone that is born here IN DEFIANCE OF U.S. JURISDICTION claim that as a claim for citizenship?

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      • I agree. Invaders implies a knowing act of lawlessness. Anchor birth (vs baby) also implies that the fate of any offspring is tied to the parents’ status. None of these illegal persons are given any rights in the Constitution.

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  6. Funny how when they talk of law abiding gun carriers- they talk about bringing us back to the “Wild West”! Isn’t that what you have in San Fran? Illegal Alien kills beautiful young lady- with stolen gun. No Rules- Anything Goes. I remember Kate Steinle’s family didn’t want their daughter’s death politicized- yet Trump’s policies would have prevented such a tragedy! Sad.

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  7. Cut any and ALL Federal Dollar$$$$$$$$

    We shall see then!

    Trump 2016 2020

    Thank God for Donald Trump


  8. Chicago and New Orleans have also declared to unilaterally secede from Federal Immigration Laws.
    WOW! Trump is going to save a pile of money with this!
    And don’t forget The Democratic Peoples Republic of New York City. Comrade DeBlasio has spoken!

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  9. I just thought of a way for really “double-down” on the cutting off Federal fund to those cities.
    When he cuts off their money, in the next month’s Welfare checks, put a little note saying, “Due to your Cities refusal to obey Federal Immigration Laws, we have been forced to cut off their Federal Funding. This is next to last Federal check, since you are a resident of (that city), this is your 30 days notice that after next month, all Federal Welfare will be stopped in (that city)”.

    The Welfare parasites will “kill and eat” the Mayor, City Council, and any other City Official that even mention “Sanctuary City” after that.

    Remember the terrible Watts riots? Remember how they stopped?

    The Post Office announced that due to the danger of the riots, the Post Office would not be doing door-to-door delivery of mail. Including Govt checks. All the riots stopped in less than 24 hours.

    Use tactics that work.


  10. How far a once great city has fallen. I used to love to go to SF. I wouldn’t go now if my way was paid in full. It has been absorbed by people who think they are setting such a wonderful example refusing to admit they are destroying a once beautiful city.
    I pray someone stronger than them will eventually force them to see the light.

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  11. Bloomberg says there over 200 of these rat warrens for Criminal Invaders.
    I wonder how long they will hold out.

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  12. So these sanctuary cities are all bankrupt anyway from giving the unions whatever they want; then the Leftist mayors get the Leftist Congressmen to GIVE them money to pass along to illegals. Make folks think it is their patriotic duty and the charitable thing to do; all to stack voter demographics to the Left.
    And oh yeah by the way, the Federal government is 22B in debt, but prints its own money to stave off bankruptcy which would ruin it for everybody, especially their elite backers.
    Obama care is also designed to “fail”. This free spending like this is too.
    To accelerate spending to make our America end sooner
    So the only politician with the balls to tell it like it is and the brains to out maneuver all the mobsters in DC, especially Mr. & Mrs. Crooked Clinton;
    so sure make Trump the villain, not the treacherous scum who thought up how to create and fund so called sanctuary cities in the first place,

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  13. need a wall there too!


  14. She was a beautiful girl. Pray for her family.

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