Note to self: Do not hire a grad from the University of Michigan Law School


This is a post-election notice for the special snowflakes who have a serious case of TARD. The post has since been removed. Here’s the archive of the notice:


Yes, it says, “Join us for delicious and comforting food with opportunity to experience some stress-busting, self-care activities such as coloring sheets, play dough, positive card-making, Legos, and bubbles with your fellow law students.”

These people will not survive the real world.

h/t Twitchy


15 responses to “Note to self: Do not hire a grad from the University of Michigan Law School

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  2. He is so tweet, zoooo fashionable, I’m sure he he can make a good runway model!

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  3. Is this a kindergarten class or a law school class ?

    Off topic , check out jimstonefreelance and R.T. news . Russia bombing away on Syria .
    And Dave Hodges ” The Common Sense Show ” . The ” Chicago ” article .

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  4. “These people will not survive the real world.”
    How true! Paying off all those student loans fllpping burgers at Mickey D.’s is gonna be tough.
    Have to live in Mommy’s basement forever. Can they stay on Mommy’s insurance until old enough for Medicare?
    At least they won’t be breeding. We need a Free Stuff Program to guarantee it. Last of the Freebies!

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  5. They planned on working in Hillary’s administration!!
    Now what?

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  6. It is incredulous that supposedly adult people are indulging themselves in this kind of pre-school pay activities. What’s next . . . reverting to using a baby bottle, or perhaps breast feeding! I am left wondering . . . how many dopes actually participated. I fervently hope that the number was rather low. Now this is rather scary!

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  7. It’s hard to believe that people actually PAY for this EFFEMINATE WEAKNESS with their tuition money?!
    I hope President Trump goes after all education with a VENGEANCE.

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  8. I wonder how many college students venting their spleen all over social media have considered how it might come back to bite them when they apply for jobs?

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  9. Wait until they get their first job in a law firm and as new associates be expected to work 80 hour weeks. I know, as I was a legal secretary for many years. These snowflakes will melt at the first partner who barks, ” . . if you have any plans for this weekend – cancel them!” LOL

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  10. I assume that the “us” who the students are invited to join would be the school’s professors and administrators at yet another affirmative action mill posing as an institution of higher learning.

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  11. They need a couple of blisters on their fingers and callouses on their hands. Didn’t kill me. Try burning a few calories while making a living. I’m tired of the pukes telling me how to live and expecting me to validate their feelings. phooey.

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  12. Oh, goody! They’ll need these:

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  13. That’s the kind of thing you do with psychiatric patients!

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