More Libtart Butthurt: Obama’s final foreign trip a ‘group therapy’ session

Obama's staff waiting for Trump

Obama’s staff waiting for Trump

Via NY Post: President Obama departed Monday on his final foreign trip of his presidency — and the main topic of the three-country tour is expected to be President-elect Donald Trump.

“We certainly expect that the election will be the primary topic on people’s minds everywhere we go,” deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes told reporters, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The president will travel to Athens on Monday, then to Berlin on Wednesday and finally Lima, Peru, on Friday. He’s expected to return to Washington, DC, on Sunday.

In addition to meeting Greek and German leaders, Obama will meet with President Francois Hollande of France, President Mariano Rajoy of Spain, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italy and Prime Minister Theresa May of the United Kingdom.

Looks like they are going to need a lot of therapy...

Looks like they are going to need a lot of therapy…

“In a moment of deep shock and depression in Europe — the US was not supposed to elect Donald Trump — this visit has become a kind of group therapy by which European leaders will try to reassure themselves that the America we know won’t disappear,” Josef Joffe, a Stanford University scholar, told the Journal.

In Greece, Obama is scheduled to give a speech about globalization and the rise of populism. “And that will include, frankly, acknowledgment of our election results, the Brexit election results,” Rhodes said.

The trip, scheduled before this month’s presidential election, was supposed to be a celebratory world tour for Obama, but has now transformed into something quite different.

“President Obama will be speaking for himself and for the office of the presidency,” Rhodes told reporters. “He can convey, obviously, that the United States of America fulfills its commitments through democratic transitions and through different administrations,” he added.


19 responses to “More Libtart Butthurt: Obama’s final foreign trip a ‘group therapy’ session

  1. Oh! Happy Day!
    The hits just keep on coming!
    Amazon ought to make those beautiful pictures into Posters and make another Bazillion dollars!
    I especially like the second one of ValJar on the far left!
    But the top one with the BAWAAH! face in the back row has its merits also!
    Thanks DCG! I’m grinning so hard, my face hurts.

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  2. In the first pic, who is that female White House staffer (2nd from left) crying? Is she 4 years old?

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  4. She’s crying b’cause after January 20th she won’t have a job, $$$$$$, life won’t be the same, suck ass! You’ll probably replace the Clintons housekeeper.

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    • No way! Do something useful?
      WORK is a 4 letter word to LibTARD staffers!


      • LilBlueEyedGirlFromDixieland

        Um.. I mean work is a 4 letter word used to describe an action.
        Are you the people I am donating to when I check out at Dollar General and they ask me to give my change to the “adult literacy fund”
        If you are emplying they dont work thats dumb to even suggest if you claim to be a republican.. I mean you know as well as I do they had a lot of work to do cleaning up the mess Bush left. (And Bush endorsed Hillary as well byw)

        Hey on a positive note donald is keeping OBAMAcare and supporting love(the same kind Obama supported, the gay kind)

        Im not going to call you people Republicans because as a left leaning pro-2nd amendment Berniecrat I respect my Republican parents/grandparents and can not categorize them with the likes of you. I’ll call you Donald Dickriders.

        When are you dick riders gonna realize a lot of us are pissed that a man got a job in the USA’s highest office with NO political experience whilst the rest of us graduate college to persue a job we are EDUCATED to qualify for and see “2 years MINIMUM experience required” on countless jobs that are in every way other than qualification requirement description entry level(read entry level:so easy Melania’s speech writer could do it)

        Get off your soap boxes and ruin the housing market/eat up social security just a little more.

        Not all of us are suppressing our anger with tears. Some of us are out for blood.


        • “Are you the people I am donating to when I check out at Dollar General and they ask me to give my change to the “adult literacy fund.” Nope. We know how to spell correctly. For example: “emplying.” We also know how to properly use contractions, acronyms and apostrophes.

          We also don’t have BDS. Yet I see the TARD (let DuckDuckGo be your friend for the meaning of that) is strong on your part.

          “Not all of us are suppressing our anger with tears. Some of us are out for blood.” Sounds like a threat. Being that you are “pro-2nd amendment,” you better be prepared to get that blood from patriots who live and breathe for their Constitutional rights.

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        • Um..I mean Bring. It. On.

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        • “Some of us are out for blood.”

          I consider that a threat to do bodily harm against DCG, the author of this post, and FOTM’s other contributors.

          It is a federal crime, USC 18.41 Sec. 875(c), punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000, to transmit any communication containing a threat to injure the person of another, via the Internet and e-mail (as well as the telephone, beepers, and other means of communication). Should any reader of this blog threaten harm to our writers, we will report you and your IP address to the police.

          The following information on commenter LilBlueEyedGirlFromDixieland has been turned over to law enforcement:
          IP address: in or near Foley, Alabama
          E-mail address: dubphetamine*@*****.com
          If you doubt that LE will come after you, read this:

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        • Apparently, George W. Bush didn’t cast a vote for President.

          On another note, here’s a funny video to counter this rant:


  5. Nah Nah Nah Nah- Hey Hey Hey
    Goooooooood Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye

    Bawwwwwwwwwwww Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!

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  6. As noted from the sad faces, and being all dressed in B-L-A-C-K, they are mourning the passing of the gravy train! Good riddance.

    It is interesting to take note of “European leaders will try to reassure themselves that the America we know won’t disappear” . . . . . the appropriate translation of this is “we are scared to death that the great teat (which is America) may dry up and we won’t be getting all those dollars to prop us up.”

    It’s about time that the middle class American tax payer get some benefit from our land, rather than everyone else but . . . . I say Go Trump Go!

    DCG . . . great post! It brightened my day.

    God Bless America, and God Bless soon to be President Trump!

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    • “..they are mourning the passing of the gravy train! ”
      Great Observation! EPIC Comment!!!
      Y’all gonna make me hurt myself laughing!

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    • Loved your comments. I noticed all the sad panda faces and the black clothing, too, like they were in mourning for the lost land of entitlement. It reminded me of when George Bush was re-elected, Katie Couric on the Today Show came in the next morning dressed all in black and acting all snarky and depressed – she wouldn’t even crack a faint smile and virtually snarled at the camera. I just love the smell of “Good trumps evil in the morning. . . . . . .”

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  7. The Blame Game intensifies.
    Hillary blames Obama, Obama blames Hillary. She didn’t try hard enough.

    Don’t you just love it? Both camps in Deep Denial!
    Hey, Doofuses! We are sick of your crap! Lies, promises, no jobs, endless govt waste, medical insurance outa-sight, and they want more Govt nit-picking regs & more taxes.
    Shut yo’ mouth! Go away!
    Momma, look-a boo-boo dere.

    This is getting to be almost too much fun!
    Nah, let’s have some more LibTARD Melt-down.

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  8. If we really see some major human stomping event! These people are going to be the ones we are going to need to bury in a fairly short period of time!
    —-They are the ones in the movies who when things get rough and tough, start squealing, “Oh God We Are All Gonna Dieeee!” or “I want my mommy, my favorite thumb, my fuzzy slippers, and a hot coco!”


  9. Mariano Rajoy of Spain is their prime minister, not president. The country is “ruled” by a good for nothing monarchy.

    Spain has had no government for ten months and is thriving. Even Forbes says so.

    In the meantime reports from Hawaii say they are bracing for the anointed one’s final vacation there in December.

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  10. Obama batting -0- so far on his final “legacy” tour (where he’ll have to talk Trump, lol!)

    Saboteur365 has a new article today re ATHENS in FLAMES as Greeks protest Obama visit & scream for him to GO HOME (or a title near that wording). I didn’t read it yet so I don’t have the link handy. FYI!

    Maybe Obama should join HRC for a boozer when he returns. The 2 Commies can drown their sorrows together.

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