More Libtard Butthurt: People destroy their New Balance shoes after company VP praises election of Trump

Liberal logic: Destroy a perfectly good pair of shoes instead of donating them to a shelter. All because of butthurt.


From Yahoo:  On November 10th, New Balance Vice President of Public Affairs Matt LeBretton told Wall Street Journal reporter Sara Germano that the company was happy with the election of Donald Trump. “The Obama administration turned a deaf ear to us,” LeBretton said, “and, frankly, with President-Elect Trump, we feel things are going to move in the right direction.”

In protest, some New Balance owners set fire to their once-loved sneakers, posting pictures and videos on social media.


New Balance opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which Trump promised to roll back if elected, as did Hillary Clinton.

TPP is a trade deal made under the Obama administration that lowered tariffs (taxes on imports and exports) and other costs associated with the import and export of materials and goods between the U.S. and partner nations, including Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, and Australia. Such a deal greatly benefits their competitors like Nike and Adidas, which make a large portion of their products overseas and thus stand to save a lot more money than New Balance, which makes 70 percent of their products in America and recently invested in new equipment that would allow them to cut out foreign manufacturing all together.


In an interview with NPR in April, LeBretton said New Balance kept their initial opposition to TPP quiet in the hopes of securing a government contract to make running shoes for the military. The military is required to buy uniforms and boots made in the U.S., but they don’t hold sneakers to the same standard because of the difficulty of finding running shoes that are 100 percent made in the USA.

New Balance responded to the backlash by posting the following message on social media:




19 responses to “More Libtard Butthurt: People destroy their New Balance shoes after company VP praises election of Trump

  1. You gotta love this!
    Libtard Race Rioters burn down their own neighborhoods and minority owned businesses to protest non-existing “White Racism” because some thug gets shot trying to assault a cop.

    Now, Snowflakes burn their own expensive shoes to protest a company trying to keep jobs in America!??

    Even more proof that Liberalism is a Mental Disease.

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  3. Burning instead of giving…? I’m confused…but then again…”Who paid for the expensive shoes?”

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  4. My wife and I are getting blow back from individuals who also feel anger and fear about Trump.
    We’re nothing less than thrilled about the defeat if Hillary and the departure of the Obamas, who was the Great Divider.
    If you did not like Obamas crap you must be a racist, If you did not like Hillary, you hate women.
    If you have an issue with unfettered importation of foreigners, your a bigot, ETC.
    Why is there a surge in Obama enrollment and trying to obtain
    What niche groups benefited from Obamacare?

    We didn’t, our gap insurance keeps going higher.

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    • “What niche groups benefited from Obamacare?”
      Parasites, perverts, Planned Parenthood and the insurance companies.
      Your high premiums go to pay for the free sex-change operations for crack-head transvestite hookers.
      PP can raise their rates for giving abortions to 13 year old girls without parental permission.
      Luxurious “End-of-Life” Group homes for AIDS patients.
      Govt-paid insurance for illegal aliens with drug-resistant TB, leprosy, and stuff American Doctors can’t identify.
      Need I go on?

      The cost sky-rocket, but nobody cares because “Insurance Companies pay for it”. No, wait… Obama promised to re-imburse them for their extra expenses, so… the Taxpayers pay eventually. To reduce the Debt hemorrhage, Obama lets the Insurance Companies jack their rates up.
      Tou pay through the nose for insurance you can’t use until you hit the $12,000 or more deductible..

      Oh! And the lawyers. The most expensive thing in most states is Medical Malpractice Insurance. Crack-head Welfare Momma has another Crack-baby, baby runs up $250,000 hospital bill, but dies any way. Momma has a sad, goes to Local Sleaze-Bag Lawyer. He blames Delivery Doctor/crew, sues for A Million Bucks, writes letter to insurance company with demand, they settle for $10,000 (less than taking it to court). Lawyer cashes check gets hak plus $1000 for “expenses” of writing one letter, Crack-hoe gets $$K! Party down! Gets knocked-up again, and the cycle continues. Insurance company raises the rates for the Doc, Doc raises prices.
      And the music goes ’round & ’round.

      Only when the cycle is stopped by Tort Reform will the prices be controlled.


  5. Why would people who must be hooked on the government hand-outs burn, or cut perfectly good shoes . . . because they are stark raving mad. Marie Antoinette said “let them eat cake,” I say “let them wear rags or wadded up newspapers on their feet!” if they are so stupid as to destroy perfectly good shoes. This truly shoes the depth of mental illness amongst these folks.

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  6. Nietzsche’s intellectual syphilis goes on unabated; The people refuse to take the intellectual penicillin to end it! Today’s morally and intellectually retarded Left have become everything they used to hate.
    Thanks to the WICKED George H.W. Bush, the REPROBATE Bill Clinton, the RETARDED MONKEY George W. Bush and the CHURLISH CIPHER Barack Obama, the INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF MENTAL ILLNESS continues full speed ahead.
    And how easily they are TRIGGERED: I had a black woman in my Uber complain that I had the Alex Jones app on, playing in the car. She could have asked me to turn it off, and I would have done so. Instead, she asked to get out of the car early, slammed the door and stormed off IN TEARS because his content TRIGGERED her. (And I get a warning not to do it again.) But that’s O.K. Today’s millenials won’t reproduce much, enamored as they are of contraception and abortion and various sundry INFANTILE pursuits.
    Oh but wait: There goes Frankenpope, celebrating Martin Luther and praising Communism as “hearing the cry of the Poor.”

    Satan is “roaming the World, seeking whom he may devour.” And he is laughing his head off!!!


    • If Ol’ Scratch gets to devourin’ all the mental cripples in the current LibTARD herd, he is gonna have a serious obesity problem!


    • I was very sad to hear that “you were cautioned about having Alex Jones on.” This just shows that liberals WILL NOT even allow anyone in their periphery to have a different thought, or stance than what they feel is right. It is enough to make me question “Home of the Brave, Land of the Free,” how are we a free people when others can cry and whine over every little pea pickin’ thing that causes them personal displeasure?

      If I lived in NY, I would be thrilled to ride with you any day! Just remember, there are some of the people who ride with you that appreciate that opportunity.

      God Bless You! Stay strong in the land of the liberals . . . perhaps things may change shortly.


      • I think there is SOME hope, Auntie Lulu. Although many in my Uber detest Trump, they detest Hillary, also. (But they won’t tell me whom they voted for). I’m afraid it’ll take a good old-fashioned whuppin’ to clear everyone’s heads!

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  7. The weirdo who was going to burn the shoes in the very first picture . . . I’ll bet he/she scoured their closed to find the pair that was heretofore destined for the garbage bag. If you will note their condition, even the Goodwill would not take them. This just goes to show the insincerity, dishonesty and stupidity of these goobers!

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  8. Why don’t these pansy-a$$ed babies just build a big bonfire out of their paychecks?? They would burn more efficiently and would produce FAR less ozone destroying gasses that the burning of the shoes will. If my son or daughter destroyed their shoes because their feeling were hurt this way they could go barefooted before i would buy them any more shoes. Just like the students that are walking our of class, whether it be public school or college, I think and hope the teachers and professors assign “F’s” for missed classes and work. Test and finals,,,,, Sorry you weren’t here. I guess you FAIL!!!!!!!

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    • David . . . unfortunate that we don’t have more parents that have your parenting skills. I heartily agree, students who do not comply with what is expected of them deserve nothing less than an F. That’s what happens in the real world. When they are not taught that their actions have consequences, it is a sad thing for all concerned.

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  9. And these morons post all this crap on their social media. Wonder how their corporate offices feel about it. Boy are they in for a rude awakening when mommy and daddy’s money runs out. The Ant and the Grasshopper!

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  10. Isn’t is amazing but predictable that Hillary’s most ardent supporters are as violent, hate filled, and delusional as she is? Egocentrism, irrationality intolerance and hate truly define the characteristics of Liberalism.

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    • florida91 . . . there is no denying that you have hit on something that is absolutely true. Hillary and her followers are “violent, hate filled, and delusional!”


      • And what is worse is the Media and their Professors tell them they are right to be that way.
        Historically, this is how Democracies are destroyed.
        Greed and laziness, jealousy and materialism, immorality and selfishness, cowardice and appeasement.
        We have been raising “children” since Dr. Spock’s Baby Book, instead of raising youth to be responsible adults. It will take a major societal shift to change it. Unfortunately history tells us the solutions or results are usually based on mass depressions, epidemics, dictatorships, wars, even defeat and enslavement.
        I don’t think I would make a very good slave, and neither would anyone else here. So at this point it is important to keep being Educational Guerillas and the Sheep-dogs, trying to teach the Sheeple the difference between Wolves and Sheep-dogs, not to eat the Deadly Nightshade even if the berries are pretty, and don’t drink the alkali water. They have gotten that dumb!
        The “lambs” need to know that has long as they are free in the pastures, making their own living, they get to live and breed, probably getting sheared annually, but if they are penned and overfed with what the Ranchers supply, they are headed for the butcher shop.
        And if they grow a brain, cojones, and teeth, they can become the Sheep-dogs, but if they choose to be Wolves they are cast out to the wilderness and will be killed for even approaching the Sheeple.

        It really isn’t that complicated. The problem is the “lambs” are being conditioned by “wolves in sheep-skins”, what was the symbol of the original Fabian Socialists. And the Evil Propagandists give each other “sheep-skins” as licenses to confuse and destroy the “lambs”.
        Curiouser and curiouser.


  11. Special Little Snowflakes need Coddling:
    And these whiny-babies can vote now, and are our “Leaders of Tomorrow”.

    Mommy and Daddy are paying $47,000 a year for students to get that at Yale. They had to cancel Mid-term exams because of the stress and trauma of Trump winning.

    And Obozo thought he could use them to force a bunch of old patriots to get on the FEMA Camp buses?

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