Black dude’s reaction to Trump win is beautiful to watch

Exit polls on Nov. 8 show that fewer blacks voted for Hillary Clinton (88%) than they did for Obama in 2012 (93%).

The falloff in Hillary’s share of black vote was entirely due to black men: “only” 80% of black men (vs. 93% of black women) voted for Hillary. (Source: CBS News)


12 responses to “Black dude’s reaction to Trump win is beautiful to watch

  1. Oh that’s good, I laughed right along with this fellow…ahahahhahahaha…God is sooooo good. He has blessed us, pray daily for Trump and family and administration, pray for a hedge of protection around him, his wife, his family, his administration, pray for great wisdom from above for Trump, and pray that Godly people are in his administration…daily pray, God hears us

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  2. Further encouragement that we’re headed in the right direction.

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  3. This guy is my H E R O! What a blessing, if one black man can see the benefit of having Trump as President, then there is hope for the whole country.

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  4. good laugh…I love it when I come across a video of someone who thinks for him/herself instead of following the ‘herd mentality’.
    here’s a video I came across that was made by a black trump supporter who states her case against the trump protests and narcissists very well:

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  5. It’s ironic that the “free stuff electorate” joins that 93% of black women with the 1% on Wall Street, the former settling for subsistence in many cases while the latter gets literally trillions in free money and neither group giving a damn about the productive workers whose lives they’re ruining and wages they’re living off.

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  6. Reblogged this on A Hundred-Million Miracles and commented:

    His laugh is totally contagious!

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  7. Crying liberal celebrities:

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  8. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this great post. I agree, “Eat crow!”


  9. I love his reaction. Perfect!


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