Start your week off with a smile: #AirForceNone


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20 responses to “Start your week off with a smile: #AirForceNone

  1. No Broomstick 1 either. Just sorry little timmy kaine will be coming back to represent Virginia. There’s always 2018 to get rid of him.

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  2. interesting how in today’s times everything bad is seen as good, what was down is now up…and what was forward is now backward…the flag on the plane flies backwards.
    progressives are truly regressives towards God’s creation.

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    • It is probably right on the other side. It would look pretty weird on an aircraft with the star field on the left (like normally correct position for a static display) and the lose end toward the front. At least this way the flag is “flying with the wind”.
      Everything else you wrote is right on.

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      • I hear what you’re saying Longknife 21, but personally, I prefer to see a flag decal waving from stars to stripes (left to right) on both sides of an object rather than waving L to R on one side, then R to L on the other…they can place the decal so that it waves left to right on both sides so that any way it is looked at you see stars to stripes…
        the flag wasn’t always oriented with the star field facing forward…it changed after WWII. To me, the right side is backwards and TPTB made it so intentionally.

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    • Kinda figures though-Everything GOOD for the Dems is BAD for US,everything GOOD for US is BAD for the Dems…Also,isn’t it interesting that when I say GOOD for US,it means good for US,as a group,AND good for THE US,of A.


  3. The thought of either Hillary or Tim Kaine sitting in the Oval Office was enough to make my flesh crawl. I just hope they find some big, heavy rocks to crawl under.

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  5. I’m sure LOTS of Secret Service agents are breathing a gigantic SIGH OF RELIEF over this one, hee hee! I just hope Trump does what he says, and isn’t another pretender. I guess Hilliary will be off to see the satan of oz soon, her dreams (and our nightmares) of being the first ‘woman’ president, crushed. That alone is worth it, ha ha! I know I’m not supposed to find joy in the suffering of others, but in this case, I just can’t help it! HA HA HA HA HAAA!!! Maybe Hilary should get a lesson from this, in other words, don’t pledge allegiance to satan, because he’ll dump you off. I truly hope she can repent before she croaks.

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  6. How about 3 smiles? 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  7. Here’s a piece of gossip, from the mouth of trashy pro-Hillary Courtney Love:
    Hillary Clinton loves to gossip about “who’s f - - king who” and “who’s getting fat.”

    What a fine POTUS that demon-in-a-pantsuit would have made. /sarc

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    • That reminds me of a wise saying I once heard, “Great minds talk about ideas. Average minds talk about events. Small minds talk about other people.” That helps keep me (and my mouth) on the straight and narrow!

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    • So not only is Hillary Clinton a sexual degenerate herself, given her own condition; She and Bill have flown—separately and together—to Epstein’s Pedophile Island. And not only this, but she is a voyeur as well.
      The perversion of the sexual instinct is KEY to the corruption and destruction of the entire character and personality of the human person. We’ve had Hugh Hefner on the tabloid end, and Sartre & de Beauvior on the “intellectual” end. And now we have the Clintons & Co. on the political end.
      Oh But Wait—look at this distraction over here!————–

      The Magic Show will continue. It’s up to each person to decide to stop the merry-go-round of madness and get off. I’m beyond the point of vomiting here.

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    Nton & Aine–perfect together. 🙂


  9. Apparently, after her loss, HRC has been both manic and comatose. The world dodged a bullet. That plane always reminded me of a Fisher Price ‘little people’ toy. With a toddler shoving the little people inside. Air Force None such luck, thank goodness.

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  10. I never thought of the fact that the flag was reoriented, with the stripes on the left, the star field on it’s right–or, the flag facing backwards–as being a liberal thing, but I agree with that idea. I know lots of vets objected when that backwards-facing flag was first placed on military uniforms, and they saw it as an offensive thing. When I asked why the military now placed the flag like that on the uniforms, when I attended a luncheon specifically in my late son’s honor at a local military base, one of the officers shot me one of the dirtiest looks I’d ever seen on anyone’s face!

    I think now I might have a better idea as to why he did that–questioning the liberal agenda is always anathema to those who promote it–after all, they really don’t have a leg to stand on when faced with having to give sane reasons as to why they see things as they do–their only ‘argument’ in their own defense is always to attack the ones doing the questioning.

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    • “they really don’t have a leg to stand on when faced with having to give sane reasons as to why they see things as they do–their only ‘argument’ in their own defense is always to attack the ones doing the questioning.”

      You nailed ’em perfectly with that line. That alone sets the Dem-Lib-Socialists’ credibility at something around a -4. If they wanted to be taken as credible,they should at LEAST be able to explain coherently WHY they should be.


    • they are ridiculous with their “logic”….especially knowing they are against God and country, I know nothing they do is good for America.

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