Hillary’s narcissism on display: She blames FBI Director James Comey for her loss


Last Saturday, on a call with top campaign donors, Clinton said her campaign was winning until FBI director James Comey sent a letter to Congress on Oct. 28 announcing that the FBI had uncovered emails possibly related to its earlier probe into her use of a private server as secretary of state.

Watch your back Comey...

Watch your back Comey…

According to the Seattle Times, Clinton told the donors that her campaign was leading by large margins in nearly every battleground state and was tied in Arizona, a traditionally Republican stronghold, until Comey released his letter. (Never mind the fact that on October 18, 2016, the hacker(s) Anonymous claims that “a source inside the [Hillary] Clinton campaign has leaked an internal polling document that shows her support is gone”.)

Why do you suppose that the most qualified womyn for president, who has the most impressive record, can’t take responsibility for her own loss? I blame Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). From Wikipedia:

“NPD is a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, and a lack of understanding of others’ feelings. People affected by it often spend a lot of time thinking about achieving power or success, or about their appearance. They often take advantage of the people around them.

People with narcissistic personality disorder are characterized by their persistent grandiosity, excessive need for admiration, and a disdain and lack of empathy for others. These individuals often display arrogance, a sense of superiority, and power-seeking behaviors.”

Here’s a look at how Hillary clearly exhibits NPD traits:

Hillary Clinton what difference does it make

Hillary had no empathy for the the parents and families of those murdered in Benghazi. Her “what difference does it make” statement said it all.


Hillary wanted to take advantage of Eric Garner’s family to push an anti-Second Amendment agenda. In late October, WikiLeaks emails exposed that the Clinton campaign had conversations about using Garner’s death to protest gun violence. Garner’s daughter was not happy about the revelation. “I’m troubled by the revelation that you and this campaign actually discussed ‘using’ Eric Garner … Why would you want to ‘use’ my dad,” tweeted Erica Garner, as reported by CNN.


Hillary has a disdain for those hired to protect and even take a bullet for her. Former Secret Service agent Dan Emmett describes Mrs. Clinton as treating the Secret Service like hired help, never saying “thank you” to agents, unlike her husband, Bill, and their daughter, Chelsea.


Hillary didn’t care about her devastated supporters. On the night of her election loss, Hillary didn’t even bother to address her supporters. She sent her lackey John Podesta out on stage to give a lame speech to them. They were in tears and she couldn’t even go out and thank them for their support.


Hillary’s sense of superiority lends her to believe she is above the law. As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton routinely asked her maid to print out sensitive government e-mails and documents — including ones containing classified information — from her house in Washington, DC, e-mails and FBI memos showed. If any soldier had done what Hillary did, they’d be in Leavenworth.


In her quest for power, Hillary has no empathy for women who are victims of sexual harassment and assault and who could bring down her husband. She once tweeted that “every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard”.  Unless of course, you are a woman who Bill Clinton loved to prey on. Then those women are just part of the “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

These are just a few of the MANY examples of Hillary’s NPD traits. I could go an and on yet I’m not trying to write a novel here.

Thankfully we dodged a bullet on November 8, 2016. Hillary will not be our president. And for that, according to Hillary, we can thank Comey 🙂



12 responses to “Hillary’s narcissism on display: She blames FBI Director James Comey for her loss

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  2. Indeed, for narcissists, their failure is never their fault.

    In blaming Comey, Hillary is also blaming Obama the POS. Reportedly, there was never any love between Obama & Hillary, Obama & Bill, and between Mooch & Hillary. Like the Clintons’, it was all a political marriage of convenience. Won’t it be great if Obama unloads the dirt he has on Hillary? Alas, I don’t think that’ll happen because the Clintons have even more dirt on Obama — Bill & Hillary were the original birthers.


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  3. For normal people, it is impossible to understand how the brain of a narcissist actually works . . . to see Killary say, “What difference does it make!” feels like someone stabled you in the heart. That she actually cannot admit, even to herself, that she was such a flawed, felonious, murderous, evil, rude, spiteful, ugly acting person that far to many of the American people could not possibly stomach . . . so we turned and went a different way! Killary, put on your big girl panties, and suck it up, you POS.

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  4. I always viewed Hilary as a Sociopath myself. Whatever terms are used to describe her, she’s absolutely insane, and she’s possessed by demons.

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  5. Well, Mrs. Clinton can always be the Hypocrite-in-Chief. According to former Clinton aide and hitman Larry Nicols (who is dying from cancer, publicly repentant), the Clintons, either singularly or pluraly, have “Silenced the Voices” of about or over 100 people.
    Yes, let’s bring the victims of the Clintons back from the Dead and convene them into a Grand Jury, and let’s force them to look at their silent stares! The victims of the Clintons—beginning with the two dead teenagers from the Mena Airport, or even before—CRY OUT from their graves for Justice!

    Somewhere Rod Serling is saying, “You are OBSOLETE, Mrs. Clinton….”

    And let it be so with the Presidents Bush, plural, and President Obama, as well.

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  6. FOTM readers may find the creepy similarity between Hillary’s campaign “H” from the “I’m With Her” slogan to the “H” in Hadassah’s website.


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  7. Her problems started way before Comey, who BTW has long ties to the Clintons going back decades. Even his brother is one of their accountants.
    Her long history of corruption and self profiting and defiant attitude along with really crappy numbers, the multitudes of mysterious deaths and Benghazi and many other things were her problem. She has way out lived the need for her presence here.

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  8. Hillary take responsibility for her actions, not a snowballs chance in Hell!

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