Obama: ‘Donald Trump will never be president’

To Obama, SNL’s Seth Myers, Ron Reagan, Jeb Bush, Nate Silver, Stephen Colbert and other arrogant dolts who said “Donald Trump will never be President”:

Eat Crow!

According to today’s International Business Times:

Almost a week has passed since the presidential election and still all the votes have not officially been counted. The Associated Press has not yet called the last states standing, Michigan and New Hampshire, because recounts in both are still possible. Michigan and New Hampshire’s unofficial vote tallies, however, are in, and the margins are slim.

President-elect Donald Trump is currently winning Michigan by 13,107 votes and at 47.6 percent, compared to Hillary Clinton at 47.3 percent. Clinton leads New Hampshire by 2,701 votes at 47.6 percent, compared to Trump at 47.2 percent.

If these margins hold, Trump will officially take 306 Electoral College votes from 30 states and Clinton will take 232 Electoral College votes from 20 states plus Washington, D.C.


By the way, do you know which U.S. president received the greatest number of Electoral College votes?

Answer: Ronald Reagan in 1984, with 525 Electoral College votes (Reagan’s opponent Walter Mondale got only 13 EC votes). Reagan carried 49 of the 50 states.  (Source)

H/t FOTM‘s Longknife 21



12 responses to “Obama: ‘Donald Trump will never be president’

  1. Obama, it’s you that cannot ever be president, get it? Got it? You are done, try it in Africa as a dictator!

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  2. Let us wait and see.
    Desperate men take desperate measures.

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  3. News reports say John Kerry is visiting Antártica, climate change? Hey, Kerry the Clown, stay there till global warming melts your ass away.

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  4. Isn’t that funny how things change? The people have memories like elephants and when you put America into danger. We will get you.

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  5. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

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  6. I could not say this before the election, but I can proudly say it now! “This is One of the Greatest Times in History to Be An American!”

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  7. Obama is a BUM. That’s settled.
    Yes, I watched the video. We all know about Obama. I’d like to perform a mental vivisection on the STOOPID JERK known as Stephen Colbert.
    Colbert has one act: To go manic at his guest in his trademark style. Mr. Manic Depressive, Mr. Bipolar Disorder. At first, it was funny.
    But he continued it.
    Is is a cross between Wally Cox and Bennett Cerf? Looks like it to me. But Stephen Colbert gives me THE CREEPS.
    He has NO BUSINESS being famous. He REFUSES to use what St. Thomas Aquinas (and even the degenerate Bertrand Russell) calls the INTELLECT.

    Stephen Colbert is not funny. He is as awful and as useless as Glenn Beck.

    I would actually cancel an Uber ping from Stephen Colbert. I won’t allow him to come near my person. I’ve been robbed by punks who did not make me feel as awful as Stephen Colbert makes me feel.

    Stephen Colbert has nothing, and nothing to back it up.

    Stephen Colbert is the kind of non-entity who needs a clear plastic tombstone filled with air when he dies.

    Don’t feel bad, Colbert. A lot of people have no business being famous! Join them. IN HELL.

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  9. Whatever his name is and Colbert both give me the creeps.

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