Texas mom kicks 8 y.o. son from home because he voted for Trump

It’s one thing for pro-Hillary Democrats to whine, cry, protest, or even riot over Donald Trump winning the presidency.

But a woman in Fresno, Fort Bend County, Texas did something unspeakably cruel and sadistic.


Discovering that her 8-year-old son had voted for Donald Trump in his school’s mock election, the woman goes into a rage. As the little boy cries, she says:

“You voted for Donald Trump?! You get your sh*t and get out . . . . When the people see you outside, they know why yo’re standin’ out dere.”

The boy collapses onto the ground, sits against the wall and cries.

The mother hands the boy a hand-lettered sign saying he’d voted for Trump, and marches him to the door where his little suitcase is all packed. She says, “Humph! Vote for him?,” as the boy cries, screaming, “I’m scared!”

The woman says, “Let’s go. Here’s your suitcase. Bye.”

Boy screams. Woman says, “Get your suitcase. Get out! Go!”

She pushes him out of the door, then shuts the door on the boy.

He walks down the walkway to the street, dragging his suitcase, screaming and crying. Woman says to him: “Bye. Donald Trump lover.”

By this time, night has fallen and the street lights have come on. The woman’s other son, younger than the 8-year-old, is now crying and frightened.

The video of the incident was posted to Facebook and ignited a firestorm of protests.

Here’s the video:

The folks at Justice for Children without Voices spoke to Detective Luerra of the Arcola Police Department and confirmed that the two boys seen in the video are safe and a case now has been opened. Arcola Police Department is diligently working with Child Protective Services and the District Attorney’s Office.

In the end, the fault of what happened to the boy is the MSM’s, who aided and abetted the Hillary Clinton campaign by demonizing Trump as a hateful racist, misogynist and bigot who will — get this — actually kill Americans when he becomes President. Sadly, simple-minded people like this boy’s mom swallowed the propaganda and disinformation.


26 responses to “Texas mom kicks 8 y.o. son from home because he voted for Trump

  1. We should send the little boy a gift to honor his patriotism.
    Need an address.

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  2. Liberal Tolerance!
    I hope they take the child away from her and he is adopted by a loving family.

    Idiot woman put it on Facebook. This guy is right, but has a horrible “communication problem”.

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  3. Appears that this young man was WAY smarter than his mother. God bless him.

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  4. This woman has Trump acceptance resistance disorder (TARD). https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2016/11/13/a-new-definition-of-libtard-trump-acceptance-resistance-disorder/

    She should be jailed, and children put in a foster home, or sent or sent to relatives, permanently.

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  5. prayers for that child and his sibling and every child forced to live under such blatant hatred, ignorance, and intolerance

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  7. I made it to almost 2 minutes of the video…I wanna SMACK that “mom.” Frickin you-know-what.

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  8. This was the saddest thing I’ve watched in some time. The mother’s behavior is abnormal for any mammalian species, let alone a human. Such mental cruelty is harsher than a whip. I have to believe that both she and her children need help.

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  9. Kevin J Lankford

    I did read on another site that the mother claimed it was a joke. I would say that she was the “Butt” of the joke herself.

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    • Even if the woman meant it as a joke, the distress, hurt and terror she inflicted on her son was real — which makes this so-called mother even more cruel and sadistic than if this wasn’t a joke.

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    • If you listen to her voice and the words she said . . . it ain’t no joke! Both boys need to be removed from the home, and this Ho needs to have her welfare assistance pulled . . . let her go out and get a real job! (I would just bet that she is a Welfare Queen. Would love to have follow up on that.)

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  10. This would be a good time for Family and Childrens Services to step in. This IDIOT is terrorizing her child for doing something he really did not understand would be wrong in mommies eyes. Mom(??) is being a real a$$ about this so she can look good on facebook for her friends. This is the way people teach their children HATE!

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  11. That’s an unfit mother. Abuse of a minor, teaching her child to lie at an early age with threats to put him out of the hous

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  12. Fear of punishment because he does not agree with her views. That woman is the prototype of a dictator. “Woman, learn to teach your child by speaking, talking and understanding so that your child grows in a secure environment, not the one you are imposing to your own flesh and blood. Animals in the jungle protect their own!

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  13. Give her the hillary treatment “Lock Her Up”. Or better yet, put her in stocks on the public square with a sign saying what she’s done. Public humiliation is not cruel and unusual punisment. It encourges behavior modification. And where’s daddy in all this? Maybe he should be investigated to see why his child(ren) are in the custody of this dangerous woman.

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  14. Can you resend the website. The link is broken. Thanks, Diane


  15. Wow. That poor kid! Geez, with a rabid mother like that, you wonder how these poor kids even have a chance at life. I hope he ends up working for Trump, ha ha! That would be cool. Gee, that mom is a real sick person. Throwing her kid out for that. I wonder what else she has done to him in the past, usually stuff like this isn’t the only time. Wonder also what sort of prescription meds that lady is taking…a lot of those drugs cause violent behavior, like statins, anti depressants, etc.

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    • Who says they are prescription drugs!


      • (psst!) They never mention if the perp is on prescribed meds…it doesn’t make the pharmaceutical companies look good. With a bunch of violent murder/suicides, especially those perpetrated against their own children, many of the people were all whacked out on antidepressants. Just read the warnings on some prescriptions, besides getting cancer, many of them have ‘suicide ideation’ or violence as a side effect. A good website to check out if you are so inclined is Dr Peter Breggin. 🙂


  16. Time for a re-make of “Throw Momma from the Train”


  17. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. I hope the authorities take her children and place them with people who deserve to have children. The real mother is heartless and terribly cruel. Shame on her and what she did to her children!

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