More Libtard Butthurt: Stars Call for Boycott of “People” Magazine over Positive Donald Trump Cover

I never purchase People magazine. Yet I went out and bought this issue yesterday!


From Deadline: Some Hollywood celebs are urging their fellow stars to deny all interviews or photo requests from People magazine after its latest edition features one of its trademark bright-shiny-light cover stories with our country’s President Elect, Donald Trump. The cover has outraged some entertainment industry members because a former People magazine reporter has accused Trump of sexually assaulting her in 2005; People magazine recently published her account of that claim.

Put this in your Politics Makes For Strange Bedfellows scrapbook; until recently that hashtag was the darling of conservatives outraged by all the glowing People magazine articles and photos about Dem candidate Hillary Clinton. (I find that questionable. I never noticed that on Twitter amongst conservatives. Any outrage probably stemmed from the SRM’s devotion to electing Hillary.)

People found itself suddenly turned into the Erin Brockovich of celebrity-celebrating magazines shortly after WaPo released that 2005 Access Hollywood tape in which Trump boasted about being so famous he could grope women with impunity. Back then he was just a real estate developer starring in NBC’s Apprentice reality TV series franchise. When Trump insisted, at the second presidential debate, days after the tape’s release, the boast had been locker-room talk only and he’d never actually done those things, several women stepped forward to contradict him. Among them, a former People mag reporter who claimed he’d pushed her against a wall and tried to “forc[e] his tongue down my throat,” when she went to interview Trump and wife Melania for their one-year wedding anniversary.

People published that journalist’s account of her claims and, when Trump’s camp pushed back,  People editor-in-chief Jess Cagle said in a statement the magazine was “grateful to Natasha Stoynoff for telling her story” calling her “a remarkable, ethical, honest and patriotic woman” who had “shared her story… because she felt it was her duty to make the public aware.”

And then People went back to its usual business: fawning cover stories about celebrities in the news. Which, this week, is reality-TV-star-turned-POTUS-elect Donald Trump for sure.

This cover is not sitting well with some in the entertainment industry with which People has had such a fruitful mutual-back-scratching relationship for years.

People mag responded, saying: “Donald Trump’s win is a history-making news event that warranted the cover of the magazine. The story is not a celebration or an endorsement and we continue to stand by Natasha Stoynoff, whose account of being attacked by Trump in 2005 is recounted in this week’s cover story.

The magazine has been taking incoming from both sides of the political spectrum all week. Politically minded people on the right were undie-bunched by the November 14 issue subscribers got just before Election Day because it included another spread on Hillary Clinton.

“If People could be any more in the tank for Hillary under liberal editor Jess Cagle, it’s hard to imagine,” right-wing media outlet Newsbusters wrote three days before the election.

Meanwhile, Breitbart sniffed that, among Wikileaks’ email leaks, was one from People’s Hillary interviewer Sandra Sobieraj Westfall, gushing to Clinton’s PR team back in April of ’15, that “Traffic on our Hillary stories is absolutely off the charts! Which only means an insatiable demand for more.”


8 responses to “More Libtard Butthurt: Stars Call for Boycott of “People” Magazine over Positive Donald Trump Cover

  1. People MAG has always been about money if it sells print it! They are no more for Trump than Killary is!

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  2. how about they all crawl into holes where they don’t have to face reality and DIE?


  3. Oh, those Holly wooden-heads. Pobrecitos, tsk-tsk.

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  4. Saw the magazine waiting on the checkout line in Walmart yesterday, but didn’t buy one. Spent all my money on ammo.
    It’s like was said, the election continues to be a major topic for the press and loser commie punks.
    Like holidays are for florists and greeting card companies.

    They hate him but put him on the cover to win some insider competition with the other rags. Nothing inside worth reading.

    I feel I am cheapening the Trump movement by even responding, but they are so idiotic and incessant.

    In case you didn’t know, a Glock comes with three 10 round clips, (ammo not included.)

    We have some family members who are into facebook, and feel it is their duty to spread this anti-‘Make America Great’ manure.
    But they get upset when you attempt a dialog, or voice objections.

    They are adolescents, activists and dopers who think we’re supposed to keep paying their allowance while they insult us. We know many are professional protestors.
    But the MSM conceals this fact.

    You cannot be an effective manager or parent, and still be popular.
    You’re going to anger someone by enforcing discipline; so our side is under attack.

    I voted for Trump, and I am thanking God for him and his victory.
    none of this ‘lesser of two evils’ stuff from me.
    Trumps OK by me.

    I’m not thrilled he’s on 60 minutes tonight. I stopped watching that show long ago, but he knows he has to speak to all the people who have been brainwashed by MSM lies.

    Now that he has won, I hope he doesn’t take any crap from that treacherous media whore Leslie whatever-her-name-is.
    I give the old bag credit for keeping a job in TV, but everything out of her mouth is Left Wing talking points.

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  5. So is this the preview for the next 4 years — libs constantly whining and bitching and moaning? But weren’t they whining and bitching the past 8 years even though they had “their” first black president? Is it ALWAYS all about them?

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  7. Like they say, there’s no such thing as bad press! Just like when I drive past the Chic fil a fast food restaurant, it’s ALWAYS packed.
    It also shows how quickly the libs turn on you if you don’t fall in line with their propaganda 100 percent. They refuse to think any other way. Everything is either black or white with them. Either extreme is bad, we must remain balanced, grasshopper.


  8. I didn’t even realize Sheeple Ragazine was still in publication.


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