More Libtard Butthurt: After Trump victory, Oregonians submit petition to secede

From In the wake of the presidential election, two Oregon residents have filed a petition to secede from the United States and form a new country, and they’ve invited Washington State to join.

The petition was filed with the Secretary of State’s office in Oregon Thursday. The Oregon petition is for a 2018 ballot initiative. In order to start the ballot title drafting process, the petition must receive 1,000 signatures.

It asks the Governor and Legislature to “actively pursue Oregon’s peaceful secession from the United States of America.” The petition states the secession can be “alone or in conjunction with other states and Canadian provinces that seek to form a new nation, including but not limited to California, Washington, Hawaii, Nevada, Alaska and British Columbia.”

The petition does not cite the election of Donald Trump; however, it was filed less than 48 hours after the election.

The petition mentions several reasons to secede, specifically pointing to irreconcilable differences between Oregon and other states. “The U.S. Congress no longer is capable of addressing issues important to Oregon and protecting the rights of free people,” the petition reads.

There have been protests across the country in reaction to the results of the presidential election.

Protestors in Portland

Protestors in Portland

Portland Police arrested 26 people during a protest there the other night. Here’s mugshots of some of the fine folks in Portland:



21 responses to “More Libtard Butthurt: After Trump victory, Oregonians submit petition to secede

  1. I wish secession really were the solution for this country because I believe the differences dividing liberals from conservatives in worldviews and fundamental values are irreconcilable.

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    • If these morons got their wish Oregon would become the next Venezuela in short order. If all of Canada was a vacant piece of land and we likeminded Conservatives bought it and left America to form our own country, the fools left behind would soon be trying to sneak across not only our border but the border created by their dictator to keep them in, because of the slave labor needed to run the hell-hole they created..

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  2. I like this idea . Add up those electoral votes . Dems may never win another presidency . Hillary would have REALLY gotten her butt kicked if this were in effect on 11/8

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  3. They can name it Libtardia, after their demonym, libtard.

    Of course, they should rename the capital, Portland, to “butthurt”.

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  4. Waaaaahhh…

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  5. The fine folks of Oregon all look like they have a 150+ IQ… at least! But then again… looks can be deceiving. All the fine folks that aren’t happy, and would rather have HELLary and a commy government to lead them, can pack and move to one of the fine countries that live (?) under socialist/communist rule, and that should include all the Hollyweird famous who promised to move away if the Donald won the elections. Hope they keep their word. Good riddance!

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  7. How many of the Gang of Nineteen actually live in Oregon? Do they have tickets for their return home? Was their vacation planned and paid for by the Soros World Travel and Destruction of Nations Agency?

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    • marblenecltr . . . you have hit on a very interesting question . . . how many of these malcontents are actually native to Oregon. Just look, closely look at the pictures of these folks, in my estimation only two to three of them look like stable everyday folks. The rest look at people who do no, and cannot hold a regular job. They are from he very fringes of our society.

      Approximately four weeks ago, there was an encampment here in Portland on the sidewalk in front City Hall. (Please forgive me if I have cited this incident before.) What was notable, as pointed out by my brother, each of the tents they were inhabiting were EXACTLY ALIKE. How many supposedly low income malcontents get together, go out to REI, or GI Joes and purchase exactly the very same tent to use in their upcoming protest. This brings up the fact that it is easy to believe that they were financed by someone who had monies to spend on this protest. Whether it was Soros, or someone else remains a mystery, but it was financed by someone other than the malcontents who participated in it.

      It is a horrible thing to think that we are going to be under siege every month or so by fringe elements, and that WE, the taxpayers, and those businesses who are damaged get to pay the price.

      I think the National Guard should be brought in before there is any further damage done.

      As far as I am concerned each of those arrested needs to be sent to one of Oregon’s finest prisons, where they can rug shoulders with Bubba and his gang.

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    See nothing, say nothing!

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  9. I rarely comment on someone’s looks but most of these people look freakier than Charles Manson and his family of evil morons.

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  10. Great idea…. Take Washington State, Oregon and California and let’em secede. Oh.. and all the lefties and illegal invaders have to stay in those states. No sneaking across OUR borders.

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  11. Buh-bye. 🙂

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  12. Those are the faces of scum bags on food stamps, my hard earned money goes to pay for their housing, rehab, free hospitalization, mental health, medicine. Those are the ones the Obama-Clinton need for their tricks. Put their asses to work cleaning toilets.


  13. Obama's boyfriensd

    Go in peace. Leave us in peace you Obamaistas. The we should place Oregon in the same status as North Korea.

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  14. Ordinarily secession is labeled “racist” and deemed treason hearkening back to the Southern States seceding. But as “free and independent States”, it’s perfectly acceptable and a reasonable, peacable solution. It doesn’t make as much sense withTrump vs. Clinton’s authoritarian views because he is much more inclined to leave decisions to the States and respect their decisions on matters for which the Federal government has no delegated powers in accordance with the 10th Amendment.

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