“Love Trumps Hate”: Assassination threats against Trump flood Twitter

Proggies being hypocrites and lacking any sense of self-awareness, as usual. Some of these tweets are not new. And of course the CEO/SJW of Twitter, Jack Doresy (@jack), is not doing anything to stop this hashtag.


Via NY Post: The shock and anger over Donald Trump’s ascension to the White House has triggered a flood of calls on Twitter and other social media outlets for the president-elect to be assassinated — and authorities will investigate all threats deemed to be credible, The Post has learned.

Some of the tweets I gleamed from Twitter:

Lucia Sandolo

Lucia Sandolo (@DAMN_GINNA)

Lucia Sandolo @DAMN_GINNA (Nov 9): “Usually I wouldn’t condone murder but in this case…

@danterenoir (Nov 10): “Trump will be assassinated

@mercaston (July 21): “The scariest thing about trump is he thinks he can improve people’s view on him.



@led_rips (Mar 8): “” (In a reweet of Trump’s tweet, “Make America Great Again”)

Hudson Devil @

Hudson Devil (@BearTheDevil_TV)

Hudson Devil @BearTheDevil_TV (Nov 10): “

Brianna (@brihoops)

Brianna (@brihoops)

Brianna @brihoops (Nov 9): “


Monisha Rajesh: A British “journalist” and author. She has since had her Twitter and Facebook accounts deleted.

Trump met Thursday with President Obama in the Oval Office, with the Republican businessman calling the hour-plus session a “great honor.” Obama said they had an “excellent” and “wide-ranging” conversation, while urging all people to “now come together.”

But that message of inclusion was apparently lost in social media circles, particularly Twitter, where a simple search can reveal dozens and dozens of calls to gun down the next leader of the free world. Some posts called for both Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence to be assassinated, and there’s even an #AssassinateTrump hashtag.

“Trump chose the literal worst case scenario as VP so nobody would try to impeach or assassinate him,” one user posted on Twitter.

Another user wrote that the “only” remaining question after Tuesday’s historic and polarizing election is who will “assassinate” Trump, who will be inaugurated on Jan. 20. Some users even cited that date as a deadline for the assassination.

Other postings called for users who used the inflammatory hashtag to be contacted by authorities.

Nicole Mainor, a spokesperson for the Secret Service, declined to comment on the posts directly, citing agency policy. “The Secret Service does not provide information regarding protective services,” Mainor said.

But a security source told The Post that the Secret Service would investigate all social media postings containing credible threats, adding that there’s a difference between someone saying they’re planning to kill the president and suggesting that someone else should attempt an assassination. Generally, indirect threats are not prosecuted, according to the source, and investigators will “prioritize” them before determining their credibility.

FBI officials declined comment, referring inquiries to the Secret Service.

Read the whole story here.


31 responses to ““Love Trumps Hate”: Assassination threats against Trump flood Twitter

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  2. To say that it sickens me to learn that we have so many weirdos who would call for, and condone the assassination of Donald Trump is a severe understatement.

    Did progressives make these kinds of widespread threats when Obozo was elected? I don’t think so.

    Here in Portland, Oregon, for four nights now there has been rioting, under the guise of peaceful protests as to the outcome of the election. At last count the dollar value of damage was one million dollars. The supposedly peaceful faction of the protestors have put up a “Go Fund Me” page, asking for $50,000 dollars, when I last looked, they were up to 39,000. I cannot imagine that those who do not have to go into the Portland down town area will venture there. Last night some protestors came in contact with an armed African American who got out of his car and shot one of them. Many are angry at how our mayor (a lame duck mayor) has chosen to handle the on-going riots.

    How can you deal with a group of people who are so uncivil that it is . . . their way of no way! They seemingly are not willing to have a civil society, and comport themselves accordingly.

    DCG . . . very good post!

    God Bless America! May the Angels of Heaven descent upon Donald J Trump to bless him, and protect him in all the days to follow . . .

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  3. I visit and read news items from the left and the right, knowing the Truth is somewhere between the extremes.
    I distinctly recall seeing the exact same sentiments directed at President Obama and Clinton from the extreme right.

    All things are possible with God, and we have been told ‘what you sow, so shall you reap.’

    Every believer should be familiar with the nightmare of the king during the Captivity of Babylon some 2600 years ago.

    It is possible to know the Bible by heart and not know the heart of God. In my view, what I see happening within the US observing from CanaDa in our Generations, the US is the feet and toes of the statue where the king of Babylon was the head of gold in the history of the Nations and Empires to these last days.

    “And whereas you saw the feet and toes, part of potters’ clay, and part of iron, the kingdom shall be DIVIDED; but there shall be in it of the STRENGTH OF IRON, inasmuch as you saw the iron mixed with miry clay.

    And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be PARTLY STRONG, and PARTLY BROKEN. And whereas you saw iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

    And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.”

    This describes what is happening in the US TODAY.

    This is my view of the US Election.

    “A nation that is given a choice between a tawdry celebrity and a corruption queen is a nation under judgment. And it is under judgment”

    The Signs of the Times indicate not only the US, but this entire world is under judgment.

    I had suspended all belief on the outcome of the election until the results came in because I saw it as a choice between BAD or WORSE. This is how I see it now:

    The Billionaire President-Elect has much experience with workers that performed the work that made him rich.

    Now that the VP is a Christian fundamentalist, and the Christian Evangelicals supported Trump, discarding the many Biblical references concerning the Rich, I now wonder if they will bring to his attention, this “prophecy” from their Bibles they never discuss in Public from their TV platforms, but insist the People must follow all Bible teachings?

    Go to now, you rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.
    Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth eaten.
    Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. You have heaped treasure together for the last days.

    Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by FRAUD, cries: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.

    You have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; you have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter.
    You have condemned and killed the just; and he does not resist you.

    Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waits for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain.
    James 5

    The last line does imply “regime change” of the rich elites the American voter-workers elected Billionaire Trump to usher in the USA.

    I can only hope and pray, the Future President Trump is born again from the divisive Candidate Trump he showed on the campaign trail. Hopefully he was like Clinton exposed in the email as having one policy in Public for the election campaign, but another one in Private, and will make the spirit of this letter a constant guiding light governing his behaviour and decision making for the next 4 years,

    “I want to tell the world community that while we will always put America’s interests first, we will deal fairly with everyone, with everyone — all people and all other nations. We will seek common ground, not hostility; partnership, not conflict.”


    • “I distinctly recall seeing the exact same sentiments directed at President Obama and Clinton from the extreme right.”

      I distinctly recall no one rioted and no Democrat was physically assaulted when Obama was elected twice.

      Man Shot During Anti-Trump Protest In Portland, Police Looking For “African-American” Male Suspect
      Bystanders yell anti-Trump taunts as man beaten after car crash

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    • “I distinctly recall seeing the exact same sentiments directed at President Obama and Clinton from the extreme right.” There may have been a few whackjobs calling for the assassination of Obama and Hillary. But that is NOT the MO of the right.

      In response to Obama’s election, the “extreme” right formed the TEA Party protests. They were peaceful and organized. The TEA Party movement had specific goals (which didn’t include burning down our own communities and rioting) – reduce spending, lower taxes, hold the RINOs accountable, etc. And what did this organized and peaceful movement get us? 1) Targeting by Obama’s IRS goons and 2) President Trump.

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      • Re: ”There may have been a few whackjobs calling for the assassination of Obama and Hillary. But that is NOT the MO of the right.”

        The real Constitutional Militia types were begging and threatening the Whackjobs to ST*U! Most off the smart ones were praying for his safety, for a huge political failure and defeat, but his physical safety.

        I think the Powers-That-Be of the Lib/Progs would have loved for some “Richard” to ‘off’ The Halfrican. The Media would have made a ‘Little Tin Demigod’ of him! Remember JFK? He got killed by a Commie, so they went after American gun-owners! They would have outlawed everything remotely a “weapon”, even sling-shots and fire-sharpened hardwood sticks. Every gun owner in the country would have been sent to the gulags. Kid had a cap pistol -“Get on the bus, you murderous violent Reactionary!”

        And the boo-hooing Sheeple would have let it happen. Back in 2009.
        Does anyone think that Soros or any of the oligarchs give a hoot about Obozo, or Mooch? Get over it! Just a pawn, more valuable as a sacrifice than alive. You might laugh when you first read this, but think about it a bit.

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  4. LET’S SAVE THOSE PICTURES!!! We got’m in case we need to!!!

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  5. Need some comic relief? Barry Soetoro has turned into quite the comedian!

    Trump Haters? Clobber them with this:

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  6. These shtheads have not lived through the 1960’s, the Era of Assassination. All Right, that’s not their fault. But their parents and grandparents did.
    One of the advantages of being born when I was (1956) was that there were enough WW I and WW II soldiers left to talk to. Not that they told me their war stories, but they were there. There were also enough people around to tell me about the Great Depression, because they lived through it. Television was not around back then. Candy was a holiday luxury. People wore hand-me-down clothes. People feared novel ideas as being communistic.
    These sh
    theads are ignorant: They were born into ignorance. That’s not their fault. Many of their parents and grandparents were, intellectually, CUT OFF from history, and hence, could not tell them of the horrors of the assassinations. But, like everyone else, they are living in their own bubbles, and they refuse to reform and educate themselves. YES, ideology is a GREAT CONVENIENCE in that it helps one to dodge and avoid their responsibility, the reformation and true education of their minds. And for that, they are responsible.

    They are GUILTY for what they say.

    In the argument between Sartre and Camus, Camus proved himself to be a braver soul than Sartre (who was a sex criminal!); Yet both failed in their quests, even according to their own logic. They are CUT OFF from History and Tradition. They are living in their own bubbles. And now that they have tied the anchor around their collective NECK, they shall throw themselves overboard—and take us with them!—because they are DIABOLICAL NARCISSISTS.

    We have entered the Age where the Book of Revelation DEMANDS that certain things WILL HAPPEN. Donald Trump may be the one man, other than Vladimir Putin, who can buy us the time we need. And each man UNDERSTANDS that he is not “indispensable”: As Degaulle said, “The graveyards are full of indispensable men.”

    With these younguns, we see the MORAL DRY ROT that our politicians have not created but will surely cater to, and we see a DANGER that came from the People. They want a BAROMETER to be their leader and will REJECT a Visionary. And “where there is no vision, the People perish.”

    They are SHITHEADS.

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    • P.S.: Sorry to curse. I can think of no other word that fits.

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    • Steven . . . your post is thorough, and right on the money. It is an excellent summation of what is going on, including the reflection on the change of sentiments from the Greatest Generation to the Me Generation. I also do not know what else you can call them but “sh*theads.” That title just fits them to a “T.”

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      • Thank you, Auntie Lulu. I’ve made a great effort to “curb my tongue” over the years, but the WILLED STUPIDITY of these CRETINS galls me to no end!!!
        With each new generation the narcissism just keeps getting worse. In a way, Lily Tomlin was right: “No matter how cynical you get, it’s impossible to keep up!”


  7. Why isn’t Hillary Clinton denouncing these violent hateful threats to assassinate Trump? Didn’t she say “Love trumps hate” in her concession speech?

    As for Lucia Sandolo, what is it? She? He? ?

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    • I heard her say in her concession speech to give Trump a chance, and keep an open mind.


    • Alex Jones reported on Thursday, if I recall correctly, that George Soros was behind the rent-a-goon squad idea, and that Hillary approved of it! A number of them were PAID agents provacateurs.

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    • Come on, Doc! You gotta know these professional anarchists are paid by Hillary’s people. And Soros. And probably by some of Obama’s.
      It is the Chicago Way, the Alinskyite Way, Their Way. Just don’t leave a money trail directly back to the Boss that gives the order.
      Hillary has ’em on Speed Dial.


    • Trump called it right in the debate, Hillary is “full of hate”. Trump is considering the ex-prosecutor who fired the U.S. Attorneys en masse. I believe that, this time, he is doing it for the right reasons, and at the appropriate time. The swamp must be drained: fire then hire new U.S. Attorneys, re-open the 9/11 investigation, and investigate the impact of intelligence activities on the civil rights of American citizens for the first time in over half a century. The American people have their first chance at real change after duplicitous regimes.


      • Yes, if the progressives drag us back any further we will be looking at street justice, and vigilantism, a rope, and a tree! Obama should do his job, and force Hillary to help him stop this mob-violence.
        —Busted! DNC Caught Hiring Buses for Protesters (using Craigs list)


    • You have brought up a point worth pondering . . . why hasn’t Killary denounced the lawlessness, violence, and hateful threats to assassinate the President elect??? The reason why she has not is that she is a person without any moral grounding, and she truly cannot put her own selfish desires aside for even a moment. I just hope that her 15 minutes of fame is nearly over.

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  8. Hillary supporters show their true colors. hateful, intolerant, & lawless thugs. Under her reign, they would have been the true oppressors. Thank God we got Trump. Victory is sweet. #MAGA

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  9. If, God forbid, an assassination happens, guess who will be looked at with suspicion.


  10. Remember when the Secret Service was going to peoples’ houses and questioning them about even TRYING Obama for Treason and executing him when found guilty?
    Where are all those Secret Service Investigators now? Oh, yeah. Obama is their boss, right.
    It is a Federal Crime to even threaten a Gubbermint Offishal if he is a DemonRat. But not to call for the assassination, encourage others, and even threaten to do it to a Republican President-Elect? Welcome to Lib/Prog “Tolerance” and “Equality before the Law” from the Obamunist “Dept of JustUs!”


  11. I hate stinking commie pukes.

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  12. I don’t do Twitter so I suppose I’m not able to report this to Twitter as hate speech and against their so-called community rules. How is it that that hashtag is still working? It can’t be that there’s a double standard at Twitter, can it? btw, pretty funny what Monisha said. Does she realize that Obama is still president?

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  13. So, some can openly threaten the incoming President and keep their Twitter accounts, while Eastwood, for trashing BO, gets his account cancelled.
    I would think there had better be some serious investigations going on with these juvenile twits.

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  14. Obama's boyfriensd

    Show me a progressive and I’ll show you someone who longs for the opportunity to man the ovens in a concentration camp.


  15. I originally posted the following on a different thread, but it seems more appropriate here:
    The riots we are seeing in the Dem controlled areas of the country are the “Purest form” of “democracy” uncontrolled by a constitution, rule of law, and common sense.
    These are encouraged, supported, and even paid for by the Leftist/Alinskyite faction of the “Democrat Party” that is actually no more ‘democratic’ than the Soviet Communist Party, or Hitler’s “National Socialism”. It is all “Politics as War”.
    The Radical Leftist “leadership” are demonstrating their desperation by this ridiculous escalation because they fear Trump and the Movement FAR more than any main-stream “Republican”, especially the RINOs that the Repub Party tried to ram down the Conservative Voters throats.
    I seriously doubt that the Head RINOs will be able to pervert him like they did most of the other “Saviors of our Constitutional Republic” that the TEA Party patriots managed to send to Sodom-on-the-Potomac.
    Hopefully, this is just another abortive premature “Socialist Revolution” that will die aborning. The Citizenry is already working to move govt back to the right, and even the Sheeple are paying attention to the “SheepDogs” for a change and going in the right direction.
    Much of the Leftist Lap-dog Media is in its death-throes and some are desperately trying to change their direction. Even the NYTimes, probably the worst of a bad litter, is apologizing and promising to mend its ways. (And once there were 3 Bears….)

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