FAKE! – Woman’s ‘chance’ meeting of Hillary Clinton hiking after election

You saw the news.

It was all over the TV — on CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC and countless local television stations across America.

Here’s an article by Gregory Krieg, Ashley Codianni and Theodore Schleifer for CNN, “Hiker recounts Clinton meeting to CNN,” Nov. 11, 2016:

Margot Gerster, who ran into Hillary Clinton on a hike just a day after she conceded the race, encountered a presidential nominee seemingly at peace and at grace, Gerster said Thursday.

In an image posted to Facebook, Clinton, who lives in Chappaqua, New York, can be seen smiling with White Plains resident Gerster, who was hiking with her daughter, 13-month-old Phoebe, and their dog, Piper. The photo was snapped by former President Bill Clinton, who was there as well.
It is the first time the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee has been seen outside the election bubble since she conceded the race to Donald Trump early Wednesday.
‘She seemed as well as anybody could be expected after such a crazy, crazy experience,’ Gerster recollected to CNN’s Erin Burnett on ‘OutFront’ Thursday. ‘She couldn’t have seemed any nicer or, you know, kinder and gracious to me.’
Gerster said she was trekking a path she hikes every day when she found the former first couple and immediately flashed an ‘awkward, huge grinning smile’ — or, as she put it, ‘fan-girling.’
Gerster told Clinton about how proud she was to vote for her, and how she very much wanted to hug Clinton after Election Day, which she did on Thursday.
‘She was taking a nice, peaceful hike through the woods. I don’t think she wanted to talk serious politics,’ Gerster said.
Gerster told CNN earlier on Thursday that she posted the photograph to ‘make people smile.’
‘It was a very dark day yesterday, I just feel like the fact I ran into Hillary while I was trying to clear my head, was sort of like a hopeful sign,’ she said. ‘I hope the picture brings hope to people who need it.’ “

Below is the now-famous image of Margot Gerster “running into” into Hillary Clinton while hiking in the woods of Chappaqua, which Gerster had posted to her Facebook page that is now no longer viewable to the public (more on that later):


The only problem with the story is this:

Margot Gerster did not “by chance” run into Hillary Clinton because Margot Gerster actually knows Hillary very well.

Here’s another picture that Gerster posted to her Facebook page on November 8 — of herself (right) with Hillary (left) and Margot’s sister, Alexandra (middle). (I painted the yellow arrow and the red bracket.)


As you can see in the comments about the pic, Gerster said the picture was taken some years ago, “Back in high school at a fundraiser my mom hosted at the Kittle House. She [Hillary Clinton] was the guest of honor.”

Note: “Kittle House” is the Crabtree’s Kittle House in Chappaqua, NY.

According to the people search engine Email Finder, Margot Gerster is in her early 30s, which means she has known Hillary Clinton for at least 12-15 years.

Alas, you can no longer see that pic or anything on Margot Gerster’s Facebook page because after the Alt-Media busted her story, Gerster set her Facebook page to “private”.

Gerster, who lives in White Plains, NY, said she “ran into” the Clintons while hiking in Chappaqua, NY, where the Clintons live.

Chappaqua is 11 miles to the north of White Plains.


Yeah, I totally believe that every day, Margot Gerster drives 11 miles from her home to trek in the woods of Chappaqua. /Sarc

Are all Democrats pathological liars?

H/t FOTM‘s bongiornoc and Project.Nsearch

UPDATE (Nov. 13, 2016):

The picture of Margot Gerster with Hillary Clinton may be photoshopped because Hillary’s head is oversized. The lighting on Hillary’s face is also very different from Margot’s face. Just compare their head sizes with the earlier pic of Hillary, Margot’s sister, and Margot when she was in high school. It sure looks like Hillary’s head was cropped from another pic and plopped on top of someone’s body (h/t FOTM‘s Miss Marple):


UPDATE (Nov. 16, 2016):

Reportedly, Hillary was in a drunken rage on Election Night, and weeping inconsolably the next morning, November 9. (See “Hillary Clinton was in a drunken rage on Election night“)

I don’t believe for a second that Margot Gerster saw Hillary hiking in the woods on November 10 — Hillary who had to be helped to go up just one step 14 days ago on Oct. 26 in Lake Worth, FL.


Gerster’s was a concocted story, and the pic a photoshop creation, to convince people that Hillary took her electoral loss well, when the truth was just the opposite.


67 responses to “FAKE! – Woman’s ‘chance’ meeting of Hillary Clinton hiking after election

  1. The world is a stage … Chappaqua, Sandy Hook, Orlando … There are the actors and the rest of the world is there for cameo appearances without knowing.

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  2. Hillary was hiking? Yeah…..right.

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  3. Well, I suspected she wouldn’t go down without a fight, so why the need for a staged photo op? Trying to prove to the doubters just how healthy she is?
    Is she behind the riots funded by Soros? If not, why not request a halt to them?
    What else does she have way down in her black bag?

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  4. No surprise here. She would tell a lie even when the truth is just as good or even better.
    As an old cowboy once told me,”(S)he would rather climb a tree ‘n tell a lie, than stay on the ground ‘n tell the truth.”
    That really fits Hillary.
    She is so artificial, so determined to glorify herself, that she is “spring-loaded” in the ‘LIE’ position on her “internal control pattern”. Absolutely nothing is believable about that woman anymore.
    And she is so incompetent at it! It is funny, really. A news story comes out about Hillary; wait a couple of hours and the real story comes out “Hillary lied again”.
    There is no truth in her. If a Muslim chopped her head off, she would “bleed” press releases, all lies.

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  5. Who knows? Maybe Hellary finally listened to Trump and his supporters and took a hike! : )

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  6. The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the story of this woman “running across Killary and Bill Clinton was . . . . . why after the election were the two of them together. From all previous reports Bill and Killary lead separate lives, so that seemed out of character.

    Why indeed do the Democraps always insist of coming up with these “charming pictures of Americana” only to be disproved as being out and out lies. How would you feel if all your friends found out you participated in the manufacture of a falsehood, how do you look them in the eye, and still feel like you are a morally balanced person? I don’t understand this. There is little reason that she changed her FB page to private . . . hoping to stem the tide of people who will know her to be a liar.

    What was the real point of manufacturing this photo op? It purely escapes me.

    Now we hear that Chelsea is being groomed to run for I believe a position in the House of Representatives. Oh! My goodness . . . are we never going to be rid of them!!!! I would rather see Chelsea serving time for her pilfering monies from the Clinton Foundation to pay for her wedding!

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    • Great questions Auntie. I sill am curious of what she is planning. She gave up too easily.

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      • I saw Soros interviewed by a woman at an economic forum in Europe, I believe, and he said that he was going to buy electoral college votes and get the election for HRC. This was before Trump won the electoral votes needed, so some people knew that would happen through analysis or through psychic powers. The Hillary ant colony been broken open, and they are running about in fury. Prayer is needed. James 5: 16b, the prayers of a righteous man availed much. How about the great numbers of righteous men and women praying? Many times every day.

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  8. Like a lot of Chappaqua residents who worked in NYC I used to make the round-trip drive from Chappaqua to the North White Plains train station every day during the week many years ago, and I agree Ms Gerster is full of crap in claiming she’d do it with a baby in the car for a hike in some woods, which happen to be everywhere in those parts. I can’t tell you how glad my wife and I were to get our children out of the phony ranked Chappaqua schools, get away from that miserable town and people like the Gersters and Clintons, and move to a town in Connecticut. Those people are like a plague of privileged dysfunction that’s now taking down Connecticut, too.

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  10. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. There is nothing “chance” about this meeting, notwithstanding that Gerster would have to go to the trouble of bringing her little toddler which is a job in and of itself.

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  11. Daily Mail is questioning the happenstance meeting too. Hillary and Bubba hiking together? I can’t even see her hiking alone. Does she even know how to hike, having been transported around on four wheels and two wings for decades. It seems they are going to be around forever with their lies. Get ready for Chelsea next. Her so-called parents will give her expert advice on campaigning.

    Margot Gerster was hiking with her daughter through the woods near Clinton’s New York home on Wednesday
    She took a photo smiling alongside Clinton in the Chappaqua area
    This is not Gerster’s first time meeting Clinton, as her mother held a fundraiser for the senator at Crabtree’s Kittle House in the 2000s
    Gerster posed for a photo with her sister and Clinton at that event years ago and shared it to her Facebook page before taking it down this week

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3929382/Was-Hillary-hiking-woods-photo-staged-Woman-picture-met-Clinton-fundraiser-family-hosted-ex-candidate.html#ixzz4Pr5ySrgq

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  12. The only way HillaBitch would “hike” would be sitting in a sedan chair, carried around by four lackeys (or unemployed demo campaign workers), or in a “six handled sedan” on her way to a hole in the ground.
    Slick Willie would be nowhere in the vicinity, unless there’s a rustic whore house nearby.
    The Clintons and the Obamas seem to have a terminal case of “Look at Me”…. and frankly, I think most of us are sick and tired at looking at either.

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  13. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Watch the electors carefully, Soros money could cause problems.

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  14. Well, the Hildebeast managed to get attention again. Whether she herself is behind it or someone else, the mission was accomplished.

    In the Daily Mail’s comments some say that Hillary’s head has been photo shopped into the picture. Her head does look large compared to Ms. Gerster. Others say that Hillary’s shoes are not for hiking. And yet another says this (reminiscent of the girl’s stolen photo during the Sandy Hook affair).

    Jen Gosciminski, little, United States, 7 hours ago
    This author stole my friend’s photo with her daughter and altered it! This author needs to face charges!

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  15. Hi,   My entry for your idea of the week contest is: Do a sex change operation on Bill and put Bill and Hillary in the same prison cell for life without parole.                 Aloha, Craig


  16. Its Always Staged

    I didnt believe the story when I saw it today either. Good catch, my gut said she was an insider. The Hag NEVER walks amongst the peasants, NEVER! Risk management.

    The only thing I can add is her maiden name Margot Bermel, and her wedding to Robert Gerster in New Rochelle NY, Sept 7, 2013. The age is consistent, says she was 26. Wedding pics look normal. He looks like a good kid. Maybe somebody can build on the following. But my gut is always right, EVERYTHING is always staged / orchestrated.

    Wedding website

    Photobucket, interestingly she still uses her maiden name, account is mugs7686

    Baby registry Sept 2015 (why is she still using her maiden name?)

    Looks like mom Michele is a family attny in Chappaqua. More than likely connected.

    With a not so good record. She pissed somebody off.


    Looks like Michele is married to Larry. Larry does something with software, owns Softech Consulting in Chappaqua. Here’s a website with both their names as website developers.

    Michele is a member of the Chappaqua Friends of Hillary, an 1100 member organization. This is probably the connection.

    My gut says Michele and Margot went to a get together with Hillary present, and thats where Hillary set her eyes on the new prey. I think we’ve all noticed Hillary’s fondness to a nice rack. More than likely Hillary uses these get togethers as opportunities for new meat. Putting Margot in the limelight is the Hags way of saying thanks for the memories.

    Hope this helps with the truth.

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  17. Thanks for this! Yours was the only tweet I saw today exposing this little fake encounter that got such big coverage.

    I wonder why they (Gerster/HRC) even bother with such trivial media set-ups?

    Is Gerster a married or maiden name? It sounds like it could possibly be a Jewish name. (?)

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  18. Margot Gerster, the now world famous hiker, is originally from Chappaqua and her maiden name is Bermel. Her mother is Michelle Bermel and Margot is married to one Robert Gerster of White Plains.

    Crabtrees’ Kittle House has been a Clinton favorite since moving to town and Chelsea had a baby shower there.


    “Adults and children of all ages congregated at Crabtree’s Kittle House to support fellow Chappaqua resident Hillary Clinton for an Election Night viewing party and to witness history, but went home despondent as they saw Donald Trump close in on the presidency.

    As results began trickling in, the room that had more than 300 people brimming with confidence grew increasingly quiet.

    “This is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen,” Chappaqua lawyer Michele Bermel said as the television showed Trump holding leads in most of the key states.

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  19. “This is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen,” Chappaqua lawyer Michele Bermel said as the television showed Trump holding leads in most of the key states.

    Not nearly as scary as the photo of the two “hikers”, one of them being her heartbroken daughter, published worldwide with almost identical description of the “chance” meeting.

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    • Thanks Miss Marple for the additional Gerster/married info.

      They are not afraid of Trump. They are afraid of the monster their own lying exaggerating bloviating media SAYS that Trump is.

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  20. OK, let me be very clear here: we’ve suffered enough Bull Shit [BS] from the Deadly Duo of Deceit & Duplicity that it now qualifies as Elephant Shit [ES]. These creeps remind me of the three rogues who frauded my business: they CANNOT tell the truth to save their lives, because they find it impossible NOT to tell another lie more outrageous than the last, to see if we dupes will believe it. When and if we do, that tells them we’re ready to be suckered into the next higher level of ES, on and on and on, same as Dianetics, etc..

    In a more just world, the FEMA Detention Camps that await us ‘Deplorables’ are ideal for housing these treasonous scum-sucking atavists. Picture Broom Hilda working off her debts to society at some mindless robotic assembly line, such as the one by Microsoft at Twin Rivers Prison, Monroe, WA to package their CDs, etc.

    The last I heard the inmates were paid US$ 0.75/hour, but that was 23 years ago, so it’s likely doubled to $1.50. And you, dear reader, thought the Third World –such as Haiti– another recipient of nothing from the Deadly Duo, was somewhere else in our world!

    And their followers wonder why I loathe them. How could I not?

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  21. Am I the only one bothered by the fact that this woman felt it was safe to hike in the woods with her baby with all the evil in this world these days?

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  22. Everything the hag does or says she does or will do is a lie.
    You lost Hillary !!!! go away we never want to see you or hear that annoying voice again .

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  24. This may explain Margot Bermel-Gerster’s fondness for hiking. This is her father Larry Bermel”s site.


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  25. Dammit Hillary, I thought after your crushing defeat last week that we would never have to hear from you again .
    For me personally ,the fact that I’d never have to look at your face again or hear that annoying shrieking voice again was enough for me to forget about all your emails cheating lying corruption .
    But here you are again back in the news with and obviously fake story

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  26. Yes, Virginia, as a matter of fact Democrats are ALL pathological, delusional, shallow liars and hypocrites.


  27. The clinton mafia will be back in the form of chelsea. That turd is gearing up for a run at congress. Starting now, she needs to be investigated for her ties to the clintonfoundationmoneylaundering operation. Just the fact that she is (or may be) the spawn of two such despicable criminals is reason enough to keep her out of politics.

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  28. The lighting in the photoshopped set is different also.

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    • my observation as a photo-shopping/photo/logo-enhancer, i find these areas suspect:
      1-darkness along right/her left of face, first appears to be trunk of tree in background, but upon zoom in, may be an incomplete cut-out..?
      2-chin looks asymetrically smeared, maybe a microphone or something wiped over?
      3-oversized face/head?
      4-body stance and slender shoulders of a more petite person?

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  29. All the more reason to blame CNN, right, if it’s photoshopped? Or, is it a diff pic than they aired?


  30. Everything about comrade Broom Hilda is a total sham.

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  31. Why aren’t “defibrillator lady” and “injection man” on the hiking trail?

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  32. “Clinton before when he mother hosted a fundraiser for Clinton’s senate bid 15 years ago” Wonder if that picture is related to that.

    Sucks to be her right now with the death threats and all. I wonder why she is getting death threats? Obama!


  33. She revealed she had met Clinton once at a party her mother threw for Hill during her senate run?


  34. As someone who does Photo Editing for a living, I can tell you with 100% certainty this is NOT photoshop.


    • Enlighten the rest of us who don’t do Photo Editing for a living by explaining HOW and WHY you can state that with 100% certainty. Thank you.


    • in my observation as a photo-shopping/photo/logo-enhancer, i find these areas suspect:
      1-darkness along right/her left of face, first appears to be trunk of tree in background, but upon zoom in, may be an incomplete cut-out..?
      2-chin looks asymetrically smeared, maybe a microphone or something wiped over?
      3-oversized face/head?
      4-body stance and slender shoulders of a more petite person?

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  35. Conspiracy theorists, waaay too much time on your hands people? If any of you are Christians there’s no going to heaven with this evvil talk, anyone else who conspires in your fellowship will have your day of reckoning. It’ll be soon, don’t worry. Ugliness from within will stare you right back in the face. Every wrinkle and crevice, every physical malady. You’ll be very much alone.


  36. So glad I have an older version of Photoshop Elements. I saved the photo and opened it within that. You can certainly see there’s been some eh hm, PHOTOSHOPPING going on there! Shadows are off, head size off, and so many more issues but the average liberal can’t see those little tidbits because the media & Killary spoon feed them lies! Tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth (well for a liberal it does).

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  37. Despite the Photoshop, a few things still bug me about this story:
    1) Margot says she ran into Hillary AND Bill. Hello? We’re talking the 42nd President of the United States! Where are the pictures of him? Why not pose with both of them?
    2) Being a former President, Bill gets Secret Service protection for life. I am sure Hillary gets it too. If he and Hillary were out wandering around in the woods, you would think a few agents would be tagging along. Furthermore, an agent could snap a photo of Margot with both Bill & Hillary.
    3) Hillary and Margot look mighty chummy for being perfect strangers. I can believe that Hillary would pose for a photo with a stranger/fan but they are touching faces. That implies a little bit of intimacy.

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  38. Another explanation is that the story is true. Have you all considered that?

    1) She might have gone to a fundraiser for Hillary years before AND have randomly met her on a trail. Not everyone one of the tens of thousands of people who have been photographed with Hillary over her decades of services can be said to have a secret relationship with her and a willingness to create a conspiracy to post false information on her. That is quite a leap.
    2) Maybe she really liked that trail and chose to go out of her way to walk it.
    3) Those photos don’t look photoshopped at all. In the older photo Margot’s head is larger but she is also closer to the camera. Her sister is a bit back and her head is smaller than Hillary.
    4) Secret service might give Bill and Hillary some space to go on a walk now and then.

    Please guys, we are all Americans. Let’s not degrade each other even if our politics are different.


  39. When does the secret service stop protecting government officials? I thought you was protected for rest of life. No secret service was mentioned nor in photo.


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