Socialist Seattle City Council Member Kshama Sawant warns of a larger anti-Trump protest in the future

You thought the Bush Derangement Syndrome was bad? I predict major proggie butthurt for the next four years…

Socialist Kshama Sawant dares to question someone else's "objectivity"

Socialist Kshama Sawant has a major butthurt issue

From Seattle City councilmember Kshama Sawant warns that the protest against President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday night is just the beginning.

Sawant, who attended the march, warned of an even larger event on Inauguration Day. KIRO 7’s Essex Porter reports Sawant called for a nationwide shutdown on Jan. 20, 2017.

The protest against President-elect Donald Trump at Westlake Center grew into a march with several hundred people across the streets of Seattle.

The original protest was organized by the Socialist Alternative, and included concerned members of the LBGTQ community, immigrants and Muslims worried about the Trump presidency.

Hundreds of others joined the march that moved across the city until around midnight. But not everyone agreed with the message. “America voted. America voted for Trump. What is this?” one man asked during the march.



Five people were shot in downtown Seattle (at Third Ave. and Pine) around 7  p.m. on Wednesday night. Police do not believe the shooting is related to a protest.

Calling the recent presidential election a “mandate for hate,” Socialist Alternative Seattle organized a protest of Donald Trump the day following his election as president, prompting hundreds to gather and march through downtown Seattle.

The crowd gathered at Westlake Park around 4 p.m., many holding signs that said “Fight Racism,” and chanting “Dump Trump.” There were other chants as well, but they cannot be printed here.

More than 2,200 people responded to the Facebook event Wednesday indicating they plan to attend the demonstration in “mass opposition to Trump and his agenda.”

The organization is the one that spearheaded the campaign to elect Kshama Sawant to Seattle City Council, the first independent socialist in a major U.S. city in decades. The event description adds: “The Democratic Party has proven they are incapable of stopping Trump. The Democratic Party has failed. This is the result of the Democratic Party leadership backing Hillary Clinton instead of Bernie Sanders. It is time to build a new party of the 99 percent.”

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23 responses to “Socialist Seattle City Council Member Kshama Sawant warns of a larger anti-Trump protest in the future

  1. If these people don’t like it here get out and stay out !!!!!

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  2. Donald Trump is the next president of the United States
    deal with it

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  3. o’bama is trying to finish his goal to “fundamentally change (destroy) the USA”. Soros is PAYING (police should check the bus companies that took the protestors there to see who paid for the buses) for this trouble (people who complained about Trump when he said he might not accept the election results now doing what they complained about Trump saying he MIGHT do).

    Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon first described in 1973 in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.
    Doesn’t this sound like dumbocraps who want to remain slaves of big government? I have a nephew and a niece, who despite being told how awful shillary was, they couldn’t get themselves to want to leave her. They try to tell why Trump would be so bad but they can’t come up with anything other than a feeling, as compared to the reality of shillary’s CRIMES!
    Yes, MENTAL ILLNESS of being a dumbocrap.

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  4. So they want to shut down the country on Inauguration day? How butthurt are they? If they want to lose pay, fine, let them. Of course the Soros-hired thugs would get paid anyway. For the ones who complained that the Republicans shut down the country while Obama has been in power, they must have some short memories!

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  5. Leftists are loyal to their agenda, not America… always have been.

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  6. I disliked and DISLIKE clan Obama, for eight arduous years we had to endure his executive orders, his arrogance and his ignorance on how to run a nation, now, whether you like it or not, you HAVE to take it like a champ, if not crawl in a whole and do like the cicadas. Trump is here for four or more years. Got it!!!

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  7. Well, maybe the Left will help keep Trump honest, even if that’s not their intent. If Trump remains under close scrutiny, he won’t be tempted into shenanigans. And after eight (plus) years of governmental degeneracy, most on the “Right” are well aware of the damage that can be wrought by big government; maybe now the Left will see it, too.

    I’m interested to see how many events like Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, and the Florida nightclub will happen on Trump’s watch.

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  8. It escapes me that anyone with an IQ North of 65 would actually think that the election of Trump is a “mandate for hate.” It clearly was a “mandate for taking our country in a different direction.” To all those who do not like it . . . you are free to move out of this country, we will not stand in your way, in fact we will donate our time and efforts in helping you to pack your belongings . . . . .

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  9. These people who are playing the parts of protesters are likely drama school rejects. I saw some of them being interviewed by media last night in NYC and they were rather hilarious. One young ‘man’ was wearing green goggles and holding a stuffed animal…I kid you not.

    The vast majority of these people can’t get excited about anything unless it involves [money,] sex, [money,] drugs, or fifteen minutes of fame or money. We all know these are not organic protests. They are funded and directed by groups with globalist interests. And with the interest of dividing the population further.

    So, the thing is, do we push for a legislative ban on PACs, corporations, or anyone from funding these protests? When the freebies and money are withdrawn, the protests die, or are greatly diminished.

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  10. I think it’s important to know the backgrounds of certain people. These are excerpts from Wiki regarding Kshama Sawant:

    “Sawant was born to Vasundhara and H. T. Ramanujam in Pune, in a Hindu middle-class family. Her mother is a retired principal and her father, a civil engineer, was killed by a drunk driver when Sawant was 13. Sawant’s observations of poverty in her native country and her unhappiness with the Indian caste system helped shape her political views before her adoption of socialism. Sawant grew up in Mumbai where she later studied computer science and graduated with a B.Sc from the University of Mumbai in 1994. She married her husband Vivek, an engineer at Microsoft, and moved to the United States. They have since become estranged. […]

    Sawant moved to Seattle in 2006 and became a Socialist Alternative party member. She became a United States citizen in 2010. [..]

    She was a part-time teacher at Seattle Central Community College, a position that was not renewed.She taught briefly at Seattle University and she was once a visiting assistant professor at Washington and Lee University.

    Kshama Sawant is a member of the Socialist Alternative party, the United States section of the British-based Trotskyist international organization the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI). Sawant has stated that she does not advocate for any system like the “bureaucratic dictatorship” of the former Soviet Union, but for democratic socialism meaning “the society being run democratically in the interest of all working people on the planet, all children – everybody who has needs, and all that being done in an environmentally sustainable manner.” The Socialist Alliance articulated the Four Conditions for Revolution. Sawant stated that her party had the lead for the anarchist 1999 Seattle WTO protests.

    Sawant has advocated the nationalization of large Washington State corporations such as Boeing, Microsoft, and[53] and expressed a desire to see privately owned housing in “Millonaire’s Row” in the Capitol Hill neighborhood turned into publicly owned shared housing saying, “When things are exquisitely beautiful and rare, they shouldn’t be privately owned.” During an election victory rally for her City Council campaign, Sawant criticized Boeing for saying it would move jobs out of state if it couldn’t get wage concessions and tax breaks. She called this “economic terrorism” and said in several speeches that if Boeing moved jobs out of state, the workers should take over Boeing facilities and bring them into public ownership. She has said they could be converted into multiple uses, such as production for mass transit. Sawant maintains that a socialist economy cannot exist in a single country and must be a global system just as capitalism today is a global system.”

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    • God, she sounds like she’d be more suited for living in N. Korea. What a moron. I can’t stand people like her, they were the ones who helped bring in Communism to Russia and all those other countries. Socialism is the same as communism, only it wears a mask. She is about as stupid as you can get. You get NOTHING GOOD from communism or socialism. You get NO innovation, no creativity and no work done. I’m glad they were defeated. Those who vote for air heads like her are trying to destroy our freedoms, not the other way around.

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  11. Large Trump protests??….Looking forward to it…May be it will be the genesis of the much needed Revolution.

    Only the ignorant, traitorous liars, or cowards, “called” obama president.

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    • Yeah, 8 years of Odumba and what do we get? Lousy economy, worse laws, no real ‘change’, paying off Iran, new US funded threats like ISIS and a huge racial divide, which seems to be incongruous because um, wasn’t Obama a black muslim and he got ‘elected’ president? Shouldn’t that show that there is LESS racism than ever, instead of more racism? If Hilary would have gotten installed, I’m sure that we’d have had even more ‘feminism’ crapola and then the divide against men and women would have gotten larger. All Odumba did was divide the country, continue wars and did nothing good at all. Did he visit Africa like one time? Oh, and he doesn’t even care about the Native Americans and the pipeline, seems he’d rather be golfing. The people who support Hilary are mentally disturbed or ignorant of what’s really going on, or both.

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  12. This is why Hitlery and Bernie were not voted in as President! All the left are a bunch of progressive communists.

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  13. And how many of those spoiled brats were hired and by who? They found the “BUSES,” dozens lined up just blocks away from the Austin protests.
    —And Seattle City Council Member Kshama Sawant, had better cool her heels, and keep her big mouth shut! Or she is going to find herself in front of a Federal Judge, wondering how many years is she going to lose in a Federal Correctional Institution, her party will be over!

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  14. It’s funny how they want to appear to be so ‘academic’, ‘level headed’ and “oh we have to love each other and accept diversity and any abnormal behavior without judging” and all those platitudes, but when the rubber hits the road, they reveal their true colors by becoming a bunch of rabid lunatics running in circles, freaking out and smashing stuff just like a bunch of little crybabies. They show themselves to be a bunch of immature wanna be anarchists. No wonder so many of them are attracted to communism and satanism.

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  15. S Sawant- you represent all the people of Seattle as a member of the city council. Many Seattlites do not share your political views. What you have said and done about our president-elect is atrocious and very petty. Please step down from the city council now. You are not qualified to be there.

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  16. We just had a revolution now her butt hurt Soros backed globalist Commies want a counter revolution. Good luck with that bitch! They love chaos. They call right wrong and wrong right. If they ever achieve total power goodbye freedom and hello mass murder. It’s happened before and could happen again. But we won’t let them because we’re tougher. Praise Jesus Christ lord of lords king of kings. He is truth personified and this my friends is pure joy. They’re already beaten, they just don’t know it yet.

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  18. She don’t look like she’s from around here. Maybe she’d be happier if she went back to where she comes from…or thinks she does…. did…. or whatever. She’s welcome here but last I checked the Constitution was still in force. Don’t try to bring your contry’s laws and values (or lack of) here.
    Judge a country on how many people are tring to get in and how many are trying to get out.

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