More Libtard Butthurt: Clint Eastwood suspended from Twitter

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Back in August, Clint Eastwood called out the “pussy generation” for being too politically correct. Back then, Eastwood said he planned to vote for Trump, but called it a “tough one” and didn’t endorse the Republican presidential candidate.

Once Trump and Pence were declared the winners, Eastwood had some fun on Twitter. Apparently, too much fun!

Shortly after President-elect Trump and Vice President Elect Pence were elected, Eastwood was suspended from Twitter.  Clint’s Twitter account is @EastwoodUSA.

I suspect the SJWs and @jack had a cow when they saw Eastwood’s tweets. @jack is Jack Dorsey, a cofounder and the CEO of Twitter. He’s also a MAJOR demorat supporter.

Obama and Twitter CEO/SJW Jack Dorsey/CNN Photo

Obama and Twitter CEO/SJW Jack Dorsey/CNN Photo

Here’s what Eastwood tweeted out after Trump was elected:


Click here for a full screenshot of Eastwood’s tweets before he was suspended.

I imagine Clint’s not too upset about being suspended from Twitter, ya think?




34 responses to “More Libtard Butthurt: Clint Eastwood suspended from Twitter

  1. You go, Mr. Eastwood! 😀

    And thank you, DCG, for this excellent post!

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  2. Seems the libs only like free expression when it is their scum giving the message.

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  4. Ha! High five Clint Eastwood! It’s ok you got suspended, no great loss, like, who cares? YOUR MESSAGE GOT ACCROSS BEFORE YOUR “SUSPENSION”. They lost your followers not theirs, hahaha, love it! 🇺🇸

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  5. Tolerant, inclusive progressives again… Go Clint!

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  6. Thank goodness Eastwood is to a point in life where he does not have to bow to the establishment–either in Hollywood, or those who run these damnable social media sites.

    There is something wrong when social media sites are able to censor the words conservatives want to express . . . but libtards can have full blown attacks of written diarrhea, with no censorship. This is a problem that needs to be addressed legally.

    I no longer belong to any social media sites, as I don’t want to give them any of my business, and furthermore I wish they would dry up and blow away.

    DCG . . . Great post!

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  7. Three cheers for Clint.

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  8. He would have made a good president.

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  9. Eastwood = Real Man!
    Twitter = Pussies!

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  10. I thought I had just heard or read of Clint’s passing. Could have been just more liberal propaganda?…..I hope…


  11. Clint always makes my day.

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  12. Just goes to show you the true colors of the NWO following TWITS that run twitter- they want CENSORSHIP. They ARE a bunch of pussy wimps, oh, their big ‘get him back’ is to suspend his account on TWIT ter. OOooh, boy that showed him! They just show they are a bunch of insane wanna be power mongers that if they even get a teeny weeny modicum of power that they use it for bad things, like censorship. Gee, yet they would feel ‘free’ with Hilary Communist at the helm? Pleeeze. They’re just tools for the Rockefellers and all the others who are going to Heck.




  14. Eastwood is just happy that Satan’s 2 spawns have taken over before he croaks!!! Fuck all of you idiots!!!


  15. That account is fake, his own daughter reported it and got it suspended.

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  16. And you thought we were through with the clintion mafia…..hold on to your hat………….
    Look’s like Chelsa ‘Hubbell’ Clinton’s aiming for congress. Yup.
    Got a house in chapaqua right next to mom and stepdad.
    The spawn of rats don’t stray far from families. Who do thet think they are? The Kennedy’s?


  17. We need a Trump 45 commemorative pistol


  18. Twitter is cancer.


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