Yale professor lets students skip test in wake of Trump victory


Via NY Post: Liberal college students, devastated over the results of the election, have been begging their teachers to cancel classes and mid-term exams — and one Yale professor happily obliged on Wednesday.

The unnamed educator said he ultimately chose to give his economics class the option to skip their test so they can cope with the fact that Donald Trump is their new President-elect.


“I am getting many heartfelt notes from students who are in shock over the election returns,” the professor wrote in an email to his students, according to Yale Daily News Managing Editor Jon Victor tweeted.

The ones I find most upsetting are those who fear, rightly or wrongly, for their own families. These students are requesting that the exam be postponed. On the other hand, I am sure that many students have sacrificed to prepare for the test…Therefore, I am making the exam optional.”

The professor told the class he would “calculate each student’s grade both with and without the exam.

The decision irked many social media users, who were quick to blast the students on Wednesday. “And we wonder why they feel entitled and want everything paid for. What a joke,” wrote one Twitter user. “Oh, how our hearts should bleed for these poor, shattered little snowflake-children,” another said, in reference to millennials.

Students from a Yale biology class also urged their professor to cancel their mid-term — but their request was denied, according to Victor. “Given the stressful path of the results of the election thus far, regardless of the outcome, the majority of the student body at Yale will be emotionally distraught and distracted…and our performance on the midterm will be hindered massively,” read an email sent to the teacher.


Is there [any] hope of postponing the exam to preserve the sanctity and mental health of students in this class? Even though the midterm is more about application than fact recall, I am fairly confident that it will be nearly impossible for anyone to focus tomorrow morning. I am sure that man students would even make arrangements to come outside of class time if it means that we will be in a better mental state when taking the exam. Please consider such an act of kindness.”

Others at Yale also asked for dean’s excuses and extensions after the election was called, Victor said.

A student from New York Law School told The College Fix on Wednesday that his professor chose to let his class complain about their new president-elect, rather than do any work. “The syllabus is being tossed out the window today so everybody can greive [sic] and vent their feelings,” the student said, adding that “assigned cases and topics were left untouched.”

“That’s around $770 of education just today that I’m not getting.”

Meanwhile, students at various schools across the country were protesting against the election results on Wednesday — with more than 1,000 high school kids in California walking out of their classes in Berkeley, according to the Associated Press.

Similar demonstrations were reported at colleges in the Bay Area, including near Cal State L.A. and USC. Many students voiced their anger by simply walking out and tweeting the hashtag, “#NotMyPresident” — while others waved Mexican flags and reportedly chanted, “Si, se puede,” which is Spanish for “Yes, we can.”


11 responses to “Yale professor lets students skip test in wake of Trump victory

  1. Such a well-educated bunch, huh? Loved the “Waaaaambulence”, BTW. :0)

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  2. Can you even begin to imagine what these crybabies would do if for instance our nation were to be invaded by a foreign power? The fact that they cannot handle the democratic process in this land is beyond belief! What Earthly good are people like this to the rest of society?

    I agree, the “Waaaaambulance” is really great!

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  3. Ridiculous. How are they going to handle other stresses. I wouldn’t hire them. If my high school kid walked out of class I would be dragging them back into class. Not against peaceful protest but not when you are suppose to be learning or working.

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  4. Oh good grief, this is how modern colleges prepared their students for the world? If it is, I see the purpose of a whole lot of refunds due.
    If I had sent a good wholesome and sane child to a college and this is what I got in return, heads would roll.
    Where are the parents, why aren’t they screaming bloody murder? Why aren’t they questioning the methods being taught and instilled?
    Are there any adults left out there?

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  5. This is a real tragedy. Young adults turned into snivelling pukes,

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  6. What a crock.

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  8. Hells-Bells, is the Wet-Blanket-Brexit-Looser-Syndrome so contagious? As this is how it’s going on over here in the UK. Self-Serving politicians & EU-philes cannot cope with the reality that many of us voted to be free of the EU & returning to independent home rule again.
    I say God Bless & Good Luck Mr Trump & Good American People. This is REAL CHANGE !!! I feel good positive vibes and i don’t even live in America.That’s how loud it is!!!

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    • friend . . . we are happy that you folks in the UK can feel the energy and hopefulness we feel about this change. God Bless you and all our cousins in the United Kingdom!

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