Trump Rocks Stocks


A nice counterpoint to the fear mongers out there.


13 responses to “Trump Rocks Stocks

  1. If only the crazies knew and could appreciate how much better things will be under Trump. I was told yesterday that in some parts of California, those folks had started “burning down their neighborhoods.” Can you even imagine anything as self-injuring as that? When you are willing to burn down your own community, you truly are certifiably crazy!

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  2. Hey, all those people betting on having kissed-up to Hillary dumped their stocks and more productive folk bought ’em… cool!

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  3. I knew the stocks would go up, I just knew! 😀

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  4. I am a retiree and told earlier by some to sell off my stocks and bonds before the market goes down the tubes totally. I argued that I would hold them even though I was taking a pre-election beating every day due to the continued downturn. But today my stocks (two of which are ATT and Pfizer) rebounded and now I wish I had the funds to have bought more of those depleted stocks yesterday. I am not greedy but I am thankful that Trump won and his winning seems to have secured my investments and my security in retirement.
    Ignorant people do not understand that many of us retirees invested in the market to prepare for retirement and it is not just the rich that benefit. We in fact are by number the largest investors. But then we invest in our nation rather than put our hand out and demand others foot the bill for our existence.

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  5. So far, so good. What will happen following the official counting of the votes of the electoral college? Soros has expressed ideas, everyone, watch closely and please our God and pray to Him.

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    • JohnMaynardKeynes

      This recount of votes is rediculous.

      There’s simply no there there.

      It’s outrageous that the Clinton campaign would embarrass themselves by participating in this absolute and utter nonsense.

      If anyone had contrived to substantially alter the votes of specific states, then the margin of votes between the two candidates would be too great to allow for any recount.


  6. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Soros stated in an interview that he intended to pay some electors to get HRC in the White House.

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  7. If politics in DC is as thoroughly corrupt and rigged a game as Trump correctly says it is, then doubly so is the fons et origo of that corruption, the free money created by the Fed for the benefit of Wall Street. In fact, the Fed, Treasury, and Congress’ making and sanctioning in law the trillions in interest-free loans to Wall St to make financial bets, where taxpaying Americans are on the hook for losses running to the trillions, makes the Clintons’ heist of a few hundred million trivial in comparison.

    Furthermore, there is not now, never has been, nor ever will be a mathematical model capable of forecasting the direction of financial markets. As (Catholic) mathematician-philosopher James Franklin notes, common sense probabilistic reasoning is proven more accurate than flaw-masking abstruse modeling. The only way as a matter of mathematical certainty to consistently outperform the market is “the old-fashioned way,” which is by collusion and conspiracy to obtain consistent access to insider information. Btw, does this mean that statistical correlation, logic, and factual statements are not the bugaboo of clinical paranoiacs, but actually, you see, the signifiers of crypto anti-Semitism that’s been discovered residing in everything from prehistoric cave drawings to Girl Scout meetings?


  8. Trump is not pres yet. He hasn’t even been voted in as pres yet. That will happen in December when the electoral college votes.


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