The face of evil: Barry Diller, supporter of Hillary Clinton

Barry Diller is one of the Hollyweirdos who had said they would move from the U.S. if Donald Trump were elected President.

Calling Trump a mean and nasty “self-promoting hukster,” Diller, a Hillary Clinton supporter, was so certain that a Trump presidency would never happen, he said he’d put his money on it. As quoted by Bloomberg on Oct. 6, 2015:

 “If Donald Trump doesn’t fall, I’ll either move out of the country or join the resistance.”

Ever noticed that I like to find photos of people about whom I blog? I do that because I believe we can know a lot about a person from his/her visage.

So who is Barry Diller?

Let’s begin with a recent candid, frighteningly evil pic of him:


If you think Hollywood peddles garbage and poison, one of the people responsible for the Hollywood swamp is Barry Diller.

Barry Diller, 74, is a powerful Hollywood and business mogul who was a CEO at Paramount Pictures (1974-84) and Fox Inc. (1984-92), and is currently the chairman of  IAC/InterActiveCorp — a media and internet company that owns Home Shopping Network, Expedia Inc.,,, The Daily Beast, Vimeo, The Princeton Review, and assorted local TV stations.

Chelsea Clinton is on the Board of Directors of IAC/InterActive Corp.

In 20015, New York Times named Barry Diller “the highest paid executive,” with a total compensation that year of $295 million. With an estimated net worth of $2.6 billion, Diller’s already considerable power is magnified by his mentoring of other Hollywood moguls such as Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Born to Jewish parents in San Francisco, Diller is a known homosexual, but married fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg in 2001. Diane, also born to Jewish parents, designed those ugly shirts for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. She kept the von Fürstenberg last name after her divorce in 1972 from husband no. 1, Prince Egon of Fürstenberg, with whom she had been married for only 3 years.

Diane von Furstenberg

Jim Stone perceptively writes:

“This election was beyond all doubt a battle between good and evil.

For a change, the side of good won. And I have a PRIME way to show the contrast between good and evil, in a way people can see.

Take a look at this picture of the top guy in the MSM, Barry Diller.


As you can see, if he has his make up on, (his false face, to cover his black hole of a soul,) he looks all right (left photo). This is the face all the evil politicians show. To the right however, you can clearly see that this guy is a Freddie Kruger when the mask comes off, he’s so evil he does not even look human – more like some sort of a demonic alien. If you look you can see the skin wrinkles on his head form the shape of devil horns. Maybe that is what ‘devil horns’ really are.

This man was Trump’s main opposition, it was this prick who more than anyone else controlled a scamming media that did nothing but lie and back stab. A picture really can be worth more than words.

Now look at an image of Trump when he’s not mad, and one where he is. See a difference? Trump always looks like one of us!”


Jim Stone concludes that “Pictures really can say it all. Here is your war between good and evil”:



26 responses to “The face of evil: Barry Diller, supporter of Hillary Clinton

  1. Any wonder why the homosexual lobby is so strong when they have their own kind in Hollywood paying the bills and favoring anti-patriotic candidates for office?

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    • The homosexual thing is just a cover for the real rotted evil corpse they have in their closets. Look at what happened to Corey Feldman when he was going to expose the Helly weird pedophiles, they got rid of him. Then there was the “Franklin Cover up” a.k.a. The Reagan Bush Child Sex Ring that was due to air on the Discovery channel, when all of a sudden some dudes in suits showed up, paid X amount of money and took all of the tapes of it….except they didn’t get the raw footage which showed up on youtube. It’s a must watch. Then, there is the book by “Brice Taylor”, “Thanks for the Memories”. That’s one that sure pulls off the mask of what is really hiding behind Hell wood and those who operate in the shadows or not…like this Barry Diller guy. I hope he’s no relation to Phyllis Diller. I loved her! 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the list.
    I’ll make it a point to avoid any of this ugly mutha’s products.

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    This man was Trump’s main opposition , it was this prick who more than anyone else controlled a scamming media that did nothing but lie and back stab. A picture really can be worth more than words.

    Everything you say is true, BUT is this the right way to talk????



    • Did you not see the quotation marks? Those are Jim Stone’s words. If I quote him, who am I to edit and censor his speech? Take the matter up with him.

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    • Well, if he is actually a PRICK, then perhaps the shoe fits. And to Dr. Eowyn’s credit, she was quoting, and not making up these words herself.

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    • Is it really necessary to use foul wording to make your point?


    • It’s difficult to avoid using that language when talking about these Satanic perverts of the so-called Gay, or Velvet, Mafia. Just the simultaneous mentioning of homosexual depravity and Hollywood is revealingly denounced as being anti-Semitic. A gay porn star named Dillard, quoted in an article on whale, says that while “Bear” was often in NY during the day with the fashion designer, he was back in B Hills every night for a spanking administered by Dillard. If I’m not mistaken, Diller came and went at the Clinton White House like he owned the Clintons. Washington, DC and the sociopathic political class worship at the feet of lowlife cruds like Diller and ask of him only “How high” when he says jump. Let’s hope when Trump drains the swamp in DC that Hollywood and the MSM are sucked down the drain as well.

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  4. Everyone knows Diane is his beard. This guy and his ugly “wife” are as evil as Soros.

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    • You’re right about the “ugly wife”. I had noticed how she increasingly resembles one of the wicked witches in Macbeth. While we all eventually lose our youthful good looks, not all old people become evil looking.

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      • You can sometimes tell with the eyes. In that picture, her ‘smile’ if you can call it that doesn’t touch the eyes. I wish I had gotten a picture of that one when they had Dick Cheney hanging up in the federal offices. He had more like a snarl and was trying to smile, but just could not pull it off. Too evil I guess! Is Obama and Hilary still stinking of sulfur? Or are they hiding pine tree air fresheners all over their bodies? 🙂

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  5. I hope that after putting his money on Hillary, he left enough to relocate to the jungles of Borneo. Perhaps he could persuade Valerie Jarret to join him.

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  6. Obama's boyfriensd

    I hope Diller enjoys living in Venezuela or some Islamic state.

    Butt hurt folks need to leave now. Be true to your world pajama boys.

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  7. I see nothing but evil and hate there.

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  8. TY Dr. E. for unveiling the evil ones. The list is growing daily.

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  9. I’d heard the name but never seen the face! Diller’s nose in his “evil photo” reminds me of actor Karl Malden, but I couldn’t find any “mean face” photos of Malden to do a side by side comparison. Are their “bulb” noses a “tribal trait”? Wiki says Malden’s parents were Serbian, doesn’t mention Jewish; though his mother’s maiden name was Greenberg. Malden married one woman & stayed with her 71 years until he died at age 97 in 2009. Speaking of Jim Stone, one of Malden’s best known characters was Lt. Stone in Streets of San Francisco (1970s).


  10. So do we need to get a petition going to urge the electoral college to elect Trump? Or is this a false flag?
    All it would take would take would be a website, right?
    Or would direct communication with the electoral college cause a bigger impact?

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  11. Diller the Degenerate. Yeah, that’ll work!

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  12. This article reminds me of a photo I came across some years ago of Barry Diller and Katie Couric. They just happened to be in Central Park at the same time with a photographer handy? In a snowstorm no less.

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  13. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. The pictures are just incredible, how they reflect true evil and goodness.

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  14. Another excellent post. I stayed up half the night thinking about that face. The mark of Cain? I’ve noticed it in pictures of Hitler, Manson and others. Certain world weary atheistic college professors had it. The eyes are truly the window of the soul. Hieronymus Bosch nailed it in Ecce Homo. The battle of good versus evil goes on.

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  15. looks like an orc… the big ugly one with the dreadlocks…. in Lord of the Rings….

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  16. Hiilary and friends:

    WIKILEAKS: Hillary Clinton Campaign Chair’s PIZZA ADDICTION?!

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