NYP columnist: ‘I know Trump 40 years. He keeps his promises.’

Trump cloud

Cindy Adams, 86, is a long-time syndicated newspaper columnist who has been writing for the New York Post since 1979. She has known Donald Trump for 40 years, longer than his kids or his first wife Ivana.

In an article for NYP‘s Page Six, “I know exactly who Trump is: A man who keeps his promises,” Adams vouches for Trump:

“I know Trump 40 years. Longer than his kids or first wife Ivana. Hysterics and histrionics aside, the guy’s canny. Savvy. If he can’t jump over the top, he’ll creep under the bottom. But he’ll accomplish. You don’t like him? So what? Not everybody had tea with Lincoln. The guy who’s there now has a nice haircut, good suits, shirt sleeves rolled to just the right spot when pretending to go casual. He can speechify and access a teleprompter. So? So what? What else did he do?

I know the offstage Donald. I remember that anger when I didn’t attend his father’s funeral. ‘You disrespected him,’ he said.

I remember when his things went belly-up and he unpityingly sat behind me in a cramped seat in a junky plane.

I remember when he turned things around and flew us in his private jet to Vegas munching cookies and catered meals.

I remember ’97, when he brought his team over to create my security alarm system.

I remember his extra-special care when my husband passed on.

I remember he didn’t forget his promises. Not to me. Not to you. Not to this country he loves.

And I’ll always remember he’s one of us, kids — only from New York.”

The rest of Adams’ column is gossipy but interesting. A sample:

“Election evening . . . .  Despite snarling CNN, Trumptown knew they’d won by 5:30 . . . .

The Park Avenue living-room talk was: ‘He loves this country. He wants the history books. He’ll work to be the best president America’s ever had.’

Another: ‘It was a vote against any smell of Obama, who now returns to his smelly pastor pal Jeremiah Wright’s preaching of ‘God damn America’ sermons.’

Another: ‘Be grateful we won’t see shloompy Tim Kaine anymore.’

Maybe what a friend said: ‘I’m for Hillary. But we’re tired of her and how she does things. Enough. We can’t take her anymore.’”


14 responses to “NYP columnist: ‘I know Trump 40 years. He keeps his promises.’

  1. Obama's boyfriensd

    Whatever Trump may be he is not Obama or the Hildabeast. That’s more than enough for me.

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  2. That cloud formation is eerily right on the money . Things that make you go hmmmmmm.
    I’ve heard that name before ” Cindy Adams ” !!!
    Who knows , maybe all the illegals will get their ” collective ” panties in a wad and self deport ?
    We can always dream , can’t we ?

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  4. Love this one–thank you Dr. Eowyn!

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  5. It is really great to hear from someone who knew Donald “when.” I believe that he will attempt with all his might to be the best POTUS we have ever seen, and bring prosperity for the little buy back to this country.

    I recall the 1970’s my parents had a very nice house, my father worked as a pattern maker. They had a very good middle class life. As I look around today, the middle class cannot afford to live as well as my parents did . . . and I grieve for the loss of that prosperity for my countrymen.

    Dr Eowyn, this was a wonderful post! Thank you.

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  6. This WAS great to read! It’s strange because I’ve seen some of the stuff on Makows’ site that show Trump is part of the club, which has a left me with a wait and see attitude. And yet…. this article validates what I feel in my gut, which is that Trump is for real and does love this country. I truly hope the latter is true, and if it is, then we must all pray for his safety because he will be in danger.

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  7. January 20, 2017 beauty will be restored in WHITE HOUSE.

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  8. Madonna (of the devil) , Babaa Streisand, Miley, have you left yet? Don’t go to Australia, go down even more, GO TO HELL!!!

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  9. You do realize that Trump has not really been voted into office yet, right? That vote doesn’t take place until December.


  10. Great.


  11. Veteran political consultant Roger Stone is another who has known Donald Trump “for over 40 years.” So we have good sources from at least TWO people in the public eye who can vouch for him.
    Give it some time: I am confident there will be more. For all the howling and caterwauling that went on during this Campaign, only the phony and discredited could assail his character. I don’t recall anyone from Atlantic City who had bad things to say about him.
    I believe we’ll be mostly pleased by his ability to administrate and lead the Nation, and a Movement has ignited, and it’s BIGGER than one man. May God Almighty and the Secret Service protect Mr. Trump.

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  12. That “old gal girl talk” recommendation for Trump’s principles is worth more than a hundred resumes’. Great read!

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  13. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this encouraging post, for it gives us hope. May God bless our new president!

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