Imagine seeing this on a plane….

During an AeroMexico flight from Torreon to Mexico City, passengers saw this slithering above them . . . .

It’s a poisonous green snake.


Passenger Indalecio Medina took a video of the snake dropping into the cabin, and posted it to Twitter.

If you were on board that plane, what would you have done? — Scream? Go berserk? Freeze up with fright? Or calmly catch the snake?

That’s what Medina did, according to his comment on Twitter:

indalecio-medina-tweet-on-snake-in-planeGoogle Translate:

“I had to catch it with a blanket and obviously we gave it some magazines to read for a while. The snake arrived alive and kicking, frightened but without having paid its airfare. And best of all, priority when it came to landing and animal control experts waiting for the unexpected traveler.”

The plane made a quick landing, and animal control quickly removed the serpent.


12 responses to “Imagine seeing this on a plane….

  1. How did Hillary get on that plane ?

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  2. ha-ha. I wqas gonna say something similar…. till i read the comments ha-ha-

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  3. OMG is that Airforce One???

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  4. First I would have screamed. Then maybe grab a fork from first class and stab it. Or use my boots to stomp on it…that’s worked before 🙂

    Another reason to despise flying…

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  5. Good for that guy, at least he’s got some wits about him! 🙂

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  6. The snake was left over from the Obama regime!

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