Hillary’s supporters in meltdown over Trump victory

NSFW due to some salty language.

Make sure you watch until the very end 🙂



28 responses to “Hillary’s supporters in meltdown over Trump victory

  1. Waaaaaa, I’ve been triggered. Waaaaaaaa

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  2. POOOOOR itty bitty babies. They ought to show their contempt for the AMERICAN election process by moving to Canada where there is a liberal socialist government in power already. If they decide to stay here they need to GET A JOB and become a productive member of the American society! Quit sponging off the tax payers or mommie and daddy,who should be enjoying their EARNED retirement instead of supporting their lazy a$$ed grown “CHILDREN!”

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  3. The greatest compilation of the “world’s dumbest people” ever! This clip is the sum total of the affect that the public school and the university system has had on this country.
    By the way RLJohnson77, I completely concur with your avatar.

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  4. Obama's boyfriensd

    I love the sight of moonbat tears. It looks like victory!

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  5. liberalism is a mental illness and this is more proof of it

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    • stevor . . . I must admit you are right on the money. If people can act like this in response to the political process in this country . . . they are truly nuts. The young woman who was crying uncontrollably, and said “This needs to be fixed now,” needs to be committed to a psych ward ASAP.

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  7. That video was hilarious …….To the oriental gal , ” Go ahead , make my day “…….The door swings both ways ……………Do you want some cheese with that WHINE ?…….

    On the ” Kelly Files ” last night , around 9:30 p , she mentioned about a collegiate student who posted on a social media thing that she didn’t go to school today because she was ” too traumatized ” by the election results .

    Oh the poor snowflake . Got her panties in a wad . My comment to her : ” Reality is a bitch , isn’t it ?

    I can see college is prepping her for the real world ….NOT !

    AND TO THE OLD BATTLE AXE WHO FLIPPED THE FINGER , now you know what real thinking people have felt like for the last 7 years , 10 months , etc, etc,……………Have a nice life under Trump

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  8. Kevin J Lankford

    If they weren’t so stupid, illiterate, or indoctrinated in the false unrealistic virtues of socialism, communism, or even democracy, they would be as hopeful as the rest of us true patriotic U.S. citizens that our “Republican” government “of the people (true citizens), by the people, and for the people” may survive.

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  9. I don’t want to be too hard on them. I know how they feel. I’ve been feeling that way for 8 years!!

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  10. As I watch that video, in tears, I felt I needed to pass it along and share it with all my friends.

    Thought they could use a good laugh, too…Bwahahahahahahahahha!!!!!!

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  11. Wow–what’s pathetic about this is that these people are for real. It’s like they’ve had their heads stuck in the ground for years and years. Well–here’s a little hint, snowflakes: ostriches stick their heads in the ground, and you’re (supposedly) homo sapiens. (again, supposedly).

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  12. HAHAHAHA! I laughed so hard I cried.
    they are literally throwing a tantrum…this is what happens when parents don’t teach their kids good ole’ traditional values like respect, rationality, maturity, faith in a higher power (Jesus), consequences, nuclear family, understanding that they can’t always get what they want (rejection), how to lose with dignity, etc.
    …..liberals…..progressssssssssives….commies…..satanists…..millennials…..narcissists…special snowflakes…same rotten fruit in the dilapidated basket of progressivism.
    the cry babies need to grow up and act like adults.
    it amazes me how our country is in shambles and all these people can do is blame trump and believe obama’s status quo makes our country great as they reject traditional values as “hate” and apply the suffix “-ist” to anyone who doesn’t agree with their brainwashed mindsets: sexist, racist, homophobist, misogynist, etc . they believe the lies perpetrated by clinton, obama, and their cronies…
    if these people are the future of our country, well, our future is done: America’s greatness ended at the doorstep of obama and the millennials.

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  13. I wish I have set up a binky and juice box concession stand outside the DNC.

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  14. After watching the video, I need my “safe space”.

    Seriously, what will happen to these Millennial precious snowflakes if this country really tanks? How have they managed to actually live to adult age???

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  15. This may sound mean but I relish their tears and their sadness delights me for they are reaping what they have sown, every Trump supporter assaulted, every lie they told every American flag they burned and continue to burn every trophy they received for just showing up ets……………………..
    You make me sick liberals in general and millennials specifically, grow up get some honor stop insulting and attacking people you do not agree with then maybe we will get along until then I’ll sit back and DRINK YOUR TEARS

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  16. That is almost pathetic in a sad way. But then it takes two to tango > the “drug pusher” & the “drug taker.” Those people, the younger ones & the older ones & the “minority” ones, have been so severely overdosed on PropagandaRx that they have now been forced to abruptly go “cold turkey” when hit with the fact that their “pushers” had been selling them “bad stuff” all along. Their faces alone show that they bought the LIE hook, line, & sinker, & what we’re seeing are their “DT’s” (“delirium tremens” … or Donald Trump! Ha!)

    “Delirium tremens (DTs) is a rapid onset of confusion usually caused by withdrawal from alcohol”… but in this case we’ll say caused by withdrawal from “not getting what you want” (per the classic by the Rolling Stones in 2nd video above). Wiki says the DTs are also called, among other things, “BLUE HORRORS.” Well, howdy, that would apply, too! The Blues are in horrified mode.

    Lastly, I wondered for a few decades, who/what/why would cause God to send “Strong Delusion” (2nd Thess. 2:11). Well, I think I have now clearly seen the WHO, the WHAT, the WHY –&– the HOW people can be so duped & prepped to fall into the even greater lies that are coming.

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  17. Bravo, Donald Trump is President; the best drama of the year, best news story of the year, and now we have the best sob story, and comedy of the year!

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