Tweet these Hollyweirdos who said they’d leave U.S. if Trump is elected


These narcissistic Hollyweirdos and other “celebrities” think themselves to be so important as to threaten to leave the U.S. if Donald Trump is elected President, as if anyone actually cares.

Let’s hold them to their word.

Send them a tweet as a reminder (you can either click on their names or copy-and-paste the URL of their Twitter account):

  1. Neve Campbell:
  2. Cher (says she’ll move to the planet Jupiter):
  3. Bryan Cranston:
  4. Mark Cuban:
  5. Miley Cyrus:
  6. Barry Diller:
  7. Lena Dunham:
  8. Ruth Bader Ginsburg:
  9. Whoopi Goldberg:
  10. Eddie Griffin:
  11. Chelsea Handler:
  12. Omari Hardwick:
  13. Samuel L. Jackson:
  14. Keegan-Michael Key:
  15. Jennifer Lawrence (says the world would end if Trump is elected):
  16. Spike Lee:
  17. George Lopez:
  18. Natasha Lyonne:
  19. Rachel Maddow:
  20. Rosie O’Donnell:
  21. Amber Rose:
  22. Susan Sarandon:
  23. Amy Schumer:
  24. Chloë Sevigny:
  25. Al Sharpton:
  26. Jon Stewart (says he’ll move to another planet):
  27. Barbra Streisand:
  28. Raven Symone:



Jones Airways will fly these Hollyweirdos to Canada for free! LOL

Canada or Bust: Airline Offers Anti-Trump Celebrities Free Flights to Canada


26 responses to “Tweet these Hollyweirdos who said they’d leave U.S. if Trump is elected

  1. Shame on them and good riddance. He won fair and square. They have no appreciation for how this country fell to the giveaway, pretend and do nothing prior administration. They are self serving and probably lost souls. I pray for our Country and our children, brothers and sisters, friends and good neighbors being able to truly prosper again.

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    • We already have enough Criminals in this great country. We don’t need a group of Bona fide LIARS ! They MUST go to protect their reputations.


  2. Omgosh, so many people I don’t like are moving. This is so exciting !

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  3. yes, and they can take all of these ignorant, millennial, soros-protesters with them

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    • MomOfIV . . . I can just imagine the shock that Soros felt in learning that all the millions he spent in trying to cheat his way to a different conclusion in this election, was money flushed down the drain. I just wish that his shock had been enough to stop his heart!!!

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      • HAHA! what heart? 🙂
        that POS should be in prison for all the havoc he has wreaked on this country and other countries. he is the pink elephant in the room that all lawmakers ignore.

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  5. Yes they can all leave, good riddance , I’ll even help them pack, bye bye

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  6. And if they don’t want to completely leave here’s a map of states that will welcome them…

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  7. Heck, I don’t even know who the majority of these self absorbed ego maniacs are. We aren’t exactly talking Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, Audrey Hepburn or a host of real entertainers here. I know about 200 40’s and 50’s actors that have to be turning over in their graves because of these losers.

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  8. The persistent fascination with these demonstrably untalented dishrags glamorized with camera and makeup magic points elsewhere, to an even greater alchemical (Cabalistic) creation of double-mindedness in the observer, vaguely recognizing the false reality, but simultaneously and (the key) helplessly drawn into it, and then viscerally and emotionally functioning under its demonic spell, protestations otherwise notwithstanding. As proof I offer the alchemical transformation of minds so effective these victims would loudly protest that, regardless of Cher and Barbra Streisand’s politics, that these two, among of the very ugliest of women alive who honk through their noses as a simulacrum of song, are genuinely talented performers who’ve earned their status as superstars. The vague uneasiness at one’s acceptance of this utterly diabolical and false second reality, as Hoffman astutely observes, is not a flaw in the alchemy, but an essential stage in achieving the helplessness that assures control and allows evil to occupy space in one’s mind, and all the more insidiously so to the extent it’s fancied as compartmentalized, such as by saying, “Hey, lighten up; it’s just entertainment!” This induced psychic disorder then attaches itself easily to the intended realm of politics where a second reality as fake as Hollywood, that inverts all that’s decent, true, good, and beautiful, becomes the real. Does anyone wonder why the CIA has always worked hand in glove with Hollywood when the CIA’s original mission was always dual, brainwashing Americans every bit as much as foreigners?


  9. Hollywood should be razed to the ground.

    On their way out, they should take these sourpusses as well…


  10. Lol, indeed! Keep those cooties away from the rest of us…


  11. @ bill mitchell – They’re all kinda nutty, may be due to inbreeding in the concentrated pockets. (sarc)


  12. Is anyone taking up a collection for the Clinton celebrities that said they would leave America if Trump wins? I would like to contribute.


    • Bless your heart, Joe, but none of them needs donations because they each have more money than we can ever hope to accumulate in a lifetime. Save your $ for truly worthy causes. I suggest and urge that you donate to WikiLeaks. We owe so much to the emails WikiLeaks published which reveal Hillary, the Democrats, and Obama for the devils they really are. I wouldn’t ask if I hadn’t myself donated, a couple of weeks before Election Day.

      To donate, go here:

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  13. well celebrities lie for a living so they are already full of it.

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  14. Funny if it was us they be saying put up or shut up so lets throw a big party and send them all off since this country is going to be so vile to live in.(scar)


  15. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this great post. We must remind them to please keep their word so we can “drain the swamp.”

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  16. I have just one thing to say to all these Hollywood “elites” who are so out of touch either the Heart Of America, “By Felicia” and take that Colin kapernik fool with you!!!


  17. Please don’t dump your hollyweird shit on Canada. We have enough losers here already. I love the american people like relatives. Nice to visit but don’t want to live with them. May God Bless the U.S.Eh. Haha


  18. I shouldn’t be so hard on people for they know not what they do. Here are mt thoughts For the U.S. AMERICA


    A country built on back and bone
    Freedom hewn from steel and stone
    Worked by people with selfless love
    Once ordained by God above
    Warrior class and open mind
    Too much power can rend one blind
    And often lose the great intent
    From useless wars
    Wealth poorly spent
    Come back to us America, the world cried
    What you once were when freedom thrived
    When people needn’t lock their doors
    And welcomed those from distant shores
    Rises up oh proud and glorious heart
    Please come together
    Don’t break apart.


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