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  2. Those pictures are good for many, many words.

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    In spite off the value of pictures, never let them take the place of the written word, in longhand or printed, even with emoji.

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  4. Somehow, we have to find a happy medium. Otherwise children will lose all sense of the necessity to develop foundational skills.


  5. Great post! Thanks.

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  7. Will share! Thanks!!

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  8. Life used to be really great in this Country. Right up until JFK was shot.
    The Old America. It’s gone….

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  9. If you eat a little dirt along the way you’ll grow up healthier, less flu and colds and allergies. You’ll be a little tougher too.

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  10. I really miss the good old days.

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  11. Loved this. The very sad thing is today’s children are really not experiencing a true childhood. They are forcing them to age before their time.

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  12. And you had to salute the flag, say good morning, respect your teachers, dress up to go to church, and so much more!

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  13. I loved this post.

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