Donald Trump’s last message to America – before voted President!

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8 responses to “Donald Trump’s last message to America – before voted President!

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  2. This is the first election in my memory where the issues being brought forth meant something, were relevant.

    Since JFK, it has become increasingly apparent that the establishment thinks We the People are an inconvenience which blocks them from greater things (getting more powerful and richer).
    We learn in retrospect that that JFK was not perfect, but IMO he had his eye on the ball, and the establishment knew it and had him whacked.
    and RFK, and many others too, like Scalia.
    Physical and character assassinations; bribes threats and intimidation.

    Thanks solely to Donald Trump for articulating the agenda and setting the pace.
    Against a massive conspiracy using every trick and tactic to suppress him and We The People.

    Usually elections are all abstractions and hyperbole, and assumed to be lies. You know like Hillary’s campaign.

    Watching many of Trump’s rallies, somehow I feel a solidarity with all those who attended them.
    It was not easy to go to those rallies: you faced huge crowds and possible dangers. They were not giving away cigarettes and cellphones. i didn’t attend because I am not a kid, and I have many people who rely on me.
    But I did vote and actually made a contribution to the campaign.
    And I followed the whole campaign closely and have been shaking my fist at the TV since BHO appeared out of nowhere and suddenly was commander in chief. An end to end disaster (which is not over yet.)

    I am convinced the entire system is rigged, and will not accept a loss today, regardless of what the lying media try to tell us happened.

    My media habits are totally revised now, and I look forward to voice my prerogative as a consumer and citizen by boycotting products and venues who are on the wrong side.

    Sort of a rebel alliance thing happening here, and I’m waiting for whatever is next.

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  3. “Latest WikiLeaks Reveals Clinton Critics Were Right All Along,” by Michael Sainato, New York Observer, 8 Nov 2016

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  4. This was the first time since I listened to John & Robert Kennedy speaking live have I felt in the presence of a genuine patriot and man of backbone. I’ll be 74 in February, so you do the math. I was raised by a very politically aware anarchist–pacifist father and attended many in-depth political and social events as a child, and I don’t refer to Democrat fund-raising picnics.

    Trump is for the nation, and he’s put his life on the line: we must now be for him! Broom Hilda can ONLY ‘win’ through her usual deceit & duplicity.

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  5. Donald Trump, I heard the message you just gave and of which you approved, and I agree with it and thank you for the work you have done for our country. You are one of very few, including most former presidents up to and including LBJ, who wouldn’t put a “For Sale” sign at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and wouldn’t put our Constitution on Craig’s list.

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  6. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    He salutes the red, white, and blue, not the UN’s white and blue.

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  7. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!


  8. President Trump, in all sincerity you must listen to us and trust us on this : PAUL RYAN CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO REMAIN SPEAKER, AND HE CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO HAVE ANY ACTIVE OR PERCEIVED ROLE IN YOUR ADMINISTRATION. Paul Ryan is going to attempt to bring you down and thwart you every chance he gets.


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