Sweden on the brink? Police force pushed to breaking point by violence amid migrant influx

Ain’t multiculturalism grand?


From Daily Express: The Scandinavian country is facing an existential crisis with on average three police officers handing in their resignations a day. If the alarming trend continues, and police officers continue to resign more than 1,000 officers will have quit the service by New Years.

Since the migrant crisis began last summer, Sweden has been hit by a series of brutal crimes and violent incidents. In 2015 alone Sweden, with a population of 9.5million, received over 160,000 asylum applications and the country is expected to take as many as 190,000 refugees, or two per cent of the population, by the end of 2016.

Since the Second World War Sweden has prided itself on helping migrants who cross their borders despite some moves to the political right in recent years.

But police have now admitted the force has reached breaching point as more than 50 areas in the country have now been placed on a “no-go zone” list.


In February a report from Sweden’s National Criminal Investigation Service announced there were 52 areas where officers would not cope with the levels of crime being committedSex assaults, drug dealing and children carrying weapons were just some of the incidents mentioned in the report.  In September, Swedish officials were forced to add another three areas to the list. 

Now the Police Association have said they need at least 200 new officers to regain control in the south-east of the country. 

Thomas Stjernfeldt, from the region’s police association, told SVT: “We are missing extremely many officers in the operational sector, right now we need 200 more officers to be added to the force to establish a reasonable working environment in the southeast of Götaland.” Götaland is one of the regions in the country that has been hit hard by the car fire attacks, which have been occurring throughout Sweden.

On Monday, Express.co.uk reported a number of the arsonist attacks in the city of Växjö, in Götaland, had been committed by frustrated migrantsCurrently there are more than 6,000 suspected crimes that are unsolved in the area and 400 of these cases are suspected to be rapes, murder or attempted murder. 

Mr. Stjernfeldt said the figures are alarming and police officers are constantly forced to work overtime in an attempt to solve the reported crimes.

The Police Association admitted it fears the public will lose faith in the force and their ability to protect citizens if the situation is not resolved. 

The union’s call for more resources echoes National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson’s February warning, where he said he needed a further 4,100 officers and specialist staff to reestablish law and order in Sweden.


11 responses to “Sweden on the brink? Police force pushed to breaking point by violence amid migrant influx

  1. What compels the Swedes, Germans, Americans, et al to accept these overt acts of genocide against themselves and their culture, notwithstanding the tiny percentage of useful idiots who can be reliably marshaled before the cameras to fabricate the appearance of widespread assent? Politicians can theoretically be voted out of office and the police would enforce the law if they could, except for what? The answer is that the kosher MSM throughout Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, etc, control the public forum, determining what is acceptable discourse and what is not, such as the MSM’s pathologizing the most fundamental rights of a people to determine their destiny–with zero effective opposition in the public forum or in the halls of Congress. If anyone still considers Fox News conservative or patriotic, despite all the empty jingoism and hypocritical flag waving, they need their mind deprogrammed.

    The financial resources to sustain this genocide against the host people is derived from, effectively, a franchise on usury, as well as the ability to silence the people that the kosher MSM absurdly claim to serve. None of this could ever have come to pass in the US, at least, even in part, without the total sell out of the American people by the Republican Party and Conservatism, Inc. The Democratic Party has been outright owned for a full century.

    The proof is in the pudding and Americans of European ancestry will not only lose their country, but be persecuted and hounded to extinction. If we do nothing else, we need to repudiate the Rrpublican Party and Conservatism, inc, traitors all along.

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  2. Question to Dan…why “kosher” MSM?
    Kosher means clean, I hardly think that was your meaning…please explain.

    Trudeau, the whiter obama, the little betamale to our North has now partnered with Soros, agreeing to take in 300K unvetted” syrian refugees” a year. If Hillary wins she wants 550% more unvetted “syrian refugees” than obama has signed on for.
    Add to that a wide open Southern border and America will be reduced to being a globalist dumpster, our problems exceeding Sweden’s beyond imagining.
    Trump must win, we will never again have this chance to vote for America, for American sovereignty, for American values.

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    • It’s true. There’s an agenda behind the Obama/Hillary push for illegal & Muslim “refugee” immigrants into this country: They are counting on them voting Democrat. Already, whites are becoming a minority in America. Demographics will destroy the America as many of us have known it.

      I’m not being hyperbolic: The 2016 election is the LAST CHANCE to turn this around. The stakes are that high.

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  3. Thank you for this article, DCG. It is awful to watch the peaceful Swedes make the mistake of allowing islam into their country.

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  4. Sounds like they are half a step away from martial law! Admit they made a mistake, and ship all of them home! Except the real cases of persecution in their country of origin…


    • Paul . . . I agree with you 100%. I feel an anger and disgust for my paternal grandmother’s people that in the name of being “kindly and generous” they have allowed these hoards to enter Sweden and do whatever they damn well pleased. It’s time for some real butt-kickin to go on, and then load ’em up and move ’em out! Let the trouble makers go back to wherever they came from. They have managed to ruin their own countries, now they want a chance to ruin someone else’s country and way of life. Enough is enough!


      • Yes, the truth is working its way to the surface…Like Donald Trump said, The United Arab Emirates should step forward, along with the rest of the Middle East and take care of their own.


  5. Iceland, being isolated and surrounded by water, has remained fairly untouched by the influx of “refugees” to Europe. That is about to change and the change will be very visible due to the country’s small population of circa 330,000. With the gates open, and rumors of generous benefits spreading, Soros will find a way to bring them to Iceland too.

    Iceland has an area of about 40,000 square miles of land with 330,000 residents sharing those miles. In contrast, England has 50,000 square miles with 55,000,000 inhabitants. What’s to stop Soros, his masters and his followers, from turning Iceland into another England, or Germany, or Sweden, or Norway? Nothing. Icelandic politicians are on board with the plan.

    Sometime in the future I envision European royal castles turned into mosques with the remaining royals seeking exile where they can find it. Perhaps Australia.


    “…..but hopefully soon you will feel like Icelanders and find out that we’re probably very similar to you.”


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    • Time the World Court put a collar on that fool…I’ll bet if they dug deep enough into his past he has got plenty of skeletons that could put him away, until Beelzebub flies up to collect his rotten carcass!

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  6. “The Police Association admitted it fears the public will lose faith in the force and their ability to protect citizens if the situation is not resolved.”
    they lost their “faith” in Jesus way before the “migrant” and police problem. They need to regain their faith in Christ, regain their gun rights, close their borders, send the “migrants” back home, and prosecute the satanists who are allowed these “migrants” to destroy their country IF they want to regain a stronghold on the sovereignty of their culture and borders.
    sweden, like the rest of eu and liberals in the us, is blindly following PC politics in the name of “diversity”…they are foolishly marching to the rhythm of the political correctness drumbeat that is tuned to their own demise.

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  7. We are in the middle of a genuine ‘squeeze play’ by the perps of the nwo, and what’s happening in places like Sweden is more than likely scheduled to take place here in the U.S. some time very soon, if the satanically inspired nwo puppets win the day. If they can’t actually win it, then they plan to steal it, I’m sure. Political correctness is just one tool in their little box of useful items, and they’ve laid it on so thick, those with no Christian faith, and understanding of God’s ways, are falling for it like a ton of bricks.

    Thinking they’re on “the side of the angels”, Europeans are being so tolerant that they are allowing thugs to come in and literally burn down their government, steal them blind, rape their women, and frighten their police into resigning. They are being pillaged and plundered, but told to shut up and sit down, by the evil nwo leftists. Someone told me yesterday that Merkel actually regrets allowing those people into her country the way she did, but I said “So what?!” Because, being sad and sorry doesn’t erase rape, nor does it bring back the dead!

    She, and any other European leader, needs to take that ‘sorry’ to God, then grow some spine, and begin the task of building up their internal strengths, including police and military, in order to begin shoving those immigrants out of their country, and back to where they BELONG, in their OWN countries. It’s the “Ladybug Principle”:
    “Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home,
    Your [own] house is on fire, and your [own] children will burn!”

    Let them return home to put out their own fires, and protect their own country from anymore turmoil, set their own houses in order, then stay and protect what is rightfully theirs. And, forget their bankrupt beliefs. We need to stop them from trying to take what doesn’t belong to them, which is our own life, liberty and property. Not to mention stopping them from taking away our own rights to our own religious beliefs, which they are determined to do.

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