Predetermined vote counts show Nov. 8 presidential election is rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton


This post may be the most important post you’ll read on not just the 2016 election, but the entire electoral system that legitimates the U.S. republic of representative democracy. The post is long, with multiple sections, so pace yourself accordingly. I suggest you bookmark this webpage so that you can return to read or re-read.

Jim Stone first posted about this two days ago on Nov. 1, 2016. Then InfoWars picked this issue up a day later on November 2.

What is claimed is that a hidden web site of NBC affiliate WRCBtv in Chattanooga, Tenn., shows pre-determined final vote counts for an election that hasn’t yet occurred — the 2016 presidential election scheduled for November 8.

Below is a screenshot Jim Stone took of the election results on WRCBtv’s hidden webpage, showing Hillary Clinton winning with 343 electoral votes and 42% of the popular vote. As Stone puts it: “SCAM ELECTION ALREADY CONFIRMED. TRUMP LOSES.”


Anticipating that skeptics or the vote-riggers would say that’s “hidden page” of election results is merely a “code test” for the TV station’s actual posting of election results on November 8, Jim Stone says that he’d “ripped the code out” and can confirm “there is no active in it to need testing," i.e., "the page has no code that will tabulate votes." The data on the hidden page are not codes, but are "all just typed in."

Stone and InfoWars say the predetermined election results are provided by

So what is WorldNow?

This is what Wikipedia says, with a lot of jargon:

"WorldNow is a New York-based software company . . . [that] offers the only integrated media platform enabling broadcasters, operators and media companies to easily create, acquire, manage, analyze, monetize and distribute media assets (text, images and videos) across all digital platforms and on-air systems in a unified, end-to-end workflow . . . . Worldnow's customers include CBS, COX, Dispatch, Fox Television, Meredith Corporation, Media General and Raycom Media . . . . On July 29, 2015, WorldNow announced its sale to Frankly, a San Francisco-based provider of white label social media services and mobile messaging apps . . . . In 2012, Fox Television Stations migrated its websites to WorldNow's platform . . . becoming WorldNow's second largest client (as of 2015, they have since switched to Lakana). In 2011, Meredith Corporation . . . began a four-year contract with WorldNow to operate its station websites. In January 2013, Media General reached a deal to move its eighteen stations to WorldNow, beginning with WFLA-TV."

A "media platform" is a "platform," medium or means of communicating news, such as a newspaper, TV station, Facebook, Twitter, or even a blog like FOTM.

I typed "" in the URL bar of my laptop, but was brought to the webpage of Frankly Inc. with this URL:

Frankly's "About" page says:

WorldNow, the original broadcast arm of Frankly, was founded in 1999. We now serve over 200 stations across the United States as a true partner, offering customization services and strategic trainings on industry best practices for user engagement and monetization.

Frankly's "Investors" page says:

"Our customers include NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX affiliates, as well as top fashion brands, professional sports franchises and global organizations."

In other words, WorldNow is a media software company that provides real-time data – such as election results – to local TV news stations like WRCBtv.

You can verify this for yourself by going on WRCBtv's website: Scroll down to the bottom of WRCBtv's webpage, and you'll see this in the bottom left of the webpage:

wrcbtv-com-webpage is "powered by frankly" and Frankly is the owner of WorldNow. In other words, WorldNow provides the content or the news for

Stone claims that for now,'s (predetermined) election results page is hidden, awaiting WorldNow to publicly post the (fake) election results sometime in the evening of November 8, Election Day.

I can verify that the webpage is currently hidden. Here's what I did:

  • I typed ""in the URL bar, but was brought to a McAfee Web Advisor page warning of "Trouble ahead" and asking me"Are you sure you want to go there?"
  • I then did a Yahoo search for " decision 2016". My search's results page has this at the top:

search-results-for-wrcbtv-2016-electionNote that it says "Decision 2016: Complete Election Results Posted".

  • I clicked the blue-colored "DECISION 2016: Complete Election Results" and was brought to this page of with the message:

Our Apologies

The page you requested is currently unavailable. Pages on this site are constantly being revised, updated, and occasionally removed. You may have followed an outdated link or have outdated pages in your browser cache.

  • Here's a screenshot I took:


So how did WorldNow come up with its predetermined final vote counts for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

Answer: A method called "fractional vote".

To begin, a fractional vote feature is embedded in the GEMS election management system of electronic voting machines, which counts approximately 25% of all votes in the United States.

As explained by Gun&Game, the fractional vote feature can be used to invisibly, yet radically, alter election outcomes by pre-setting desired vote percentages for the candidates. The tampering can be applied across large jurisdictions in less than 60 seconds; is not visible to election observers, even if they are standing in the room and watching the computer; and is unlikely to be detected by auditing or canvass procedures.

GEMS vote-counting systems operate under five trade names: Global Election Systems, Diebold Election Systems, Premier Election Systems, Dominion Voting Systems, and Election Systems & Software, in addition to a number of private regional subcontractors. GEMS is used statewide in Alaska, Connecticut, Georgia, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Utah and Vermont, and for counties in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. It is also used in Canada.

Vote-rigging by electronic voting machines is real.

A 2006 Emmy-nominated HBO documentary, Hacking Democracy, investigates the flawed integrity of electronic voting machines, particularly those made by Diebold Election Systems (now Global Election Systems), and exposes previously unknown backdoors in the Diebold trade secret computer software. Hacking Democracy documents American citizens investigating anomalies and irregularities with electronic voting systems during the 2000 and 2004 elections, especially in Volusia County, Florida. The film culminates in the on-camera hacking of the Diebold election system in Leon County, Florida -- the same computer voting system which has been used in elections across 39 states, and which still counts tens of millions of America's votes today.

So what is fractional or fractionalized vote?

Fractional vote is a method to distort the results of an election by “weighting” the votes. Instead of the principle of “one person-one vote," some votes are counted not as 1, but as a fraction of or less than 1 (e.g., ½ or ¼), or as more than 1 (e.g., 1½ or 1¾). The distortion of "one person-one vote" is in order to achieve a pre-assigned percentage of votes for each candidate. For example, Candidate A is pre-assigned 51% of the votes, Candidate B 44%, and Candidate C gets the rest -- 5%.

An algorithm is used to arrive at the pre-assigned percentages by changing the numbers automatically as the voting progresses. Although Candidate A in actuality received fewer number of votes than Candidate B, by "weighting" Candidate A's votes, those votes are distorted in value, with one vote being counted, say, 25 times, so that Candidate A is the winner. And although Candidate B actually received more votes than Candidate A, Candidate B's votes are "weighted" such that their values are less, with some votes converted to zero. The end result is that Candidate B loses.

According to Jim Stone, below are the numerical votes and percentages that are the pre-assigned presidential election results for the various states, which are already on the "Election Results" webpage of, a local TV station in Memphis, TN. (But if you go onto that webpage -- -- now, all the values are 0):

Line 119: US President Alabama
Line 121: Donald Trump (R) 715,592 44%
Line 122: Hillary Clinton (D) 634,275 39%
Line 125: US President Alaska
Line 127: Donald Trump (R) 115,252 44%
Line 128: Hillary Clinton (D) 104,973 40%
Line 133: US President Arizona
Line 135: Donald Trump (R) 906,638 46%
Line 136: Hillary Clinton (D) 867,218 44%
Line 139: US President Arkansas
Line 141: Hillary Clinton (D) 320,102 38%
Line 142: Donald Trump (R) 289,862 34%
Line 149: US President California
Line 151: Hillary Clinton (D) 4,076,539 45%
Line 152: Donald Trump (R) 3,643,970 40%
Line 156: US President Colorado
Line 158: Hillary Clinton (D) 452,857 23%
Line 159: Donald Trump (R) 367,446 19%
Line 180: US President Connecticut
Line 182: Hillary Clinton (D) 508,013 45%
Line 183: Donald Trump (R) 451,669 40%
Line 186: US President Delaware
Line 188: Donald Trump (R) 148,943 44%
Line 189: Hillary Clinton (D) 132,602 40%
Line 192: US President District of Columbia
Line 194: Donald Trump (R) 111,157 45%
Line 195: Hillary Clinton (D) 99,648 40%
Line 198: US President Florida
Line 200: Hillary Clinton (D) 2,758,845 44%
Line 201: Donald Trump (R) 2,543,706 40%
Line 206: US President Georgia
Line 208: Donald Trump (R) 1,490,410 45%
Line 209: Hillary Clinton (D) 1,324,808 40%
Line 211: US President Hawaii
Line 213: Hillary Clinton (D) 158,720 42%
Line 214: Donald Trump (R) 152,232 41%
Line 218: US President Idaho
Line 220: Donald Trump (R) 198,675 44%
Line 221: Hillary Clinton (D) 176,677 39%
Line 228: US President Illinois
Line 230: Hillary Clinton (D) 2,006,362 44%
Line 231: Donald Trump (R) 1,807,369 40%
Line 234: US President Indiana
Line 236: Donald Trump (R) 1,077,142 45%
Line 237: Hillary Clinton (D) 957,461 40%
Line 239: US President Iowa
Line 241: Donald Trump (R) 490,319 44%
Line 242: Hillary Clinton (D) 436,740 39%
Line 251: US President Kansas
Line 253: Donald Trump (R) 392,701 44%
Line 254: Hillary Clinton (D) 349,617 40%
Line 257: US President Kentucky
Line 259: Donald Trump (R) 721,167 44%
Line 260: Hillary Clinton (D) 647,285 40%
Line 265: US President Louisiana
Line 267: Hillary Clinton (D) 565,941 38%
Line 268: Donald Trump (R) 536,155 36%
Line 280: US President Maine
Line 282: Hillary Clinton (D) 223,591 43%
Line 283: Donald Trump (R) 207,990 40%
Line 286: US President Maryland
Line 288: Hillary Clinton (D) 934,981 45%
Line 289: Donald Trump (R) 831,655 40%
Line 292: US President Massachusetts
Line 294: Donald Trump (R) 960,930 44%
Line 295: Hillary Clinton (D) 864,838 40%
Line 298: US President Michigan
Line 300: Hillary Clinton (D) 1,495,253 40%
Line 301: Donald Trump (R) 1,420,490 38%
Line 306: US President Minnesota
Line 308: Hillary Clinton (D) 835,772 45%
Line 309: Donald Trump (R) 643,190 34%
Line 317: US President Mississippi
Line 319: Donald Trump (R) 455,836 44%
Line 320: Hillary Clinton (D) 404,169 39%
Line 326: US President Missouri
Line 328: Hillary Clinton (D) 919,407 44%
Line 329: Donald Trump (R) 826,715 40%
Line 333: US President Montana
Line 335: Donald Trump (R) 124,285 35%
Line 336: Hillary Clinton (D) 106,531 30%
Line 340: US President Nebraska
Line 342: Donald Trump (R) 266,304 44%
Line 343: Hillary Clinton (D) 238,319 40%
Line 346: US President Nevada
Line 348: Hillary Clinton (D) 392,071 47%
Line 349: Donald Trump (R) 349,756 42%
Line 354: US President New Hampshire
Line 356: Donald Trump (R) 233,389 44%
Line 357: Hillary Clinton (D) 211,541 40%
Line 361: US President New Jersey
Line 363: Hillary Clinton (D) 1,225,655 43%
Line 364: Donald Trump (R) 1,104,143 39%
Line 372: US President New Mexico
Line 374: Donald Trump (R) 257,643 41%
Line 375: Hillary Clinton (D) 243,336 39%
Line 382: US President New York
Line 384: Hillary Clinton (D) 2,874,820 49%
Line 385: Donald Trump (R) 2,464,969 42%
Line 388: US President North Carolina
Line 390: Hillary Clinton (D) 1,834,827 54%
Line 391: Donald Trump (R) 1,427,089 42%
Line 393: US President North Dakota
Line 395: Hillary Clinton (D) 106,150 39%
Line 396: Donald Trump (R) 81,170 30%
Line 401: US President Ohio
Line 403: Hillary Clinton (D) 1,768,330 45%
Line 404: Donald Trump (R) 1,571,848 40%
Line 408: US President Oklahoma
Line 410: Donald Trump (R) 532,869 50%
Line 411: Hillary Clinton (D) 479,581 45%
Line 413: US President Oregon
Line 415: Donald Trump (R) 437,729 35%
Line 416: Hillary Clinton (D) 375,196 30%
Line 419: US President Pennsylvania
Line 421: Hillary Clinton (D) 1,892,527 44%
Line 422: Donald Trump (R) 1,714,575 40%
Line 426: US President Rhode Island
Line 428: Hillary Clinton (D) 176,102 44%
Line 429: Donald Trump (R) 158,149 39%
Line 433: US President South Carolina
Line 435: Hillary Clinton (D) 686,264 44%
Line 436: Donald Trump (R) 610,431 39%
Line 442: US President South Dakota
Line 444: Donald Trump (R) 118,104 40%
Line 445: Hillary Clinton (D) 88,577 30%
Line 448: US President Tennessee
Line 450: Donald Trump (R) 707,501 36%
Line 451: Hillary Clinton (D) 699,358 35%
Line 457: US President Texas
Line 459: Hillary Clinton (D) 3,171,201 42%
Line 460: Donald Trump (R) 3,020,193 40%
Line 463: US President Utah
Line 465: Donald Trump (R) 229,420 30%
Line 466: Hillary Clinton (D) 191,184 25%
Line 475: US President Vermont
Line 477: Hillary Clinton (D) 102,409 44%
Line 478: Donald Trump (R) 91,938 40%
Line 483: US President Virginia
Line 485: Hillary Clinton (D) 1,207,579 44%
Line 486: Donald Trump (R) 1,087,068 40%
Line 490: US President Washington
Line 492: Hillary Clinton (D) 830,496 39%
Line 493: Donald Trump (R) 679,285 32%
Line 499: US President West Virginia
Line 501: Hillary Clinton (D) 276,617 44%
Line 502: Donald Trump (R) 248,391 40%
Line 506: US President Wisconsin
Line 508: Donald Trump (R) 795,047 40%
Line 509: Hillary Clinton (D) 587,532 30%
Line 515: US President Wyoming
Line 517: Hillary Clinton (D) 41,824 30%
Line 518: Donald Trump (R) 34,853 25%

There is another way to demonstrate vote rigging of the 2016 election -- a webpage on election results of KFVS12, a local TV station in Cape Girardeau, MO:

The webpage at present is a fakery in progress, with the final (fake) vote counts for some races already filled in, but blank for some other races. This afternoon, November 3, 2016, I took screenshots of every race with (fake) tabulations already filled in, but did not take screenshots of some blank races because I got tired of taking screenshots. The races with no (fake) vote counts are all minor races, such as those for city councils and local initiatives.


Ask yourself this question:

Why would the website of KFVS12, a local TV station in Missouri, have the final vote counts for some races in the upcoming November 8 elections already filled in?

If KFVS12's election results webpage as it is now is merely a "test-run" to ensure that the webpage will be operative on November 8, why are the vote tallies of some races -- all relatively unimportant local races -- blank? If the page is a "test," there should be "test" vote tallies for every race.

Can anyone offer another explanation for what's been presented in this post? I'm open to alternative, non-election-fraud explanations.

Is our entire democratic polity an illusion?

H/t FOTM's bongiornoc


49 responses to “Predetermined vote counts show Nov. 8 presidential election is rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton

  1. Just like the Honduran election where detailed spreadsheets showed a winning Leftist breakdown of a vote that hadn’t happened yet… won’t progressives ever learn to quit while they’re behind and just be honest?

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  2. This may be so, but our God is a mighty and glorious God. He gave us a choice with Donald J. Trump, and I choose to speak positively rather than the negative of these talking head pundits who are trying to convince us Trump doesn’t have a chance.
    Our words set on fire the course of nature whether for good or evil.
    WHY lend credence to the enemy’s efforts to destroy America with their own doubts, wavering’s, double-mindedness and unbelief?
    We NEED to come into AGREEMENT!
    Donald Trump will win in a landslide more than the 1980 election…keep the faith, look up, and stand on God’s promises.

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    • NOTHING should stop us from voting — for Trump.
      On election night, we should compare the final vote counts to the numbers in this post. We shall see….

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      • Dr. Eowyn most excellent information, I just noticed where it says “Rate This” the choices are from very poor to excellent, in my past ratings I have probably given a “Very Poor” rating by mistake, instead of an excellent rating, because I’ve just been hitting a star to vote. for that I apologize. Keep up the great work():-) Sincerely Harper.

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      • “They” will alter the numbers now that this has leaked out. This is a chess game and their plans can often be altered when there are enough minds that become aware of their upcoming move. It appears their next move will be to perhaps let Trump win the popular vote by a small margin, while they rig the electoral vote in Killary’s favor.
        Jim Stone is the real deal, by the way.

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    • Christian Zionist . . . your choice words have eased the distress I was feeling in my heart, just to be reminded . . . “our God is a mighty and glorious God.” I don’t believe that Trump will go down in flames without a fight in court if there is any reason to believe that the election has been stolen.

      I agree with you . . . keep the faith, look up, and stand on God’s promises. Many, many of us have been praying for months now that we might be able to turn our country around, hopefully Nov 8th will prove to be the day our God answers our prayers.

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  3. This same thing happened before in Bush or Obama’s election didn’t it?
    hey, I want to throw in something about Huma’s case. I believe the FBI is going to find and international spy and pedophile ring, an international criminal organization that deals not in drugs but “information and contacts” and also some plans and names of certain operatives involved in the Islamic takeover of America. I think Huma was the relay station.
    I don’t buy her “stupid” act.

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    • Huma . . . needs to be in prison working her butt off doing menial labor, because she is a traitor to the United States of America. When her sentence is done sent her back to some Islamic State, where she belongs. The FBI, or DOJ gave out all these “deals” to her and other Clinton aids . . . well, today all bets need to be called off! Let each of those who acted in a traitorous manner feel the full brunt of the laws of this nation!

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  5. Dear Dr Eowyn . . . this is certainly a phenomenal post. You have outdone yourself. Thank you. I am anxiously awaiting the “official tallies” in order to compare with the tallies as shown here.

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  6. Thank you for this posting. It is heartbreaking to find proof of what I have suspected to be true for some time now.

    I think Stone’s page said the numbers may change but the percentages will be the same. Just look above at MO, IL, and KY in the two lists to see they have the same vote percentages (coincidentally all 44-40, Clinton!) yet different vote tallies.

    Why very many Americans will shrug this off is the indoctrination of the MSM. If you repeat a lie long enough, it will be believed. “Trump is unfit for office.” “Hillary Clinton is inevitably the next President.” “Hillary supports women.” This is all you hear from the MSM, and people don’t look any further for whatever reasons, and they believe it. It is said our generation listens to profits rather than prophets.

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  8. God is greater than all the vote- rigging monkey business. Did David not slay Goliath? Did He not deliver the Israelites miraculously out of Egypt.? He will do as He pleases. “I am God-I alone! There is no one else like me. Only I can tell you what is going to happen even before it happens. Everything I plan will come to pass.” Isaiah 46:9-10. And then in Daniel 2:19-21 “Praise be to the name of God forever and ever; wisdom and power are His. He changes times and seasons; He sets up kings and deposes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.” Did you get that? He sets up kings (rulers, presidents etc.). He, Almighty God! But, we still must come before His throne in prayer pleading for His intervention, Many Christians are fasting on Monday Nov. 7th and are in continual warfare. This is a mighty war against the powers of darkness!. Onward Christian soldiers!!

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    • Hello Marianne: I’ve learned from the “Book of Daniel” that the dark spiritual forces can get control of man’s governments which leads me to believe this is why there is so much insanity in Washington, D.C as well as many free countries around the world today such as England, France, Germany, and Sweden just to mention a few, there is also no doubt in my mind that the Satanic Elite humans are using Madmen from the Middle East to create Chaos, chaos is needed or so they believe before the masses will accept their One World Government along with the leader, the world knows this man as the Antichrist but of course the vast majority wont recognize him, the same goes for many Christians. The Scriptures have many names for this man, although he is antichrist he is not called that name in the Bible, most interesting is that one of his names can be translated as “The Man of Chaos” “Out of the ashes comes order a New World Order” This is not some new plan, I have no doubts that Yahweh has kept this from happening because the timing wasn’t right but it will happen. Blessings


  9. I have been against violent revolution for my entire life. Revolution brings a horror that is unimaginable. But it may again come to a time when the blood of the patriots again waters the gardens of liberty. God have mercy on us all.

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    • Your comment reminded me of what Thomas Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Is it time for that? I wonder…


  10. Trump will win the popular vote, most likely by a landslide. The voting machines will use the fractional logarithms to manipulate the results in killary’s favor. Most precincts/states have voting machines which take screenshots of the ballots as a backup. And, it is unlawful for these precincts/states to destroy the screenshots. I read some have been discovered to have destroyed the screenshots, but there were no legal repercussions.

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  11. I have heard that this news report is a hoax. Maybe you want to re-check your sources.


    • “I have heard that this news report is a hoax.”

      Where? Your source?

      Please re-read the screenshots I took from KFVS12’s election results webpage, which you can verify for yourself, assuming KFVS12 hasn’t taken down that page since last night.

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  12. Reblogged this on Memory Hole and commented:

    An extremely important analysis by Dr. E of material further reinforcing what Bev Harris and other researchers have been raising the alarm about for years.

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  13. I took a quick cursory look at the post (as I am exhausted). Look up Beverly Harris. She explained a lot on Alex Jones just two to four days ago.
    Off the top of my head: We are headed for a constitutional crisis. Don’t blame Trump.

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  14. My Dear Eowyn here I thought I was going to kick back, relax and forget about Attila this weekend, then you send me this. I’m kidding, this is a most excellent article. Thank You.

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  15. Why isn’t this OUT there? I must be naïve — why can’t we STOP this?

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  16. The Aqua Buddha

    Here’s the thing… Just checking the vote counts in the hit piece against vote totals from 2012, 2008, 2004, and 2000 shows that the actual votes cast are much higher (in most cases) than what the graphics show.

    CA —
    ’16: 7,720,509 (D)
    ’12: 13,202,158 (D)
    ’08: 13,743,177 (D)
    ’04: 12,421,353 (D)
    ’00: 10,965,856 (D)

    HI —
    ’16: 310,952 (D)
    ’12: 434,697 (D)
    ’08: 753,568 (D)
    ’04: 429,013 (D)
    ’00: 367,951 (D)

    MO —
    ’16: 1,746,122 (D)
    ’12: 2,757,323 (R)
    ’08: 2,929,111 (R)
    ’04: 2,731,364 (R)
    ’00: 2,359,892 (R)

    PA —
    ’16: 3,607,102 (D)
    ’12: 5,753,546 (D)
    ’08: 6,015,477 (D)
    ’04: 5,769,590 (D)
    ’00: 4,913,119 (D)

    TX —
    ’16: 6,191,394 (D)
    ’12: 7,993,851 (R)
    ’08: 8,086,952 (R)
    ’04: 7,410,765 (R)
    ’00: 6,406,663 (R)

    Believe what you want. I say InfoWars is insane.


    • Well, I give you credit for your attempt at distraction.
      Do explain the filled-in vote tallies on KFVS12’s election results webpage, the screenshots of which I’d taken and posted, which you can verify for yourself.

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  17. this fractionation of the vote is well established in memphis, where much of it has rigged many elections. 4 yrs ago, they purged over 157,000 dead and ineligible voters from the voter roles. ultimately, this changed the election of mayor of the city proper of memphis, who had been run 26 or so years by black man, who was corrupt, and nearly ruined the city of memphis. he relinquished his last term, after 17 years, to another black, who was on the city council. a special election was held, and another black mayor was put into office. though he was better than the same mayor , who was in office for over 17 years. finally, the blacks realized they were not getting anywhere, and the new mayor, a white man who knows government, was elected, and is turning memphis around and changing the corrupt culture.
    there is a video of the memphis man, earnest smith, who has known about the rigged machines, since they were put into use in 2001. the trick is all about fractionating the whole vote. the program does not show the decimals, which makes the vote show a whole number, but vote is fractionated and is not seen by the voter. the remote master key is used to distribute the fractioned vote, which is skewed to favor crooked hillary. the site can be seen and explained by searching memphis fractionalized voting fraud, bev.

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  18. Kevin J Lankford

    That obama has occupied our white house for two terms is all the proof I have ever needed for voter fraud and rigged elections. As dumbed-down as the U.S. has become, I could still never believe that there are enough blacks and ignorant whites to have voted him into office.

    Only the ignorant, traitorous liars, or cowards, refer to obama as president.

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  19. Are you all saying we have no RECOURSE? Seriously?


  20. We use ES&S equipment in our area. We also use paper ballots which are retained until after there is no chance of a recount. We also account for ALL paper ballots, used and unused and the numbers have to reconcile or there is accounting to be done until they do. The only touch screen devices we have simply mark the ballot for the visually or physically handicapped which are then read by the ballot scanners. The ballot scanners even take a picture of write in votes. It is extremely difficult to game the live voting here.

    All that being said there’s plenty of room for fraud in the absentee voting done by post. (All in person voting requires a picture ID.) And in areas other than this, where there is no paper ballot, fraud is probably not only possible but in some cases rampant.

    There are a bunch of room temperature IQ types running the election system that either don’t have the intelligence to prevent it fraud, simply don’t care or are indeed participating in rigging the election. (the only way dumbocrats can win). Touch screens are notorious for needing to be calibrated so that when you touch them they respond to where you touch, not somewhere else. And I know from personal technical knowledge of touchscreens that you can intentionally miscalibrate them so that a touch in one area registers as another.


    Above all be vigilant at all times. If something looks fishy notify voting officials both at the poll and in writing to your Registrar. And Make sure they both know you have notified both. Accountability goes up if you “Trust but Verify”

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  21. I urge EVERYONE to follow Jim Stone at either or His insights and analysis are generally spot on. Just to correct one minor point, Jim operates out of Mexico, not Japan.

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  22. If your precinct uses electronic voting machines, it may help to vote for at least one Libertarian or Democrat so your vote for Trump doesn’t get switched to killary. I had read voting a straight ticket can switch your presidential vote.

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  23. The responses with their polemical rhetoric, not only here, but every where, keep assuming that this “Experiment” called democracy is real.

    Stop playing into the psy-op that is our political system. Withdraw. May sound like a cliche but it’s ALL rigged. The very fact that we argue about left/right, dem/rep, up/down… IS the desired result.

    You couldn’t ask for a more Hegelian dialectical outcome than the present one. Maybe human beings are just not capable of freedom. History definitely argues against it. So stop pretending that any of this matters and enjoy the show.


  24. Can’t believe any dishonest program would have Trump winning Massachusetts 44% to 40%


  25. Dr. Eowyn
    You really made the grade with this fine article,
    thank you

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  26. I can’t even begin to describe just how sick to my stomach I am right now. With Broward County and the videos in other areas showing women stuffing boxes. What has become of our country?

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  27. Would not trust the entity/psyop known as Jim Stone one iota…..something about this has always made me queasy.
    Just sayin’…..


    • The KFVS12 election results webpage is independent of any claims made by Jim Stone. I went on the webpage and took screenshots of the already filled-in vote tallies. You can go on the webpage to verify for yourself.

      Liked by 1 person

  28. Indeed peoples deserve what they wish for -we cross our arms and accept the malevolent Clintons lead the nation, one by one to the gallows. Almighty Father have mercy on us, deliver us from evil, Amen.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Let’s not forget what happened in Venezuela, the voting machines were shipped from here and the communist won the elections,

    Liked by 2 people

    • I didn’t know that’s where Venezuela’s got their voting machines but it makes perfect sense. It’s hard to imagine with history as proof that this evil, oppressive ideology has never worked and cannot work that there can be so many “Useful Idiots” that support it today, just how stupid are these Fools?


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  31. Pingback: Rigged : NBC Announces Hillary Win One Week in Advance - The Book Lipstick and War Crimes by Ray Songtree

  32. I’m a computer geek with over 30 years in the industry. Yes, benefit of the doubt, this could be a test page, to ensure the system as a whole displays the “real” numbers accurately. But even if that is true, the test system itself is only as good as the flawed human entering the numbers manually in the mock database. And that human may be supporting a particular side over another, and will enter the mock numbers accordingly, as wishful thinking. This does not point to collusion, specifically. Unless the numbers entered closely match the “real” numbers at the end of tonite. Then it is definitely time for the torches and pitchforks.

    But, for all we know, there is a pitched cyberbattle going on behind the scenes, perhaps for weeks already, over control of the machinery. In which case, the “vote” itself was meaningless to begin with. Let the best hackers win…


  33. That worked out well.


  34. Source of WHY pyramids: there are spirals of less gravity than the norm on the face of the earth. The two I am most sure of are at Giza and in Florida. The Egyptian one passes directly over the peaks of the main three pyramids and it caused the Giza area to be drawn up to become a plateau. The Florida one starts at Corkscrew Marsh. It goes through the area of Coral Castle and it drew up the keys, causing them to become islands.


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