‘He is a PIG’: Plus-size model Tess Holliday dons ‘Dump Trump’ T-shirt for new fashion ad

Women are not just sexual objects you pigs. Just remember that when they trot out the bejewelled boobs, wear the “TaTa Top”, or just want to “Free the Nipple” in the name of “empowerment.”

Ms. Holliday has a message for the "pig"

Ms. Holliday has a message for the “pig”

From Daily Mail: Tess Holliday is using her platform as a model to speak out against Donald Trump and the allegations of sexual assault against him.

The 31-year-old took to Instagram over the weekend to share an ad of herself posing in New York City’s Times Square while modeling a New Look Fashion T-shirt that reads: ‘Respect Women #Dump Trump.’

‘Respect Women,’ she captioned the image. ‘Our bodies are not for you to stare at or touch without our consent. Women are not just sexual objects, women are not here for your consumption. So many of us have a sexual assault story, myself included,’ she continued.

‘To endorse someone who not just condones this behavior but actively engages in it would be an awful step backwards for women not just in the US but across the world. #dumptrump #dumptrump #dumptrump


The feminist in action

‘Also might I add I’m NOT telling you who to vote for. Trump is a pig & that’s a fact. [sic]’

The photo, which was taken by her longtime partner Nick Holliday, sees Tess posed with her hands on her hips as she stares at the camera. Along with the white T-shirt, which features black block lettering, she is wearing ripped jeans and black high-heeled sandals.

The photo has been liked more than 62,000 times since it was posted on Saturday, and unsurprisingly, the political statement caused a stir.

‘Love the shirt, Tess,’ one woman wrote. ‘Way to use your constitutionally protected voice. #activism #freedom #feminism.’

And while many supported Tess’ statement, there were plenty of people who disagreed with her. ‘Such a shame to have to [unfollow] you,’ another woman wrote. ‘Use your celebrity for something better than being political.’

There was also a fierce debate about whether or not Tess’ post could be seen as an endorsement for the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, and some people who disagreed with her statement attacked the size 22 model for her weight.

‘There is some super hateful stuff on here,’ one woman wrote. ‘I don’t agree or disagree with your position, but I still admire your message. Why can’t everyone get along! Dang! Everyone gets to have their own opinion people!

‘And targeting her weight because you disagree? Really? People are crazy, keep up your positive messages Tess! Whatever your political views are, I still love what you represent girl!’

Read about the rest of this womyn’s rant here.


19 responses to “‘He is a PIG’: Plus-size model Tess Holliday dons ‘Dump Trump’ T-shirt for new fashion ad

  1. Typical libtard! Has she forgotten or just ignored the physical abuse Bill Clinton was guilty of and the support his wife Hillary not only afforded him but tried to help him in hiding his illegal antics?
    It is not only her body that is disgusting but her mind-set as well.

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  2. Appropriate backdrops: Times Square and a toilet.

    Someone pays her to take her picture?

    Never heard of her and hope I never hear from, or see her again.
    Maybe in a nightmare

    It’s a shame but, who cares, what can you do? Pass a law and spend a few million to study it?
    They are already making a religion out of morbid obesity, aren’t they?
    How does she get around, with a Bobcat?

    Does her feet leave potholes small children fall into and disappear?

    What do you think the Muslims would do to her if they could?
    Don’t answer it was a rhetorical question.

    My family won’t allow me to attend the Trump rally tomorrow because they say I’d be in danger.
    Besides, I already voted, and McCauliffe has already burned my ballot.

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  4. I’d love to see this euphemistically monikered “plus sized model” debate Milo Yiannopoulos.
    Personally, it’s her body not mine, and I couldn’t care less if she gains another 400 pounds and poses in her underwear as long as I am not subjected to seeing her repulsive and unhealthy acreage, but when she chooses the unfortunate word “pig” to describe Trump, I have to “weigh” in.

    So what has happened to the list of poor fragile snowflakes and blossoms whom Trump ALLEGEDLY assaulted? After being debunked, each one has simpered off to some assumed safe space and back into obscurity.
    The most recent, Jessica Drake, was trotted out by harridan Gloria Allred the day after launching her sex toy website., This woman made porn films and started out her career as a “sexworker”. This sensitive flower of maidenhood told Ms Allred that Trump offered her 10K $ for a kiss but that she turned him down! This is obviously so ludicrous and unbelievable that she never actually made the “news”
    Probably because if you google her name and the word “fleshlight” you will be gifted with a sight that is banned by Facebook.
    These are “toys” for men made from silicone reproductions of particular parts of this woman’s anatomy.
    It’s all been a boatload of bovine excrement.

    The self loathing and total lack of self respect from Tess Holiday is pathetic.

    I find it amusing that while many women say they “applaud” Ms Holiday for embracing her morbid obesity, I see no movement towards diets to rapidly gain weight to emulate her results.

    I revel in my political incorrectness and laugh at Ms Holliday’s self inflicted porcine resemblance.

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  5. Yet another mentally-ill leftist projecting her own “pigness” onto another.

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  6. Her calling Trump a “pig” is akin to the pot calling the kettle . . . “black.” Frankly, her picture in Time Square is rather nauseating, to say the least.

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  7. Being the ” plus sized ” model that she is , did she got to ” Omar the tent-maker ” for her wardrobe ?………..

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  8. Did DMV issue her license plates for her triple wide wagon?

    That’s my last joke directed towards this unfortunate big pig mouth.


  9. She dresses like this in PUBLIC and post pictures like this on-line and wants me not to stare???? She does things like this so people WILL stare at her. She needs to learn that you can’t have your cake and eat it too! No pun intended on the cake part!

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    • As trite as it may sound, this young woman is the canary in the coal mine, her self-esteem obviously shattered by feminist social engineering (via the CIA-Hollywood script to destroy Christianity in America) that the abuse becomes self-inflicted and the victim, just as in the CIA’s more formalized MK Uktra Sex Kitten annihilation of the feminine, reaches a nadir where she proudly supports her abusers. She’s sick and broken more than evil, I’d say, and nobody’s enjoying a laugh at her expense more than the scum who run Hollywood and the “fashion” industry.


  10. Kevin J Lankford

    As much as they criticize Trump for his vulgar statements, they can not diminish the truth. Women do respond positively to men of wealth, power, or notoriety, on a predictable basis. Many do, even though already married, spend much effort to project their most alluring image, with the expectation that it is their express prerogative to judge what is acceptable and complimentary, and what they will determine is sexual harassment, solely based on the attractiveness of the individual or the possible advantages he may offer.

    I think what should be considered most is that apparently Trump would, or will, take “No” for an answer; unlike “bill”, and probably hillary.

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  11. Even her cellulite went viral

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  12. It’s as if “celebrity” was a species of some sort, and will always exhibit the traits that are genetically coded in their DNA.

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  13. I guess it escaped her, that the allegations made against Trump, all in a group, per Allred, the shyster, have been debunked.
    If all she has to go on is the male chatter spoken in a bus with no women around is pretty weak considering all the damage Hillary has done against women.
    If these idiots think Clinton even cares about them, they have no idea of her history.
    I wonder what this nobody thinks of killing a nine month baby being killed deserves respect also??

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  14. Funny how Ms. Piggy Venezuela forgot to mention that she signed a CONTRACT upon winning the Miss Universe title, agreeing to maintain her weight and keep up her appearance. After she began packing on the pounds, Donald helped her get on a weight loss and exercise program and gave her a second chance. Duh. But, I suppose Hillary paid her some big bucks to get up there at the podium and lie. She sure as hell doesn’t look like a “10” to me. Ugh. “Beauty is skin deep, but ugly is to the bone.”

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    • True, beauty with a nice body is what the beauty pageant is about. Crying because you didn’t maintain your weight and broke your contract is no one else’s fault, but your own. Of course,Trump will talk about weight and beauty, it is all part of the scene.

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  15. Speak for yourself, Miss Piggy. And I don’t say “Miss Piggy” in reference to body size–you could have a perfect body but your ugliness comes from the inside. I know plenty of overweight people who are beautiful–they have beautiful hearts and souls. You’re in the dark.

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