U.S. federal judge asks: Where are the Christian refugees?

Christians are one of the main targets of the Islamic State as they cut a murderous swath through Syria and Iraq. And yet, Christians constitute only 0.5% of the Syrian refugees whom the Obama administration has admitted into the United States.

On October 21, 2016, in his concurrent opinion in the case of Heartland Alliance National Immigrant Justice Center v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Judge Daniel Manion, a federal appellate court judge for the U.S. Seventh Circuit, issued a sharp rejoinder to the Obama administration over the almost complete lack of Syrian Christian refugees being admitted to the U.S.

Note: Heartland Alliance National Immigrant Justice Center is a “progressive” liberal advocacy organization. The Heartland Alliance v. DHS case has nothing to do with Christian refugees, but pertains to Heartland Alliance’s FOIA request to the DHS for information on Tier III terrorist organizations.

While concurring in the 7th Circuit Court’s ruling, Judge Daniel Manion explains why he’s writing separately. On pages 7-8 of U.S. Court of Appeal for the Seventh Circuit No. 16-1840 Heartland Alliance National Immigrant Justice Center v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Judge Manion writes:

“I write separately for a second, critical reason, which is my concern about the apparent lack of Syrian Christians as a part of immigrants from that country. It is possible that our case bears a direct link to this enigma.
It is well‐documented that refugees to the United States are not representative of that war‐torn area of the world. Perhaps 10 percent of the population of Syria is Christian, and yet less than one‐half of one percent of Syrian refugees admitted to the United States this year are Christian.¹ Recognizing the crisis in Syria, the President in 2015 set a goal of resettling 10,000 refugees in the United States. And in August the government reached this laudable goal. And yet, of the nearly 11,000 refugees admitted by mid‐September, only 56 were Christian. To date, there has not been a good explanation for this perplexing discrepancy.”

Judge Manion also noted that while the Obama administration is bringing Syrian refugees into the country by the thousands, it is concealing basic information about those refugees behind a wall of government secrecy, including whether terrorists are among the refugees. The administration refuses to tell the American public or the states how it is making its decisions on who are accepted for resettlement in the U.S., or even what steps it is taking to ensure there are no terrorists among the refugees. Nor is Congress exercising its oversight functions.

As Manion writes in his concurrent opinion:

“The good people of this country routinely welcome immigrants from all over the world. But in a democracy, good data is critical to public debate about national immigration policy. When we demand high evidentiary burdens for states seeking to keep their citizens safe, and then prevent the states from that evidence, we create a Catch-22.² […]
And yet, Congress, through the exemptions to FOIA, has consciously made the decision to limit what governmental information is available to the public. If Congress is concerned about how immigration officers are making their decisions related to the designation and application of the Tier III terrorist organization affiliation, Congress has the authority to act. Congress has its own oversight capabilities and subpoena power, and Congress could choose to amend our nation’s sunshine laws or our immigration laws. Until that time, however, many of  us remain in the dark as a humanitarian catastrophe continues.”


Daniel Manion, 74, is a senior jurist on the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit whose chambers are located in South Bend, Indiana. He was an Indiana state senator (R) from 1978-82. In 1986, Manion was nominated by President Ronald Reagan to the 7th Circuit Court.

H/t The Daily Signal

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25 responses to “U.S. federal judge asks: Where are the Christian refugees?

  1. This judge is my Hero! Yes, the question goes begging . . . where are the Christian refugees. We all know very well where they are, because they are Christian–they have been left behind. Left behind to be slaughtered, and harassed by the Muslim hordes. I hope this judge can force those in power to step up their game and bring in Christians also. For Heaven’s sake, it is the Muslim jihadists who are warring in these parts, why shouldn’t the Christians be first in line for relief? Perhaps if Trump is put in office, we will see a turn around. I sure hope so.

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    • Dr Eowyn, this is an excellent article. Thank you for bringing it to the forefront.

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    • This is so disgusting Auntie: Jesus warned this would happen and it’s continued since His words but most Christians in America today don’t seem concerned about these poor Christians, one will never learn about it by listening to the lying corrupt pro-Muslim media. Look up the “Interfaith Movement” in America, there are leaders in this movement assigned to several states each, which include all states, they are actively recruiting Muslims from the same countries who are persecuting those poor Christians that America rejects, no doubt many of these Muslims migrating here have participated in the persecutions. This administration if not Muslims are pro-Muslim including the Muslim Obama. I began warning people over 15 years ago about the invasion of this evil and dangerous Fascist Ideology called Islam, just look at the inroads they’ve made since then, many are waking up but not nearly enough, especially American Christians who believe they’ll be raptured out of it, there are Christians all over the world being persecuted, We American Christians aren’t special Christians, many of us alive today in America will see it first hand. It’s already started small like having to close shop and be fined for not baking a cake for a homosexual couple, there are more examples and they will wax worse, just as we are told in the Scriptures. Many churches are allowing the government to dictate what they can or cannot preach today because it seems money is more important than Yahweh’s words to them.


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  3. It is only obvious that our usurper, the Jihadi-in-Chief, is helping his Islamist “JV Team” extend their new world caliphate into the U.S., which is their No. 1 prize. Their goal is to eliminate all Christians, wherever they find us. We actually have no idea how many “tens of thousands” of these savages Obama has brought here. They’re being packed into small, Midwest towns, forcing lifelong residents out of their homes and jobs, in an attempt to destabilize our entire country. Hillary plans to continue with this plan.

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  4. Thank God for Judge Manion and for his speaking out on this subject. Our legislators know this has been going on all along and have done nothing to force obummer to help them. Of course, our legislators have also done nothing to force obummer to stop the muslim refugee program.

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  5. Obama and the Clintons are making DAMN sure that all Christian refugees are killed by genocide before being brought into the US. Christians don’t vote for Democrats, so to HELL with them. Obama and Hillary would exterminate every single Christian if they could.

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  6. And where are the women and children?

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    • The women and children is still in their homeland, left behind by their husbands. Seriously, this is very messed up. Real refugees not long ago consist mainly of women, children and elderly, for example the Yazidi refugees. But do you see any peaceful Yazidi refugees brought into the US or Europe recently? Weird huh. They only bring mainly aggresive and radical men.

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    • Exactly, something I have asked repeatedly, if things are so bad in their country, why leave the women and children there?
      The Christian refugees are the only ones we would have something in common with. They have a better chance of adapting.
      This is about something entirely different. This is about a take over.
      This explains all the money hording from those we trusted and betrayed us. I wonder what country they are all going to escape to??

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  7. Good question….this is an invasion

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  8. Hard to be a refugee if you are dead and your head is on a stick. The ones who need to escape aren’t allowed to.

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    • “The ones who need to escape aren’t allowed to.”
      How do you know that? You are giving an excuse for the Obama administration’s inexcusable and unconscionable preference for Muslim refugees.


      • Thanks for posting this article Dr.Eowyn as for me I have kept up and have been warning people about this evil sweeping the world called Islam for over 15 years. Today there are many well funded alphabet Muslim organizations in America with leaders that know what it takes to sway our corrupt politicians to support their evil agenda. BTW it’s obvious to me from studies that Obama and his Muslim and pro-Muslim administration not only doesn’t care about those poor Christians but have blocked them from migrating here, the same for the rest of the globalists such as Germany’s Merkel. I truly believe the Satanic elites who control this world behind the scenes are now using Muslims to create Chaos, when enough chaos is created they believe the masses will accept their world government and it’s leader [which they will] this is the man the Scriptures refer to although he is antichrist but the Scriptures never use that name, interestingly one of his many names can be translated as the “Man of Chaos” what I’ve written here about this coming world government and this man can be supported by the Scriptures and many different sources most are long dead and some alive. Keep up the good fight. Blessings to You.


  9. “We outsource our refugee policy to the UN and also the first layer of security screening. UNHCR is both notoriously corrupt and incompetent.”

    “Obama Inc and its media allies try to pretend that we have a more reliable security screening policy than Europe does, but they both begin in the same place, with the overburdened disastrous UNHCR.”


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    • Ufferdan, Kerry is a Liar and a Traitor to this country, same as the lying traitorous media, how America raised up so many “Useful Idiots” is baffling to [I think the majority] but if one researches the 45 goals of the American Communist party it’s clear their goal was to use the schools to do this. Congress held a hearing on these 45 goals back in 1963 but even as far back as 1935 then president of the American Communist party was calling for the government to take control of our schools, was this so important; no doubt so they could use propaganda on a national and a uniform level to mold America’s youth into believing in the godless agenda. This began when Jimmy Carter signed off on the Department of so-called Education today because of it most our schools from grade one through university are anti-white anti-God anti-America deplorable propaganda institutions.

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      • Yup, KetchupKerry. Pity he didn’t break his jaw and get that wired up for 8 months. Iran is still laughing all the way to the bank.

        However, I have researched the outsourcing of refugee vetting from other sources. One has to wonder what millions of government people do, because just about everything gets outsourced, even statutes. Lots of fat to trim when President Trump takes office

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        • Hello ufferndan: I can tell you from personal experience with two separate divisions of government departments of which there are privates sectors doing the exact same type of work, on average it takes 19 government employees to do the job compared to the private sector’s 7 employees, how indicative this is for the whole government, first there aren’t many private sectors doing the same job but I’m sure it would be close. In government about all a manager can do is transfer the awful employees to some other facility doing the same kind of work. Why does it take so many government employees, here are a few reasons, paper work, paper work and more paper work, meetings, meetings and meetings, traveling to seminars, and traveling to more seminars, if the employees are too lazy to do the job, just hire more, sooner or later there will be some who’ll work. I think government employees are the new middle class, most of the private sector employers cannot afford to match government salaries and all the government benefits today and certainly not job security, this has been the reason for Democracies imploding, that’s why the framers of the Constitution gave us a Constitutional Republic but the Vermin has managed to go around the Constitution by not only allowing but creating and importing a welfare class, as far as paying taxes go government employees are the same as the career welfare class, both feed off the public treasury, government employees just give back a certain percentage, a certainty that will cause a country to implode when there isn’t enough money coming from the private sector. America has already reached and passed the implosion point, we just keep printing more and more money, so it’s not if but when, especially if Attila Clinton Hun is elected. Of course if Donald Trump gets elected he will soon be accused of causing the ills the media will point out their “Useful Idiots” they wont point out all the bad things Obama caused


          • I hear you loud and clear. I’ve been on all sides, govt, academia, corporate and self employed. In all areas, people are very resistant to change, regardless of potential gains in overall efficiency. It is very difficult to motivate people when there’s no fear of consequence, or reward for better performance. Many corporations have resorted to hiring through temp agencies, rather than face the quandary of how to handle a bad hire. Changes need to be made in higher ed and the overall culture of mediocrity in the workplace. Trump has the best instincts to identify a team of people to get the current course reversed, #MAGA


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  11. Under pain of being called a bigot or what have you in my opinion that’s ALL Canada and the US should be letting in !!!!


    • I agree Chris, this isn’t something new for Muslims, they have been continually committing ISIS like atrocities for almost 1400 years on innocent men, women and children from the time the Satan or demon possessed Madman received his doctrine. Islam’s bloody history proves beyond any doubts that they cannot coexist with any form of Democracy, there are many well funded alphabet Islamic organizations in America today established for the purpose of pushing their Fascist political ideology we “Infidels”. Sharia Law is anti-Constitution, anti-American culture, against any personal freedom, every country they have taken over has become a Hell-Hole and for good reason, a Fascist Political Ideological disease of the mind called Islam, Iran was once an ally a free country, thanks to Jimmy Carter we lost them, he also gave away an important gate, as Scriptures define it, the worst thing this Jew hating Marxist did was sign off on the Department of so-called Education with government in charge. BTW the American Communist party began openly trying to get the government to take control of our schools when then president of the American Communist party in 1935 was urging this and Congress in 1963 held a hearing on the American Communist party’s 45 goals, yep this goal of getting the government to get control of our schools was one them. Why was this so obviously important to these Vermin? it was to dumb down America’s youth by propaganda, most of our schools today are propaganda mills that are causing a great percentage of America’s youth to accept Communism/Socialism over Capitalism.

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  13. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this enlightening and important post. Judge Manion is most insightful and his observations indict this Administration as to the unfair and cruel treatment of Syrian Christians. This is awful.

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