Happy Halloween: I just received the worst trick ever…

My health insurance company sent my notice for my 2017 health care plan. Guess how much my premium is going up?

EIGHTY PERCENT. Yep. A big fat 80%. Fortunately, my deductible remains at $14,300 (obvious sarc).

Starting next year, my monthly plan will cost MORE than 50% of my take-home pay.


And I’m not the only one facing this type of an increase.

Remember this at the polls on November 8th.



12 responses to “Happy Halloween: I just received the worst trick ever…

  1. Obamacare will go down as one of the greatest tricks along with Y2K and the great pumpkin. Thankfully, our days are numbered with Obama (the worst President in our history).

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  2. I got my notice last week. Formerly $232 with subsidy. Now $636 with subsidy. My premium tripled. I can’t afford it, and now with 3rd stage diabetes, I’ll be without coverage in 2017. Go Trump!

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  3. There can be little doubt that this national medical coverage plan was intended to break the back of the middle class people. The very people, predominately, who are the busy bee workers, paying in the taxes to support all these bloated federal programs . . . and now their coverage is so outrageously expensive that they cannot afford to carry it. This is beyond belief. If there were any group of people who we need to worry that they will remain well and healthy–it is those who are currently in the work place, making our economy go round n round. May Trump win, and we get rid of this noxious “Affordable Health Plan.”

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  4. If your like your money, you can keep $2500 more of it a year…

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  5. So, if you add up all other taxes you pay (go ahead and include non-deductible fees…because those are ‘taxes’, too), HOW much of your income do you actually get to keep? 15%?

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but you might be better off completely on the dole: work’s getting to be for chumps.

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  6. The Affordable Care Act was designed to drain the middle class of its remaining wealth, and it was sold and maintained on fraud—as in CRIMINAL fraud. Donald Trump promises to repeal it. And the jerks on the left drank the Kool-Aid, thinking they finally had health care.
    The insurance itself IS NOT the health care itself. I once had a fellow in the yellow cab who ran a firm dependent on government contracts. He, too, drank the Kool-Aid, and I tried to explain to him about collecting on this fraud. There was no talking to him, obviously. Good! Let him learn when he gets burnt!
    The persons who engineered this criminal fraud should all be hanged. Legally, it actually CAN be done: They should all be declared enemy combatants under the Patriot Act and the NDAA and be sent to Guantanamo. Legally, it CAN be done.

    But people who don’t read FOTM are third grade imbeciles. Like the man I had in the yellow cab, there is no talking to them. They cannot see beyond the obvious, and they cannot get down to causes and conditions. They cannot understand what is happening and insist on remaining that way because to pop their bubble would create too much dissonance. This is why they’ll complain they have a $14,300 deductible and yet DENY that the same amount applies to you!
    Some good news: A few people in my Uber actually do say they’re voting for Trump. Not enough, but a few. There is hope out there!

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  8. It was simply too much of a challenge to copy the Canadian system, which is federally subsidised PRIVATE clinics and Provincially run hospitals paid by sales taxes. Too much rocket science, so they decided to opt for fraud….

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  9. Obama’s experimental melee in our healthcare system is the biggest display of incompetence in recent history. A failure at every level. Patients are left wondering what hit them, while all the President’s men in D.C.. remain oblivious, having exempted themselves.

    The ACA’s basic design was flawed, outsourced to theorists and administrators devoid of practical experience. Budgetary estimates were farcical, and costs exploded before the law was even ‘nuclearized’ and unceremoniously shoved down our throats. As patients, we have been repeatedly lied to, and forced into the system by default (or design). Option B is to forfeit health insurance completely. Worse care in fact, costs more.

    Families and individuals are experiencing hardship. ‘Care’ is now dictated by regulators and insurers, not M.D.’s. Treatment decisions are made on the basis of ROI, i.e. cost/life expectancy, instead of best outcome. The burden of administrative work imposed on medical professionals is overwhelming. Many have left group practices and established themselves on a private-pay only basis.

    The sooner this hot mess is repealed, the better. We are disgusted by Chief Justice Roberts, AMA, Pharmaceutical giants, and everyone else that had a hand in messing up our well being,

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  10. Oh good grief, that is a whopping jump DCG. You would probably do better to travel to Mexico and come back as a immigrant,
    Those that are so supportive of this “insurance” plan never say how they feel about the six million that lost their insurance so they could have theirs.
    I bet there is not one ounce of compassion
    There was a book written about 1985 by A Ralph Epperson called the Unseen Hand. On Page 373 it says the people must not be able to demand the government stop spending their tax money in a wasteful manner.
    It goes on to say that the writers of the Report From Iron Mountain came up with substitutes and number one is….
    Complete government guaranteed health care for all.
    Even a first grader could figure it out that it isn’t financially feasible.

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  11. “A Personal Tale Of ObamaCare Woe: One Patient’s Story,” by Scott Gottlieb, Forbes, 7 Nov 2016

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